Yung Gotenks
Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Received

0cc 0cc-ft 12bar 1990s 1ch 1channel 2a03 7/4 80s 90s abrupt ending Action 52 actual music AddMusicK adventure adventurous alarm alert ambient amigaaa amigamod AMK anime arabic arp arpeggio arpfest arpline arps ate teas athmospheric atmospheric babyface bass basscore battle beat beep billie jean billy jean bleep bleep bloop blippy blues bluesy bonus room boogie boss battle boss fight boss theme botb remake bouncy breaks bubbles busy buzzer caev_stroy calendar calm castle catchy cheerful cheery cheesy chill chippy chipstyle chords christmas chrome church music classic classy clouds cloudy clubby cold collab color compact cool lead cover cracktro cruising cute dance dancecore dark defeatistcore deflemask demo style demoscene demostyle descriptioncore detune detuned dippycore disco Dizzy dkc dnb dpcm dramatic dreamy driving drum and bass drums dungeon dutycore earth easy listening echo edm egyptian eight tees eighty electronic elwoodcore emotional energetic energy epic eurobeat facing worlds famitracker feed fight FM frog fun funky future game gameboy Gattle of the Gi gay gb gianacore glitchy goattracker GOLD AGAIN gradius groove groovy guitar happy haunted heavy hivelytracker house hype hyper ice climbers intense intermission ipicore it it2fss it2nsf italo jam jazzy jestercore jumpy keygen late night leady legit lickhipe llamas lofi lonely stroll loops loopy machinery magical march mario mario galaxy mario kart mario kart ds megaman melancholic Michirin9801core midoricore milkytracker mission impossib mkds mml mod2vic moody morrow music mysterious mystic NES Ninety Nateys no expansions nostalgia nostalgic ocean octave bass old school oldschool oldskool ominous one channel one sample oops I mean orchestra hit original overclock overclocked owo panning party peaceful penaltycore percussion perfect 30 perfect 35 pixel planet presents purple motion racing game raster relaxing rock rolling RPG s3mml sad same samples sandwich satellite one sea short shuffle SIDstyle simple sleepy sleizsa trio slow smooth SMS TUHU <3 smw snesmod sneventracker soothing source space sparkles speedy spooky stabby sunshine sunsoft sunsoft bass sunsoft style super mario worl SuperdutyOfDaSea sweepy sweet swing synth synthpop synthy techno technology tense tension THE LICK threatening throwback tiatune Tired tiredcore title theme trance tree trending triplets underground underwater upbeat uplifting uwu vgm vic20-growls vocal mixing vortex tracker voxelart vrc6 warez wave waves windows windows icon winner winter wubs xm yeehaw yoshi zelda