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!!!! (=•̀ﻌˊ•= #frexit ++VITALITY 0cc 11/8 13TET 200 2017 3/4 33⅓ 48k tracker 4D 6 aana accurate title adventure adventure-ish alban berg ALL THREEZ NIGGA ambient ambient-ish america animal crossing ant1core Apsarah arps aspergers atmospheric atonal attackhelicopter authorcore avant garde funk bach bad percussion battle beach beginner style ben johnston bepis best percussion bigtoecore blaze it blippy block chords blueballed blues bonitito BORING boss bowser castle braincore burrito galaxy butt C Eb Gb Bb calm calm chowder canine carmen chamber music changes charlotteCORE cheerful chill chilling chip neutrality chippy chipstyle choir chords circus circuscore classical classical fusion clicky close harmony cold coltrane commission-core cool vehicle? cool! cosmopoli-tan countermelodic counterpoint craziest beard crazy! creeping creepy cropped cut cute cutoff da_presdaint dark defeatistcore delusion der fishfinger detune detuned disappointment dissonance dissonant dogcore donk drugz echo echoes Edvard Munch eerie endingless evocative excellent title expanded dong exported fag faggot faggot faggot falling fanboy fast filter fluid forest free frog fun funky funkypants fx5 game gay glitch good title great percussion groovy growly guitar riff guy gymscore happy hardpans hellyeah heterogeneous homophobia hot_dog hrtSideEffectCor hyperbrain identity crisis ii V I illegal impressionism impressionist incremental insanity intense iridescent isao tomita it j-pop james brown jammin' jazz jazztronic jazzy jew jew nazi JI joymask jp folk song jumpscare just intonation Just Monika kawaii kef kefcore keffcore keffindom kek kekcore kekkie kf kfcore kirby kk slider koopa troopa kowai lactaid lal lick little farts lofi lofi chip long longcatislong loopy LOUD lowpass lyrical MAGA mailman make america g man mario kart marle boro melancholy mellow menacing MetroidOnSteroid microtonal might be snow milky white minecraft mmc5 monophonic moody moon simulator motivic mptm microtonal my face is melti mysterious mystic n00b NAI nazi nazi jew neat noisy not 0CC not anime not calm not good not gs nsf nu jazz o'fecker octave ooOOOO ostinatos oy vey pants parallelism parody paywall peaceful pedal point penis my denis peniscore pennis pentatonic pepsi percussions Perfect periodic noise phase piano piano arps piano bends piercing plaza pokeymans polyphonic potassium practice prefromage art pretty prog progressive pun pure sms rainbow road ralts random rational hour reat again recursion red herring reddit relaxing reverse robot rod roulade man rubato ruins of alf Ryu Umemoto Sad. sample core samplecore satanic saveycore scatterbrain self-cover self-insert SF SFC shock value short silly skilled sludge arps smb3 smooth SNES snesmod snoop dogg snow snowy sonata form SPC700 speedy spooky ssbm staccato stella stevenuniverse stock patches strings stunning sweet swing techno tempo tempest tension tetris that's a penis the butt delusio the f word the licc The Scream thread tinnitus titlecore totes legit touhirby tracker funk tragic beauty transpose kit trills ttyd uh uhhhhhh uncanny unsettling updown usagicore variety hour variety_hour verby vgm virt voyage vrc7 wacky walters waltz wantmore warning water wild wip XemoTails YAY yep yoshi's story zanzan zelda