Level 18 Chipist   
Tags Given

>:( <3 "effort&quo 1 2 3 4 10:08 10/8 1986 1st .SAP 1st deflemask 1st famitracker 1st mariopants 1st submission 24k that's a lot 299792458 m/s 2A03 2in1 3/4 35 3DS 5/4 56 56k 7 7/4 7/8 7/something 77777 7core 80s 904 90s AAAAAAAA abrupt ending ABSOLUTE GENIUS acid acoustic actual music adventure adventurous aecore afekts afekts win air on a G strin airy alarm clock alien all 7s also yes amazing ambient amen amen break amiga amigaaaaa angry animated anime anti aliasing antidescriptionc antigalgoxcore antizlewcore anxiety aphex twin apt funk arp arpfest arps asperger ass burger atari atari st atmospheric attempt_127 au clair de la l autechrecore autumn leaves avant-garde avatarcore avatarsynccore awkward aww AYM AZERTY b bach bachlapse banjo baroque based kefie basement bass basscore BASSCORECORE battle battle theme beatles panning beats beautiful beauty beeper beepola bell of doom bendy best thing ever better than 404 better than 7 bill murray birds bitalo misco bitmap brothers blast blaster bliss blue blues bluesy boss boss battle boss fight bossa bossa nova botb icons bouncy braincore braindance brandenburgen brasil brazil breaks broken bronze wtf bronze??? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bubble bobble busstopcore buzzer buzzstep C c0v3r calm calm energy carmen casio casio VL tone catchy catchy as fuck catcore celtic centered ch Channel F channel fun charlottecore cheel cheerful cheese chichard d fames child slavery childishish chill chingle chip jazz chip n bass chip neutrality chip orchestra chipchampcore chipchampioncore chipicato CHIPMARGARITA chirp chirpy chocobo choocore CHords chris clark christmas lights city lights clap solo clappy classic classic aym classical click clickcore clubby code codist collab collab lol collabcore colorsace come back commentcore computer crash congrats contemporary contrapuntal conversioncore cool cool lead cool percussion cosmochip counterpoint country cover coverness cracktro crank it up crazy creative creepy pasta crunchychips cute cute ominous cutting dad rock dance dancefloor dark dark pants dat solo tho day off deal with it defeatistcore defeatistcore; t deflemask demo like demo style demoscene demostyle descriptioncore detune detuned dial tone digidrums distortion djmaximumcore djmaximumcore 2 DMA dnb dogsichord dogspeed DONG DONG DONG doo do do do dorp dpcmcore drama dreamy drill drill metal drill n chip drone drop droptease drum n bass drum n yoshi drunk dubstep dungeon e E.T. ear bleed eastern europe easy win lol echo eighties electric guitar empowering end credits energic energy EP epic evocative excellent experi-mental experimental extensioncore f face melt fake clavinet Fake SID fakeout opening famicom famitracker fantastic fartbass fast fender film score FILTER final fantasy fire drill first channel f first entury fixel flag flaming hot flashback flute flutecore flutes FM foozlecore frantic free freekin cool friendly boss friendshipcore frost frozen fuck the what fuguecore fun funfair funk funky funny fusion future future western galgoxcore gameboy genesis genius Gheorghe Zamfir ghost busters gif gliptune glitch gold good idea good lord good percussion greetscore gritar groovy guitar guitar heroism guitar pedal guitar solo H2O hack haha hal9000 hank you very mu happy happy burfday harassmentcore hard hard midi hard panning hard tremolo hardcore hardpanning hardware hardware render harmful tuning harpsichord harsh harsh sounding haste heavy heavy midi hectic hiss holiday holy fucker holy shit hospital hyperbrain I am Skrillzyax i dont got i'm sorry dave i've been bad icy idm II-V-I ilkaecore ilkaeesque illegal improv in tents in the distance indiana jones inpuj inpujcore insane instagramcore intense iridescent is compeltely bl Islacore isometric isthisyourvoice? it virgin its jazz jazz xmas midi jazzy jazzy waltz johann s. kef joke joyful jump & run jungle pants junglechip kefcore kefcore gold kefcore resurgen kefcore~ish kefcoreness keffiecorez keygen kfaradaycore kfc ore kfcore kill all neighbo kommisarcore krell kulcore kuloresque laser laser zaps latin lead led zeppelin legit demoscene let it be lo-fi lol long longcatislong longistcore loopy loud lovely low end LSDJ lullaby lyrics lyricscore magnificent many 7's many 7s march mario mario kart mashup Masterpiece maxYMiser Mediocrecore melancholic melancholy mellow mellowcore mellowncholic meow metal microtonal microtuning middleagesish midi midibient militaristic military mission impossib MMC5 mod modular modular synth mood swing morning glory mozart mplease3 mrrrrraw mucho amor multidimensional musescore MusicMon mysterious na zdrowie nap neighbours suck NES new new dawn new day new style of mus nice no DMA no DPCM no faves?!?? no timers no timers but no way no YOUR face is nodrop noise noisy nokia nostalgia nostalgic not centered not goat tracker not happy not happy :) not square notdjmaximumcore nothern NSF nsf as fuck nsf guitar nsf step NSF virgin o-okay of offtime oh Claire de la oh no! OH SHIT oh so oh so 7 ohbhit old school oldschool oldskool omg ominous oontz oppressive optimistic orch hits orchhitcore organ organic ouch overrated pachelbel pan flute pant rap pantcore PANTSCORE party peniscore people peppermint perc percrollcore end percussion perfect petet lead petetcore phat phone recording phonecore piano pitch bend pitch bends pitch fail pitch fuckery pitfall pixies pizzicato PLASTIC please wait poetic poetry poland pong pop pop as fuck post-kefcore potatoes pre-boss problems prog proggy progressive proletariatcore promises proswell proswellcore pump up the vol PxTone qtqri quiet racing game radio freq sweep ragtime rainbow-farting random rap rasters rather good aym rave real real hardware red render pls repetitive reverb reverb on bass reverse rimshotcore ringtonecore ripoff rising fun robyncore rock solid rpg RPGcore ruff s sad sadish sample_crash sandstorm santanic sax score scrubcore selfhatecore serious sevencore seventies several varietie sexophone sgen shadow on top sheer beauty shiptune shit day shit entry shnabubulacore sho shor short short but not so shortcatislong shorts shuffle sick sidsound silly simple sims sitcom skrillzyax slap bass slap bass maniac smoking hot snaredrumcore sndh snes snessa nova snoop dogg snyth pop sociopathy soulful sound design source space speaker speakers speechsynthcore speedy spooky spoopy squarepusher steel drum steel drum army stellar stereo stereo aym stick as fuck stock chords story storytelling strings strobecore strobeshell strum stumblebeat stumblebeats stunning summer summerish surf rock surgery sus that doesn't sweat sweet swell swells swing syncbuzzer synthpop synthtar synthwave tagcore takeoff techno telephone tension tetris textures th4 4NX13TY th4 5N35 th4 b455 thankscore the drop the good the simpsons theme hospital theme of WCXIII thick thin this is fuck TIARDCORE tick tock timpani tincan tinnitus tiolector tioletcore tired while subm title screen titlecore to faraday tobigox tobikocore toilet toleitcore too creative too short though top notch traincore treausre treblecore tremolo TRIANGLE trianglecore tubular bells tunemaking tuning tv show twang underground underworld uneasy uplifting uptempo vacation vevocore vibrato vibratocore violin vl tone vocals vortex tracker w00t wah walking bass waltz water wav wawawaaaa weird swing what is it? what the fuck wild wildchip winter wintery wonderful xm xmas xycecore yes YM ym sid YM2149 yngwie nsfsteen yomarucore yoshi yoshi's island your song yummy zancore zankef zanzancore zaps zebracore zelda zx shines dark zzcore zzz