Level 24 Chipist   
Tags Given

:-( .gif *sad face* 1930s 1st place 2fast4me 2hu 3spooky5me 4:20 420 blaze it 46 4th Wall 8-bit beast 80's 80s a e s t h e t i ℋ𝔢𝔩𝔩 abrupt ending acid bass acidjazzcore all 7s all chipists ambient ambient-ish AMEN BREAK AMERICANADA Amiga amiga? amigaaaaaaa amigaaaaaaaa an actual game anime anime letters anime opening anime-ish animu anti-D34D April 1st Arabic arpfest atari atari bass atmospheric ay-3-8910 ballerina B♀B beatcore beautiful beepbox birdo birdyful bitcrushed sampl blameitonjorge bland bleep bloop boozetracker boss fight bossa nova bouncey bowser britania bubble bobble bunny bunny wabbit calm calm and long calming CAPS LOCK Carl Sagan carnival casio castlevania catholic chaos emeralds Charlie Brown charlottecore chelnov chicken dinner chinese chip n dale chip switching classical crazy creative title credits creepy cute dancecore dancey david wisecore defeatistcore defectmask deflemask deflemasochism demoscene Detune deved hæitd thi deviantartcore diddy kong racin diverse team djmaximumcore djmaximus donkey kong DOOM DOS Dubmood duty 25% 🐄 e e621core earthbound earthbound venus EKG europop experimental Fami×Defle famimask fartcore father christmas female shrek flame repelent fm follincore friendshipcore funky furaffinitycore furries furry gameboy genesis bass ghost emoji giana sisters git gud glitchcore go japan! Godzilla on NES good singer gotta go fast greek letters greekchip happy happy af happy pig hatecore hebrew letters him? hip hop horror movie human rabbit I love you Miner π imaginary friend ingenuity interesting irish japan jazz jazzy? jerk jokecore kahoot! karate karateka keygen kleedercore klonoa koopa troopa labyrinth lame legit lolwut? loop loopy luigi lyrics map music mario mario odyssey medieval mellow memecore memes meow meowshack merry-go-round metroid midi midi samples midi sound mixtape monty on the run moody more than 40 :( multichip core music theory Namco Namco wsg namecore nes nes bootleg NES colors nes samples nintendon't not a game nyan cat oddly calm oink once youtube... orchestra ow my ears owl's hoot paint brush painting pan panda tracker papyrus pcm pcm abuse PCM? pcnacore pcspeakercore peach pentatonic percussive periodic noise photograph pixel pixitracker pizza poemcore pokemans polka portamento pumpkin puncore Quirby24 rap rated m react™ red dick renoise repetitive revampcore ridley roleplaycore ROTTEN.ST rpg russia sachen sad :( samples savestate sawtooth scary secret agent sega genesis sega text shakespeare short short as usual sid sidsidsid simple simple sounds skale tracker snes snes-related snescore snesmod snesnesnesnesnes snowflake solarsandscore sonic 3 spacey square wave stain Starquake steven universe stevenuniverse stinkerb06 strobecore subliminal messa summer Sunsoft sunsoft bass Super Mario Worl surreal synthesizers T-Pain team 'murica team america team canada team diversity team uk techno Th4 5N35 the end the lion sleeps TIA tia sounds tiacore tic-80 Tim Follin TITAN titlecore tms9918 touhou toy keyboard toy story trash neurohardc tribal turrican twank you twinkle twinkle typo ujicocore undertale unfinishedcore unsettling USofCanada USSR vaportrap vaporwave vector art vextrexcore VHS effect vibrato vocaloid vocals vocoder voice sample vrc6+mmc5+fds vrc6+n163 vrc7 waltz? wario wario land weeb WEEB! Wii noises wobodo WwWwWwWwWw ym yoshi ytpcore zalgo zeldacore zombie nation zuncore

Tags Received

@$$ 0cc 0cc-ft 1 instrument 12000000th 1200bpm 1986 1989? 2a03 2hu 2xsid 4ch 4k 5b 6581 80s 90s かわいい 你好 abrupt ending action adventure ambient amiga amigamod angrychip ANGRYCHIP != WIN animated animated gif anime anime letters apology accepted arcade arm pilosity arpfest arps art asia atari Atari Man audacity AY background backgroundVGM bad dragon baroque bass basscore bassy battle battle theme beach BEARD beat beatbox beginner style bemani big nose black and white blippy blue blues blues scale bodybuilding bonus game boo Atari boss boss fight bouncy Bruce bugfunk bzzzzz c64 calm Canadia candy store canon in d cant get enough casio Casio VL-1 castlevania cat catchy chatchy cheerful cheery children suck children. chill china chincore chipman chippy chipswitchin' chiptune choir christmas church-y city clap classic classical classy coast cold Colecovision collab commentcore concerning confession cool Corndolences Corneria counterpoint creepy creepypasta creepyspaghetti cute dance dark death defeatistcore defectmask deflemask deflemasochism demo like demoscene descriptioncore detailed detune detuned deviantartcore digiart DIP8 disappointment distortion DMG-0w01 dogmatic doooooooooo DPCM DPCM bass dreamy drinking drunk mario e621core ear confusion egypt electric empowering ending endingless epic escary ew disgusting face famicom famitracker fancy text fanfare fast faster FDS filterCORE final boss final fight fire power fish fishman fitness flowers in pants fm folk FOUR!? friendly froggy fucking children fucking weaboo fug fugue fun funky game music gaster gator gay generic genesis giana sisters gif glitch godfather goldfinger gostosa greasy groovy grumpy hack the planet happy happycore harcore hardpan hardpan :( hardpans harsh sounding haste heavy hello kitty hit_it hurry up ice power illegal immortal croc imported industrial infectious innocent instructional italo disco iwantpizza jam jazz & blues jazzy jingle jumpy kawaii kick drum knife lagrange point landscape larry leady learning lets_go lit af fam literature lofi longness LOOK OUT FOR THE loop loopy lord bruce loud LPC speech lusty canadian lyrics magic mushroom manlady map marcb0tcore mario mask of defle mean medieval megaman mellow melodic meme squad memorylane meta MiB minigame mixing chips mixing doritos mockup mod mod's the best MODstyle monaural mono monument moody moon moon language muffled multichip n00b namco nice 'stache nintendo noise none not gm notsquare oceanic octave bass onesamplecore opening optimistic organ owari owo pac pac man eyes pacman painful paintcore painting pans PCE pegmodecore percussive perfect 24 piano pianocore pitch fail pizza pizza is nice plush pokemon disco pokey polkka polyphonic progress progressive psy puke pyramid question rad ragtime rain rainy rap rather good aym rave real hard recursive red reggae relaxing remove kebab retired retro-ish reverb rip roboter robotic rock rock'n'roll rockin rocknroll rox rpg rulebreaker samples sap saw scamcore segaintari sfx short shred sick leads bro sid sid snare sidsid SidWiz SIDWIZISMISM simple singing skull small small tune smooth sneaky snes snes-related snescore SNESGSS sneshead soft solos sonic sound design sp00ky space sparkles speech synthesis speed spongebob Spongebob happy spooky spooky_funk Spring Track staccato stereo stillgoodtho stinkerb06 storytime strobecore summerschool sunglasses surprise sweeps sweepy swing switch synth synthpop synths synthwave synthy system wars tasty techno teh penalty ;-; TG16 the end the tank engine TheEnd theme thicc thick thin thumbsup thunder TIA tiacore tinnitus tiny title screen title_screen tms9918 totino's touhou title town toy keyboard TRAIN trains fetish trance transposecore tune twinkle stars ultrasound uncanny valley undertale unicode text unreal upbeat uplifting ياي variety_hour verby vgm vibrato vibratocore video game vocal mixing vocal point vocaloid vocals voice voice mixing vox VRC7 Wait. Really? Wallace waltz warm water waveforms wavetable weeb WHAM!TheMusicBox windows winner wobble woods xm xmsnes yellow zelda 2