Level 24 Mixist   
Tags Given

:D #mod_shrine 1-bit 1994 2A03 42:10 80s 8bcore absurd accurate actual music adventure airy akira alexander brando aliasing all n00bs alt account amazing ambitious amiga animation arpey arpfest arps art asm atmosphere autobiography auuuuuuu~ backbeat backstreet boys badass baroque bass bass music bassy beach beat beat-em-up beats beautiful bends better_than_orig bgm biscuits bitpuritan bittersweet björk blatant bleepy blue note blues BOO boohoo breaks bright BRK brutal c-minor cadence can not lie caps casanova CASIOOO cave story caverns CGI chant cheese chill chilly chipstyle chords chromatic aberra church of adlib cinematic circus civilized clubby cockin cockin' comeback complete composition cool country cractro crazy credits CUATRO curly brace custom music cute danzmetal ddr de defeatistcore delicate delightful descend into mad descending descriptioncore detune dissonant distortion distortionz disturbion ditherz dogmarket doom doom metal doomguy doskpop down-we-go downwards-dilidu dramatic drax dreamy drill dub duck tales ducks dutch colors dynamic edgy EDM effort epic eval explicit Extremely demand fakefakebit famous botber fart bass fartbass fast felinecore filter bass fizz flap bass FM fodcore forté Frank Klepacki funkeeh funky funny gangsta gating gcc genius gif git glitch glockenspiel gokart Good day! goodie gradient grand great grind groovy GrumbleGrunt guitar hack hail_satan hak happy hard rock hard-chill hardcore harpsi harpsichord headbangin' heavy hell hellyeah heroic high pitched hihat hoes holiday hopelessromantic horns horror humppa IDM ill industrial inferno insanity insomniac interpolation isao tomita iterational järvi jams jrpg juke kebap key change keygen kill_'em_all kuppa laid back lazy lead legendary letkee lets go! long_bass loss LOUDNESSWAR love hurts lover boi low lowpass lyfe lyrics mökki madness mafia magic magical magnets-and-how- mallets malmen malmenized mandatory backli maniacs of noise mario mario music mario-music Math Jokes maths maze meatballs MEGA mellow melodic melody meta metal micromusic microtonal microvibrato MIDI midi delay midimadness misguided mml modern moral eclipse moving mr frodo murder mush mysterious nasty cheating nemo nerdy nice NiN no no demostyle no wank noise non_chippy none nostalgia not actually end not zan ohwhy oldschool on a plate orchestra orchestral hit orchhit organ organic organs owl city pads pekka kana 2 perfect piano picking pirate pleasant poetic pokemon poland polkadrum pop popular post-kyunstep power metal power pop power-quest powermetal professional prog progression progressive proudness pseudosine public domain pulsekick pulsewave pun queen rad radical rated arrrrrrrrr rave raw responsibilities reverb rhythmic riddim ring robots rock rock'n'roll rockin rocking rocknroll rocky romantic sad sad ballad sample song samples sax rip scotland sucks seizure sensitive shmup shootemup sickness of the Sid. sikk sine sith skillz slogan smooth so cool soap opera solo sound design soundfont soundtrack source spacesynth speedy spider spooky square square lead ST-CORE stacksmash stage rock stereo strum stutter sugar super dope svensk sweet synth synthbass tarzan techno thank-Q the best the sims theremin thrash throat singing timbaland title tomfills totally professi toxic refinery tracker trademark™ trigonometry triphop trumpet turkey unce uncles unnecessary untzdanz upbeat vaporwave vengeance vengeance packs vgm vocals vortex tracker waltz wank warm wau weeping robot welsh-dance-musi whatcanisay wnED wobble worship worth it wow wtf xa-sharp xaser xwe is horrible xylophone yamahasnare zabutom

Tags Received

.mod 1-bit 12k 12k module 2083 bpm 2A03 32kb 3D 4-color 48k 48k module 6/125 64kb 8===D 80s 8bpcore 8kb acid acoustic ahhh all the hearts allgear ambiance ambience ambient ambient 1st half Amiga amigamod animals anime op Ann Arbor IX arpfest arpy Art of Noise ascii atmospheric Auto-Soul Awesome aww AY backwards spun bacon bandstyle bass beach beardcore beat beats Beeper Speaker birdy bop bitspeek blippy bouncy breaks browser bum rusher c64 casio caves cce chill chillwave ChipChampCore chipstyle chords chromatic club club seal clubby code stuff commodoresque cover cowbell crap cute cute not-too-loo cyber damn dance david wise death metal deep demo basement detroit diagram disco dissonance dkc doom dope dos dubstep dystopia echo eno ENYA fantasy rock first FL Slayer yay! flowers in pants FM fn_fngr_fd full fun funk knight Funky future gabber kick gameboy gameboy stereo ggg givemeadavid glitch glitch funk good grassio greets 2 strobe groove armada groovy guitar hah happy Hard hardpans harry potter heartbeat heavy hpp hppixel i hate u2 i know idm impulse tracker industrial instawinner island killa kirby kung fu Little Mermaid live liveplay loopy loud love lovely LSDJ lyrics madness maj7 mario paint MelIow mellon mellow meow metal Metal II cover mew mexico midi MISSINGNO mod modshroom :D/ modulation module mp3 nice instruments nintendo vii noisy not a comic not unnecessary nsf nsfplus ohb ohc oink oldschool omg-lol pads pads wow pants are for pee-wee percussion percussive piano strings pixel pixelart plucky png pop pork rad as heck rammstein rap real bytebeat recording relax remix reverb RIP kfaraday robot rockin' s3xmodit saccharine sample samples satan satan worship satanic saw sawtooth seal sealy secrets sexmodit sexmoditXallgear sfx shadow sho short shroom shy sid sidechaining SIDstyle silly singing slogan smooth snare SNDH SNES snesmod space sparkles square squares st-xx stars strobecore suave Super FX Swedish Techno Metal tehusualsaxpects tempest THIS THX tincan tracker tracne trip-hop tristotune txt ultimate unce underdog valley of jizz variety_hour venn diagram vgm vic20 vocal vocals vocoder voice volume vox wall of text waltz? watery wikka wokka wild chip wildchip wipeola wipeout woodstock wubfest wubstep wubwubwub xi xm YES YM2612 ze_baron ZX spectrum