Level 23 Mixist   
Tags Given

:( :3 . .it .xm (Twisted) Metal @o@ <3 <8> ~enuTremmuSyppaH 12345 18 200 2A03 3D 3m15s 4:20 56 69th 8 bit poop crap 80s 8k 8kB 9 90s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa abrupt ending abuse acid rain acidcore action actual savestate adlib adventure aji's avatarcore AllPuke Almightybotbrs altz ambient ambient 1st half amen amenbreak amiga amigaaaaaaa AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA anal angle of death ani animated anime Anime Letters anime op anime opening anticatcore antidescriptcore ARGH arp ARP YEAH arpfest arps arpy asleep? ass asscore atmoshperic atmosphere atmospheric attack on TiTAN autobots ay aym azura corridors b-o-ris background bad cake BANG Baron Knoxturkey barren wuffet baseball bass bassdrum BASSSSSSS bassy battle beach beat beats beatss beatssssss beaty because BEE Beef Wellington? beepboop beeper beet beets big booty bitche big toilet bitpuritans black and white black sabbath Blast Processing blaze.it bleepy blip blueballed bomberman hero boobs booty boss battle bounce brain-tech braugh breaks bricks bruh BURGERS! butts bye bzzz C64 can't deny car chase carcore Carillon Editor Castle in Chaos catchy cave story chasing cheng chewy chill ChillStrobe chillwave chip chipmetal chipotle chicken chippy chips chipstan chipstyle choir choo choo chordsisis chug cinematic citten Classic classical clock monster cloud race clouds clubby cockin cold COME ON ZILA Concert continue? copping porners cosine coughcore cover cowbell creepy cuckoo Daaaaaaaah Damn you FoD dance danceable dancy danger dark darkness dat ass DAT BASS dat lead David Hasselhoff deer def defeastistcore defeatistcore defflemaaaaaaaaa deflemask delay dem pants dennis depstub descriptioncore detailed detune detuned deuce Deus Ex dickfag dickso dididididadadada Dinner Chip X disco DiscussionCore distorted distortion djcore doesn'thurtatall donload doogie doom DPCMFTW Dr. Claw Dracula dried up drill n bass drip1 drip2 drum and bass drums drumsssss drumsssssss drunk ducks ducks and covers Duka Duka Duka dungeon synth educational EGA elevator epic epsilopathy evil snowmen factory famitracker farmcore Farting Words fast faucetcore fdd fearofdark FearOfSick Fight Fighting Game fins fire crackling first midi first! firstentry fivefour flame steak flat out 8-bit flipitthefuck floppy florist flowers flute flutey Flying Lawnmower fm follows the rule Fool For Anything formats forté frozen Frozen Dicks ftm FUCK Fuck AndroidTits fuck california Fuck Processing Fuck the Cheng fucking elephant FUCKING LOUD fuking fun fun key funk funkalicious funkay funky fuzzy gabber galactic snowboa game over gameboy gangsta GaryEgg gas gascore gb genesis gentle glass glitched out glitchy gnarly dude! goatse gold star gollab good friends gooddaycore great title! green green n purple gritty groovy group sex grunt guitar hamtaro Hank Hillium happy hard hardstyle hardware slut haunted house heartbeat heavy helo zila hi hertz hi rushjet1 high notes Highway Holy Snake Balls honey horns horny Horror movies house howcore huggs4all hybrid HYPERDIX I Am Fruit I are I can't give I'm Sidman idm If I was a mom ikea naming immature impulse tracker IN A WORLD indeed something industrial inferno insane insanitycore intermission IronSheikCore is enough it does exist jack Jackson jaystar jazz jazzy jebus gengar jeez jellyfish jam jesusgoulart jet escape jizz John Williams Jurassic kefcore keygen keygencore kfarabass kfodadark kick kicking it killin' it Knuckles on crac ktitanday kungfuchunter large laserguncore last.ftm lastminuteentry lavender town leads Lemons lesbian Level 0 Mixist LiarCore Linkle liveplay lloooooogngnnggg lo-fi lofi LOLcommas loma long longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO longcore longpantsarelong looooooooonnnng loud lover boi loverboy LoveSDj loyfe cycle lsdj Luigi Paint lunar Made by STROBE?? mads magic number? marching mario paint mariopaint mariopantscore may flowers? mcjigger mechanical meee oooh oooh mega drive mega-ultra-super mega9drain megaman x mehgaman mellow metal MetalSteps mexico! MicroSlug midi Miss Hook? missing you mixist mod monotone Monty Python moods moon moot MothafukinSnakes movie moviecore multichips music actual music box music video MyLeftEar namco napalm nes nice no april showers no regrets noisecore noisy Not again Not Alex Mauer Not only kissed not orchestral Not Snoop Dogg not the bees not-kffcore notaslongaskffco notdescriptionco nsf nsfpluspads nullcore NULLnB O_o obscenitycore old ON onion factory oops opening openmpt openmpt = good orchestal Orchestra orchestral organ orgasmic P paaaaaad pads PAINt palm tree pan panda pandacore pants pants are for part 1 part 2 PartChip partialpahty party! pauses pce penith Penoise pepper phase phug piano pig pile of asses plasticpop pokermen pokery Poop Crap pooploop pootis powerup pr0g pro probery pudding pukes of rage punz q race racing RADICAL raianm rainofdark rainvox rap rave reading the bard recording recursive title red Relax relaxing rest in pee forc reverb reverb-core reverbcore rhythm heaven rickroll rip rip golgi robot robotic rock rock n roll rock on rockin' rome ronaldocore rpg rush job rusty s(e)x s3xmoditmania sad pacman sad. samples sappy savory guitar scary scarystorycore schoolcore scratch scream SEAL FETISH SecretAgentCore see? semi-kffcore sequel sex jesus sexual chocolate SEXY sgen sharkcore shemusic SHITS FIRED shitstormcore shitting ice Short shred shullbit sid silky silly sine sines singing sitarguitar skill trimpet SlashSlashSlash slayer slinky slow slow beatz slowcatisslow Smaug? Smokin smooth SMS snes snow snowflake sociopathy soggy solid solve it sorrycore space space horror spacejax speedy sphere spinning spiral spoop Spring Tracke square SQWAAAAAAAAAAAAA stan Stan's rain stanic Steel 4 stereo stop storytime StrobeWars stumblebeats sunset sunvox suxmodit swell swing synth synth1 Tacos Tails the Dragon tall tatooes Techno Metal teeth tek no tekken tempo shift terror thankQ the bird The Glove theirspace them drums theme thick this is a baycun THIS IS BY ZILA Thunder tia tim Tim Follin Core tiny tislooOOOOOooOng titlecore To The EXTREME tom tooth tosh tothemario touhouhou toy story tq-jamcore trackermetal Trackers tracks TRAINS FETISH tribal Tribal Metal trippy troll skompet trousers True Description twohoo uh underrated unni unreal tournamen usability våfflor valid tag vaporwave variety_hour vgm vibrato victoristcore violin violins vocal vocaloid vocaloids Vocals vocoder voice vroomzoom WAAAIIIIIAAAOOOW WAH war wave WELCOME TO DIE were we cute? what what about samw? what did you say what is this what is this mot wheelie will smith wind windows xp winter storm with diamonds womp WOO! wooden woof roof wopwopwopwop words wow wow my wrong format wub wubble wuberboy wubstep wurdz X Xaser cannon yay zila! yeah YEAH!! YES yoshi's island You're a face ytpmv ZILLA ZILLA zippercore zx spectrum

Tags Received

.it .mod ( ゚^゚) 1-bit 16k 16kb 4:20 420 6 more weeks 90s A major A-zu-ra Night A-zu-ra Nights A-zu-raCorridors Action 52 all 7s ambient ambient jungle amiga anthemic antidescriptionc antitrigonometry arabic arps arpy astral atmoshperic atmospheric atmosphericmetal azura corridors azuracore bagpipes barkleys bass bass7 bassline battle bd beastboydance beat beats beep beep beet beginning big beats birthday blast off blaze.it body building bok bongo boss battle break breakbeat breakbeats breaks campfire song cartoon intro catchy chain dance chant chill chinatown chip chipstyle circle of fifths classic! clicky clubby come on and cookies cool cool percs crowd cruising cyberpunk D minor d&b dance dark dat beat deep defeatistcore deflemask democore demoscene demostyle descriptionless detuned Deus Ex dkc done in time DOPE dpcm dreamy driving drum loop drumsample dukeonklednukem ear candy?? EBM egyptian EMF energy ex-strobecore exotic F-F-Fire! F# minor filter fingertips flame steak fluttery footsteps formats freshly baked frosted flakes fun funky FzeroGX G gadget Gameboy gander Genesis get PUMPED gigantic GOOD JOB ZILA gothloli attack great erection gritty groovy groundhog grunge guitar gunshot happy hard hard limiting heavy helo zila HHHhHHHHhHH hit horror house idors IGNORE THIS POST industrial intense introtune irish folklore it iterational jam Jangler!!! keygen KONAMI STYLE leady lelellel lik mien pooper lockki lofi long loops loopy lovely arps lyrical mecharex Megadrive metal metalish Miami Vice midi militant modstyle moody more human than mountain temple mp3 mr ears my only tincan Mystic Warriors namelesss neo-funk neo-shanghai NES NIИ NiN no description noise not squares not_ahx nsf oldschool openmpt orch hit ostinato ostmetal PC-Engine PCE Penoise pentatonic percussion percussive phase pitchy plane cookies PogoToIt pokemon pokey POP power presenta pringlecore prodigy promenade pukes of rage puketron7 purple motion quake ii racing-like rad radial radical radular RAFT ragnaros rammsteincore ramsteinstyle ravenwave really long resubmitcore rhythmic rock Rough Terrain rox s c a r y Sad. sample 4 SANIC sawtastic Sega self-fave semi-baycuncore semi-golgicore short silver super silver surfer sine skitchin slam SMS snare snare love SNES snesmod SONIC sound design soundscape space sparklecore spc speech speedy spongebob SpyChaseWParkour stock samples stone roses streets of puke streets of rage strobecore summerbok supersaw swmg synth synthy tags from hell tailscore techno teeeeeeee-st tension testcore tf2 theme there thick THIS IS BY ZILA touhou trance tremor triangle lead tubular tuff TurboGrafx16 uh unce underrated Unreal ur2slow usa ability VerTex vgm vocal vocal_formant vocals VRC6 vs mechagodzilla watermeloncore wau wave-ish what is this white zombie woman in ice wow xiaolin crane xtreme testing yamahasnare YAY ZILA! ZILA IS A EGG ZILA IS A LEMON ZILA IS A MELON ZILA IS A ZILA ZILA! ZILLAAHHH zillahcore ZX Spectrum