Level 13 Chipist   
Tags Given

<3 1 2 3 4 10:08 1986 1st deflemask 1st submission 3/4 35 3DS 5/4 56k 7 7/4 7/8 77777 AAAAAAAA abrupt ending ABSOLUTE GENIUS actual music adventure adventurous afekts afekts win alien all 7s amiga amigaaaaa anime antidescriptionc arpfest atari atari st atmospheric avant-garde avatarsynccore awkward AYM AZERTY baroque basement bass battle battle theme beats beautiful bendy best thing ever better than 404 better than 7 birds bitmap brothers blues bluesy boss bouncy braincore braindance breaks busstopcore buzzer calm carmen catchy catchy as fuck ch Channel F channel fun charlottecore chichard d fames chill chingle chip jazz chip n bass chip orchestra chipchampcore chipchampioncore chipicato CHIPMARGARITA clap solo classic classical clubby code codist collab commentcore computer crash congrats contrapuntal conversioncore cool percussion counterpoint cracktro crank it up crazy crunchychips cute dad rock dance dancefloor dark dark pants dat solo tho day off defeatistcore defeatistcore; t deflemask demo like demo style demoscene demostyle descriptioncore detune detuned dial tone digidrums distortion djmaximumcore djmaximumcore 2 dreamy drill n chip dungeon e E.T. eastern europe easy win lol electric guitar empowering epic epicweebcore evocative excellent experimental face melt fakeout opening famicom famitracker fantastic fast first channel f first entury flaming hot flute FM frantic fuck the what fuguecore fun funky fusion future genesis Gheorghe Zamfir gliptune glitch gold good percussion groovy guitar guitar heroism guitar solo H2O hack haha hank you very mu happy harassmentcore hard midi hardpanning hardware hardware render harpsichord harsh harsh sounding hectic holiday holy fucker holy shit hyperbrain i've been bad idm ilkaecore ilkaeesque inpujcore insane is compeltely bl Islacore isometric isthisyourvoice? it virgin its jazz jazzy jazzy waltz joke jump & run junglechip kefcore keygen kfaradaycore kfc ore kfcore kill all neighbo krell latin lead lo-fi lol long longcatislong loopy loud lullaby many 7's many 7s maxYMiser Mediocrecore mellow mellowcore mellowncholic meow metal middleagesish midi midibient modular modular synth mplease3 MusicMon neighbours suck NES new new dawn new day new style of mus no DMA no DPCM noise noisy nostalgia nostalgic notdjmaximumcore NSF NSF virgin o-okay oh so oh so 7 old school oldskool omg ominous optimistic organ ouch overrated pachelbel pan flute pant rap pantcore percrollcore end phone recording pitch bend pitch bends pitch fail pizzicato please wait poetic pop pop as fuck pope potatoes prog proggy promises pump up the vol PxTone qtqri racing game radio freq sweep rap rather good aym real real hardware render pls reverb on bass rimshotcore rock solid rpg RPGcore sad santanic sax sexophone shit day shit entry shnabubulacore sho shor short short but not so shorts shuffle sick silly sims sitcom slap bass maniac smoking hot snaredrumcore snes snyth pop soulful sound design space speaker speakers speedy spoopy stereo stick as fuck storytelling strings strobecore strobeshell stunning summerish surf rock sweat swells swing takeoff tetris th4 5N35 th4 b455 theme hospital thick this is fuck tinnitus tired while subm title screen titlecore toilet too short though top notch treblecore trianglecore tubular bells tunemaking tv show twang uplifting vacation vibrato vibratocore violin vocals w00t waltz weird swing what the fuck wild winter xm xycecore ym sid YM2149 yngwie nsfsteen your song zancore zankef zelda zx shines dark zzz