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A merchant approaches you! o__O
"Yaargh, wish I had wares to sell ya!"

Level 22 Chipist   
Tags Given

2010's 23% lemon 4:20 56 A abstract acid actual music adventurous aesthetic all7 amazing amazing chickens ambient amiga angry animated anime antigalgoxcore arpeggio arps ass atmospheric avant garde avatarcore basic bass basscore battle beans bee blood on the dan boobs boss fight bossa nova bread breakbeat breakcore breaks buildup c64 calm casio sk-1 casio vl1 changed tempo cheeki breeki chill city claw r cock COCKIN cold collab comic sans computer conveyors cool cracktro cursed cute dark defeatistcore demo demoscene descriptioncore djmaximumcore dog DOGGO dreamy drone drop duel DVD player earth egg experimental fast filter flashy flowers fm fm percussion friends fun funky fx garvalfcore girl glitch gonk graphics tablet grass great groovy guitar happy hardbass harp hax hello how i'm scared idm illegal intense is very game it2panda japanese jazz jazzy jezz jizz jozz jumpy juzz keygen kgbcore kleedercore lofi long longcatislong loopy mario paint meow microtonal midi entry MM1567A modern modern art moody mspaint new format pls no not 4:20 :( not a game not argarakcore not centered not illegal nsfw obot oldskool ooct1 pandavovacore panning pattern percussive petscii photo pppcore progressive rave reflection relaxing resubmitcore reverb rip roland ruski russian SA-HT520 sectors sfx short simple sky slap sound design space special taste spiral spooky sticker strobing summer sunset sweden team germany techgore techno tempo change tension texture the licc the lick theresa may TIDDY tower train trees trending tts uneasy untz variety_hour very accurate very delicious vocal mixing vodka vrc7 wafflecore wind turbine windows winner wintry world famous wvlcore xmsnes yomarucore zzz

Tags Received

13/4 1ch 1channel 2A03 3:10 4:20 56 56-- 70s 90s acid actually good adlib tracker 2 adventure Adventurous Ambiant ambient animated ardour arf argarakcore arps asia atmosphere atmospheric audio overflow bad egg balls bananas bass basscore beat beats big band blippy blue bouncy breakbeat busy call calm cartoon cat catchy changes chase chill chip chippy chipstyle chiptune chord city classic clouds clubby collab color colorful constellations conversioncore conveyor belts cookies cool cool FM crazy css cube cute dance dark day defeatistcore deflemask delay demostyle descriptioncore detune detunecore detuned disco dmf2pmd dnb doggo donkey kong doo do do do dreamy driving dvd DVD HOME THEATER easy listening egg enthusiastic epic 花園 evening exhausting existentialcrisi experimental factory fast fight filter filtercore flower FM FM percussion FUCK funk funky game over garden gentle glitchy GOOD groovy guitar hall of fame happy hardware render heroic holy horse hot house html god idm illegal indonesiaball industrial intermission intro intro_fakeout it it2panda javascript jazzy jumpy jungle landscape late night leady light lighthouse lmms lofi long longhouse loopy lost lovable love ludniver lullaby mario sfx mashup melancholic mellow meow microtonal minimal minimalistic mining modulation mood swing moody moon moving muddy munch.py mysterious night noise snare nostalgia nostalgic notes ocean old school ominous one channel one sample optimised orb orchestra hit other overclocked pablodraw pad paddy pads pandavovacore+ party peaceful percussive perfect 35 phase phase modulation pianochords pitfall pizzicato planet Psychedelic pyramids racing ragecore rainy rave realistic Relaxing renoise resubmitcore reverb reverbcore rhythm rolling rosegarden rpg Rubato run sailboat samples sandbox saw sci-fi science server sfx short simple sleepy smooth snow sonar SOUND SYSTEM source space spacy special speech speedy spirit spooky sppoky spring stars streets of rage style synth synthy system techno tempo changes tension text text2speech thick tracker grid trees trending trendings twangy underwater universebreaker varied variety_hour VERY vgm vibrato vocal mixing voice mixing volcano VRC6 windmill window wvlcore xm yoshis island