Level 16 Chipist   
Tags Given

*squish* 1st entry 56 6502 90's a bit jazzy abrubt ending addictive aesthetic ambient angry angry dog anime apostles arf autism awesome ball ballet baroque bassline beastly big clown big dog black bmp bork bossfight botbmon bruce lee buzz bass cat catchy catto CGI changes cheesy chill choir chonky chords chromatic city clop clop comic computer noises cool cozy creepy cute cute galgox dance dark demoscene detective diabetus disco dog dog obsessed doge doggo doggy dolphin dragon heads driving drop the bass ear sex early c64 emotional empty enjoyable epic equestrian ethereal euro executive board fan sequel fantasy fat feel good feline fight fluffy meows font friend friends friends fuchsia funk funky furry galgoxcore gallop gambling game pak gameboy glitch glitches good good doggo great lyrics green groovy growling noise happy heartwarming high council hooves hopeful hopelessness horrible horror horse hot air hound hype impulse intro investigation island it jazz kirby kitties kitty lewd lobster longcatislong lost lands lovely day magenta magical man boobs many dragons march mediumlongcat medley metal man microsoft bitmap midoricore militaristic mood swings moody MOS technology mutt MY atari nah das finde ic nature neigh nes newspaper nice nice arps nightmare no percussion noise bursts not that basic oldschool ominous organ pastels PCB peasant PETSCII pitch bend pitchbend pleasant pocket billiards pokey pony pool poopcrapcore pretty pulse lead puppy pwm quick rainbow rap REAL hip hop relaxing religion renaissance retro reversetext rhythm rockin rodeo roland rolandcore russia saw SAX scifi shark shrubbery simplicity slavic power sleepless sly sneaky snowman so good I die soft muzzle spectrum spoops sports springcore staccato steeplechase streets of rage summer swing tasty team USA techno tempo changes the best the cool club theme thunderous too lewd TR-808 tracker tropical trumpet upbeat varied vegetation very cool very cute very good very scary vibe vincore wan-wan warm western whinny windows woof woofer yip

Tags Received

??? 16-bit 1980's 1990's 2000's 50% furry 56 909 アニメ acid adventurous all n00bz all noobs Ambiant ambient amiga animal animals animated animation anime astonish Atari ATTACK OF authentic autism autismcore autistic avatarcore badger bark bark bark baroque bass battle beat beautiful best Big Bass bird Birdo Soldiers bitch black blippy blue blues bork boss battle Boss Fight botb botbr botbrcore botbrs bouncy bubble bubble bobble buzzy c64 calm cartoon cat celebration character character select characters cheerful chihuahua chipart chipix city classic clubby collab cool Cracktro creepy cute dance Dark death defeatistcore delicate devedcore digiart dissonance dog dogcore doge DOGGO dragon drawing dream dreamy dx7 ears EDM emotion energetic enthusiastic euro af explosion face melt fanart fav2pet convert FDS fedora fenrir fictional fight fire fire hazard flop floppy flowers FM footprint forest frictional friends funky furby furry fusin fusion fusion dance fx galgoxcore game garvalfcore god good goulartcore grass green groovy group picture guitar happiness happy hardcore harpsichord hat hd heat horny hot house humans I'm naked illegal image impro improv inkscape inspired investigation islandcore it jazzy kefcore kffcore kleedercore knights land landscape leady leash level level design Lewd liacore life lighting lofi logo long loopy loud loud microwave love magic many dragons march meander medieval melancholic mellow militaristic mood swing moody moon movie mud mushroom my home mysterious n00bs nature nerd nes nice night nightmare noobs oldschool orange organ OwO owo what's this? Panning patriotic paws pencil people PET photography photos pixel plains planet platformer pupper puppers rare rave red regal Relaxing renaissance renoise retro reverb rock rolling ROOF roster scene sci-fi scrap paper select yo noob shield signature simple sky slap bass smol smolcore sonic advance 2 space spooky spring SSB star steel dram army steel drum army story street fighter stroll stupidum summer sun sunny day supersmashbotbrs surprise techno technology tension THE BIRD thumping tildecore tile titlecore tooty trending trends trials of botbrs twin peaks unicorn video game VinsCool vintage wag War wavy weather woods woof woofx2 world xm ym2151