Level 21 Chipist   
Tags Given

:() /jaem/core & <3 0.5 a presses 1P Jimm 2P Azu 2hu 410 6 min battle actual music actually a map all american and now animated Anime Letters arstotzka autofav awesome ballz baroque battl battle of the bi BattleOfTheBits BattleOfTheBoat beats by dia biomech 3 2 blaand blood on the dan bouncy but its nice canon in c Cheetahmen chicken nuggets chill chinese cartoons cis gender male code comic sans congas cooking mama crayon shit-chan cvs pharmacy cyan dream defeatistcore demostyle dennnnnis descriptioncore detuned djent djmaxcore djmaximumcore does it djent drank drunk dude weed lmao 💯 ebits emojicore end your life energizer bunny engrish eofth epic EROGE EROGE BOUNCE EROGE RAVE fail femboys finish your juic fire emblem first fodcore follin fuck off elitist funk funk funk funky Future ganador gay gif gold good Good Album.ftm good man gospel grass green is my pepp groovy hacer cola hair in my mouth hax he dabbin! heh homage hood classic hop-hip hypermodern i came to this i forget ticket imperfect 35 Incredi Incredible inferior limb inspirational jazz jazzy chordsy john cena jump scare kaizo karma studios kawaii kerfluffie Kmart Keffie kowai kulor lives lagrange point leady legitimate entry lil wayne longcatislong longtitle lsd maqam math class mellow meriocore METAL!!! moose morse music negative nice bass m8 nice meme no dad i'm not no scandinavia nob420 noby none not ascii not fair not four colors notsquare one hour compas OneHourCompas ooct1 out there mang paino pcm pedinapol penis perfect 30 perfect 35 phaser3 piano playtested Printable Area printercore que rad really good really good stuf rick astley rip rip synclisten rock roll roulade man Sad sad Ketchup same same tbh saxophone scarred for life serious music shoegaz short sid simple siren smb smw sociopathy socioyeahthy spoopy cloud steampunk stfu nerd sub 0 sub0 tank tbh team anime temporarynes thai the The Best Song the licc the lick this is line 9 thouho tildecore tony touhou traincore transparency trap trapchurch traps tsundere tsundere sim tyop unfinished Unfunny vaporwa e variety_hour very long vrc7 vroom waifu wii shop channel wii sports winner word salad title WOW wubv xonotic xor yaoi yeah yeahcore yeehawcore your zaalan