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-w- 1-bit 11/8 13/8 16k 2 3/4 5lower 7/4 7/8 9/8 accelerando actual mixart adventure adventurous all7 alone ambient ambient-ish animal warmth animated apple apple products arpfest arps arpy asad asia atmospheric atonal authorcore banjo bass beat beatbox bees bendy bendy chords benis better blippy block chords bongos boss battle boss fight bouncy breakbeat breeze butt C Eb Gb Bb calm catchy cave celebration charming chasetracks cheecheecore cheechy cheecore cheel cheered up cheerful chill chill winston chord list chords chordspam classic classical clippy cock.fap cockcore cockin' corechee cover coverness crazy creepy crystal cute d&b dance danger dark detune detuned dick dicks disappointment disorientation disorienting dissonance distortion distractions downtempo dreamy drunkcore drunkore dry out dungeon e Earthbound energy escape room expansion fakeout fast faster feelings fierce jammin final boss FM fourths fruit fruitful points fuckin flowers fun furious fusion gay ghostdive giddyup gj glitch Good googafuck grass groove groovy happy harmonies harpfest haste HAX headache heterogeneous hot hurry hyper immense ass insightful insomnia intense intermission it japan jazz jazzy jfusion jumpy kefcore KING OF DICKS kirby late night lavender town leady level music lo-fi locochon lofi lonely loopy loud lucy in the sky lush luxraycore magic many 7's mario mario kart meep jeepers melancholy mellow menace methodical microtonal midi midnight mii mixed meter MMC5 mood swing moody moody-ish moon moonlight moonside mptm mysterious mystery mystic night night time noooo mixart not genesis nsf orchestral pad pads pan floot pans penis percussion percussive piano porn professional prog proggy psychedelic quality que chidito quiet rainy relaxing remix rhodes rip rolling rotary rpg rpgcore run RYOGBIV sabroso sabrosontio sacred geometry sad sawbass scales sea turtle searching sexy sfx short sims slap slow small SNES snesgss snesy sound space sparkles speedrun speedy speling spooky stage intro stereo sun sunset surreal synth synths tangents tension texture tfm music maker the biggest dick timeshift triangle lead trippy Tritone underwater unsettling vaporwave variety_hour vgm vibrato visceral vocal mixing VRC6 vrc7 w waltz wankfest warm water water level weird win96 windows xp winner with diamonds woah wowreally zandiom zelda whistle