Level 27 Renderist   
Tags Given

/dev/urandom 0cc-ft 0ccFT 0th 1000 miles 150hz 16k 2600 3.5" 3/4 3GHz-bit 404 50% duty 6561 666 7core 7s-core 8192 arps 8bc style 8bit 90's groove öä_and_bass abcore abrupt ending Action 52 agnostic aliasing all 7s all n00bz all7 all7score alundra-y ambient ambistep amiga and 66 android rdj ant1 ant1-hate ant1core anticipationcore antidescriptionc aol arpfest arpuntziocore artifacts asm atmospheric audacity awfuckit aww AY b00dhorror baby baby i'm yours banshee bare knuckle bassy beach beat beat down beatdown beatemup best bknoxcore blackheartcore blank boredomcure boss battle boss fight brasillove breakbot breaks it2tia.py breeze brevitycore brevityfailure bumpy dunks buskercore busy buzz c16 c64 cantstopplaying car chase cavitycore cawfee enema cello channel f charlie brown charrango chichard d fames chill chipsandwich CHR table city cops clicks pops club kid club remix club seal club trance clubby code coded codist collab comic sans conversationcore cookie monster coolcore copyrighted cowbell cruisin' crunk beats crunkcore cthulhu cult of personal cum rock cut cut off dabudidabudai daft edlinfan de la verga death jam defeatistcore deflemask delusioncore demon demoscene descriptioncore destroy detune detuned DevEd-- DevEd++ dezaemon 2 dilemma dirty smile disqualified dissonant distopia adlib djmaximumcore dope fuck doppel downbeat dreambeat dreamscape dreamstate dreamy drink my piss drone drugs drukqs drums DTMF duck hunt duibstep dusty record dystopia 𝓟𝓡𝓘𝓝 earthbound easy time eighties el8ed elevator elite beat emotional engrish eurobeat f is for farts faeries failurecore famitracker fart ending fartbass farts fast beat fauxrenoise favoritism feelingscore filtercore filters first_in_my_mind floppy gonads fticore ftm fucking done fuckingstothe ch funk funk beats funk knight funkjazzbeat funky gabba game game gear gameboy gamegear garvalfcore gary wilson gay kittens geometry gg girlchip glitch glitch voice glitch-hop goldeneye goofballs grass groove grunt guebón guitar gzipped hæit hahpi bersdey hail satan happy hardcore hardpans hardware hax hello sinners li heterosexual high functional hip hop hip-hop hit me horrorcore hugstobotb hybrid illegal illustrator impressive industrial jamz japan jazzy Jesus JPEG jump and punch jump and shoot keep going kemocon kfaradaycore kffcore kick kielbasa kissasserycore kitchen sink knaecketraecker konami krimsonova l8ist l8play land overview last call little farts lococore long pop long-haired swor longcatislong longness loop loopy lurker entry malmencore manlady marijuana mario paint mariopantsdx meandercore mechanicals medieval melikeme MKULTRA MMC5 moan MOD MOD2PSG2 modernclassic monaural mothersbaugh cok mp3tomidi mr. pianoman multichip munch.py musetracker n00bt00n N163 neat sfx neighborly nelly nineties nintendoy no audio no effort no sound nodescriptioncor not ascii not bent not duibstep not plagiarized not supernsf notDOS nsf+ nullcore o face ocarina of time octamed octoballs old white guys on a on hold oneshot oompapa organic original overland packs please pandatracker pastiche patische PCM peace peaches peanuts penis worship percussion peter gabriel phaser piano plannedtobeawful pokey POKEY waves predatorcore professional PSG PCM psilocybin pukes of rage pxtone R&B racing rape breaks the rave reaper Reason reggae cute renoise retriggercore rewind reznor ridge racer rmt rox rulebreakdancing sacred geometry sauce scholarcore sealy seashore level sega saturn self-gratitude selfplugcore sgen shit mouths short shredding SID silly bumps sine skipped brains sleep sleizsa duo slight detune smooth smoothiopathy sms snare farts SNES plz snes9x SNESGSS snesmod sneventracker sor sound fx source spaceship spc700 spc700noise speed spurcore spurtsball stereo stereotype stomping streetfunk streets of rpg strings strobecore strobeluv strobewank strong bolts stuttering probl sun sunsoft sunvox suparetriggamidi supergroup superhero SuperNSF svetlana germs swiftgroove synthetic tagbeg tangent tape teaches tech know techno ted tedzakker teslacoilcore thankyoucore the drop theory theremin theremindancecor thick thin thumb blister TIA TIA dreams tia screamsnare tiatracker timbres titties to-the-max toejammy too short tool rallying toy tanks trapcore trenchcoat mafia tribal call triumphant troll entry troll render trollolo tropical tuned farts twin peaks twoarmedman ui is mean unce vanessa carlton variety hour VGMMM vgmtools vic20 victracker viznutcore vocal voices vrc6 vrc7 wah waltz warpy weebcartoons weebfunk weed wesley willis wet white wicked wii sports Windows 3 winter adventure winter heart woodwinds worldwide xpmck xrns2xm2it2spc zanzan zerocore zeroeth

Tags Received

<3 1-bit 1200bpm 12k 12k mod 1bit 2:03 2600 2A03 2spooky 2xsap 6/8 8k module 8ths a bit too fast a pile of leaves acoustic adhd aliengasm all all 7s all-out-of-gum allgear allgear ohc ambient ambient-ish amiga amigamod angry face Ann Arbor IX arps asm atari Atari Pokey Chip atari tia atmospheric atonal avant-garde aww ay-like b00daw b00dcore b00dhorror bad neighbor barf bbsong beard beardcat beat beatbox beatdown hardcor beats beehive beep Beeper Speaker below zero beltway bandits benus BEST best entry bin blippy blood sacrifice boobs boop botbaby brap breaks breathy bridge britney spears C D E F A# cancore cartoon noises cat censor ch chafamex channel f chip chips chips irl christ christmas circuit bending clit clod clubby cocaine coda code codist cold collab computer creepy crunchy cute dalai lama dank das experiment defeatistcore; t depressing descriptioncore descriptive detune detuned different disco disco disco distorted dkc2 dog domestic abuse dong dork crap douchecore downtempo DPCM Dr. Seuss drawing drone drugs druid drums drunk drunkore dubstep dungeon eating echo eerie electric razor evil exciting farm experimental explicit f for farts famicom fart farts FDS field_recording fish flute FM fonzie foozlecore frightening frozen ftm fuck burger generator giggle glitch glitch hax glitchfest glitchy go gocore godzilla good good title grafic great great decision growling guitar hæit hang hang note hank you very mu happy hardpans harsh hax haxpaint headache heatcore heavy hebrew letters hedonismcore high pitched highlights horror hospital gown huge_organ ice ill illegal pussy interesting intro it italian jesus jpg kawaii keyboard cat kill all neighbo killbot kotos l0l laughter lazers lemon tree link's awakening liveplay Liverhate lonely long longcatislong longest loop looped sample loopy lorem chipsum loud maj7 man mario paint megafloot mellow men merzb00daw metroid MKULTRA moancore moaning mod mod8k module monarch monotone moody mp3 mspaint mud murder boner musetracker mystic mystoc negative score neighbours suck nes nes palette nice filename nintendo noise noisy nose penis not four colors not vivaldi nsf nsf+ nsfplus ohb ohc openmpt ow painless palette panda panda ohb panda tracker pandapanda pandatracker pandavovacore pans panwankery party pearl necklace peenisluv penoise percussive perfect 35 Phaser1 phoenix piano pixel pixelart pizza png poetry pointy nipple pokey poop porn groove post-rock probably psg clone puke quack r&b rain rainwarrior rainy rawr remix reversed rock run ohc Sad panda sample samplepack samples sap saw scary scatology schizophrenia science words scrambled screaming sexmodit sfx shirt_shirt shit in pants shmup sho short sick sid silence silly sillyventure sing sloppyjones slow smelly farts smirky sms snowy story sonar space spc speech speedcore spookey spooky stalker stereo stick allgear stretchy stuff superbadass swing synth t-shirt talent Tengu tension theme thick thin thoughtful tia tincan tiny titlecore topless totally NSFW tracker tracker samples trauma tremor trippy true songmanship ukelele ultrasonic underdog unfriendly uvb-76 vag art vanity variety.png very good indeed vfx vgm vibrato viby vic20 vocal vocal chops vocal noise vocals voice volcano vulgaris warblegarble weird wild wild chip wildchip wildchip ohb wobbles woOOo wow xD xm xmsnes zap zelda zip zombie zst ZX spectrum