Level 27 Renderist   
Tags Given

`3` ^O^ ^OO^ -w- :()-|-< :) !!!! ( ^ ͜o ^) ( -w-) ( -w-) follin ( -w-)core ( 'n') ( 'o') ( *oo*) (=_=) ).it [^_^] [^_^] on speed [^_^]core [butt] /)^3^(\ <3 <3 <3 <3<3<3 <br> <sic> <marquee> =))))))))))))))) ~^-^~ ~( -w -)~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0C0devil 0kb 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-7-5 heaven 1.067140401 1000 beards 13 chords ^o^ 1337 18th century 1988 1996 2003 21 seconds 21/8 23:38 2step 3 minutes mom! 30 minutes mom! 4'33 404 480 bars 4FF 4m 33s 5 years old 5/4 50s prom 56K modem 6/8 60 minute entry 60s 64k 6iB 7/8 8 bit poop crap 8-bit 8-bit poop crap 8==============D 8===D 80s 80s mario kart 8bpcore 90s 90s hipster A = 202.125 Hz a bard approache a beetle a different roof A FAMILY a fine tune a lonely heart a pile of leaves a pile of tildes a virt tree a winner is born キューティ ギルガメッ © I-Pie A# major A#B#CxD#E#FxGx aaaaaa <333 AAAAAAAH MY EYES ABBA abraham lincoln absolute mayhem academy awards accordion action acid acid rave acid trip acidtechno aclmfan acmetalhead acmfancore adamski add9 addams family adlib adlib cracktro adventure ^o^ agamemcore agogo AIDS valley ainor airhorns airplane crash aliasing alien alien invasion aliens all 1s all 6s all 7s all the hearts all tincans already released also djent-core alternative rock ambient america amiga amiga rave AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA amigapans amsterdam anal obsession angry angry kulor angry tractor animal kingdom animation magic anime Anime Letters anime romance ant1 antcore anti-description anti-strobecore antidescriptionc antigaycore antigolgicore apache apocalypse apochipchampion applejack arabic arpfest arps arr matey arrow to the art music artful Ascended BotBr asexual ash ketchum asyncio athletic atmosphere atmospheric atomic doge atonal attentioncore auto-vibrato autotune auuuuuuu~ avant garden avant-garde avant-garde jazz aww 東方 B sharp B sharp major B*(F&B*(S&am b00nsaver b13 backstreet boys bad ending bad envelope bad title Bad. bagpipes ballad barbershop bard tales Baron Knoxburry barrage Barry Knoxburry base64 BASS bass solo batman battle of the bz battlebeardcore baycun is cute baycuncore baycunland baycunleads Baycunn-chan ^o^ baycutie ^o^ baycutiecore bdsm beachy beard beard bossa beardcore Beardosphoros beats beautiful voice bedtime story beep bells benedict benis benis Benis removal Bernie Madoff best title better in mono bitcoin bitonality bknox-ta black leather black metal blade runner blast beats blbblbblbl bleep bloop bleep boop blep blep blobstep block chords blow up doll blue baller blueballed blues blues scale boing bomberman hero bongos boobs boogie woogie booty booty bass BOOTY BLIP booty quest bootylicker border borked boss battle boss level bossa bossa nova bossy botox ladies bottle blow bourdon boxing boyband Brøderbund brassy brazil hellyeah breakbeat breakcore brian peppers bridge britain britney spears britpop broken broken heart BRONZE bronze god brostep burp busy hihats buzz of love bVI i bVI-i spam bye C64 C7 cacodemon Cah noh-lah! call of camelCase camels cameroncore cameronial sword cancore candy cane candy cane king candy cane sax cap capitalism CaptBaycun captbeard cascade casio casiocore cat catch the duck catchy caterpillarcore catnip celine dion celtic champion channel f charlie chipchop cheatcore cheese cheetahmen chengcore chetcor chinatown chinatown ganja chinese penis chippy chipstyle chirpy chocobo choir choir chords choirs choose a car chordcore chordguy chordy chris hooper christmas time chromatic chromatic ballad chrono trigger church bells church organ churchy circle of fifths circlecore circuscore clackety clap yo hands clashes classical music classicool music cleavage clickety clickety pop clicks clipping clopcore closet brony closet losers clubby clueless cmsht COCK BENIS cock on cockasaurus cockin cocks coda coda hunter codacore codaguitar codalead CodaSigma collaboration colorado springs COME ON ZILA comic coming out commacore commandycarnival commandycore commandyfaraday communism composer compton city concert confectionery confession congas congrats conspiracy controversial cookie cutter cool chord core cool title copy cosmicpentatonic cotton candy counterpoint cover covers are okay cowbells cowboy movie crabbandicoot cracktro cracktrocore cranky konge cranman crappy fm sounds crescendo cross-rhythms crystalline cuisine cumshot cute cute ^o^ cute golgi-chan cute title CuteEwok cutie song ^o^ cutie-chan FoD cutiecore Cyan Helkaraxe cyberpunk d&b da beep DA BELL da blues da nineties da power of love da seventies da streets dadcore DalekSam dance Dancing Queen dankey kang darlingcore dat bass dat noise dat nose dat stereo dating sim daveservice david david firth David Hasselhoff death death by VRC7:0 decrescendo defeatistcore deflemask deflemasochism demon chorale dendy Dennis descriptioncore descriptive detroit detroit techno detune detuned Deus Ex deven gallo dhgcore dial up dies irae DimWiddy came dinglecore dinosaur dirty dis is the beep dis is the irony disable $4011 disco disco bass disgusting dissonant dithering dive DJ Destroid dog swinger dog town dogtown don't you love? DONG DONG DONG dongs doo wop doods doom doom metal doorbell Doria Myx Dorian mode Dorian mode! DORIAN MOOOOOODE dorian vibes double cockslap double patterns double sharps doug the eagle down the stream Doxic Doxic speed doxic?core dozzy is a cutie dozzy is gross DPCM masterclass Dr. Seuss dracula dracula is sad dress to impress drink the island drive droid assembly drones droolfaraday drum machine drunkship DSP dubstep duck pond duckies ^o^ DUCKS ducktales ducktopia dukeonklednukem duran duran dusthillguy dusthillgyms DX7 dynamic pluggo dynamics E for Effort E sharp ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ eardrum bonfire early hardstyle earrape earthbound easter egg ebay echos ectetera edm educational eeeeeee EGA egghead eggless egocore egypt egyptchampion egyptian eiffel 69 eightbitbubsy electric razor electro electro house electroclash elf elfcore empathy england epic failblog epic_cutiepillar erin krieg Eris-Free eroge ERROR etch-a-sketch euro rave euro-style eurovision evanescence ex-commacore ex-defeatistcore ex-strobecore exactocore examinationcore excellent title exdeath exotic scales EXPAND experimental explosions expressionism extends levant extravaganza fairlight famicompoooooooo farmers beware fart fart bass fashion queen fasttracker faux 175 fearofdark fencing fetish_hour fierce jammin fierce jammin' fifty shades filenamecore filters final countdown final fantasy finland finnish FL Slayer yay! Flarrgghhll zone flattered fleetwood mac flight of the flute salad FM fm wobbles foal empire folk dance follincore Fool lost français frankenstein frantic freddie mercury friendly frog frog romance frogluigi frolicky fruit fly fruity loops ft2core Fuck the Cheng fugue funk funky Funky Drummer funky drummins funky town funxlé furby furby style furry G#A#B#C#D#E#Fx gabber gabber kick gameboy stereo gander gangsta gargle gay lovers gba General MIDI generalstrobular gentle gently george clinton george stone GET DOWN ghost of golgi ghostly ghosts gilgamesh girl power girlfriendcore glanscore glitchcore glitchy go go fax yourself goatse goattracker goku gol pls fix FL gold for gameboy gold star golgi apparatus golgicore golgisexual goluartcore goluigicore gonzalez tries good bass Good day! good ending Good evening good job good job m8 good length good morning! good nite =) good stuff good title Good. goron city gothloli attack GOTTA TRACK FAST grab a senis grace notes gracenotecore grain fields grant kelly greasemonkeypack great intro green greens green hill zone green plok groovy groovy cavery grope gross groundbreaking grumscore Grumsjazz guitar etude guitar shredding guitars guitarz gumbo gumbocore GXSCC gyms gyms became 12 gyms the troll gyms you dong gyzz hæit habbo hotel hackist hackist points HAHA 420 LOL XD haiku half sociopathy halloween hammond organ hands in the air hapiness happiness happy happy birthday happy summer happyface hard rock hard trance hardcore hardpanbrello hardpans hardpans-free hardstyle hardtrance harpsichord harpsichords haruhi you dong haruhicore haunted have a tag panda have ye beard hax he hates flutes he sploded he's alive heart magic heavy Helicopter Ben hellyeah hemp champion hep champion heroic HERTZ DEVIL! hertz is a cutie HertzDevil hi rushjet1 hidden message hidden song high notes hip hop hiphop hipster pikachu hipster timesig hipstercore hollywood homeopathy homosexual honorary mention hooky hornpipe hot zex house house party httpscore huge disk huggs4all human stampede humanized hungry mosquito hungry pumpkin I AM A XASER I dig Strobe too i feel silly I like midi :D I like SLEEP i love u too ^o^ I miss you ;__; I-II-I-bVII-I i-pie i-piestep I'd hit that! ibiza IBIZA 2013 IDM ignore the bars IGNORE THIS POST ikea naming illegal illogicalcat ilu baycun <3 improv inchy indians indie metal indie rock industrial insects inside joke inspector gadget install linux interpolate this interrobang pie interrobang stew interrobangin' introspective invocation irish irish carnival irish folklore it has an eye IT'S DIGNITARY it's golgi!! ^o^ italo italo disco jajajaja jajajajajajajaja jakim jamaica Jan Hammer jangle waltz jangler had a Jangler is back! jangler jingle Jangler!!! janglevania jazz jazz fusion jazz jackrabbit jazzy jazzy boss jazzy furby Jean M. Wafflé jeroen tel jigglypuffin jill jillofthejungle jimi hendrix jingle jingle bells jingle jangles Johann Strauss john cage joie de vivre jolly space jig JonBro jowl jpeg compression jr's laboratory jrlefaraday jrleosphoros jrlepage jrlesuggestion jrpg juggalo kart juke jungle just intonation Justin Biebermas JV-1080 Kajingsol KAM productions kanji penis kawaii ke$ha kefka key jazz keygencore kfaraday kfaradaycore kGABBERday king abdullah king of loops king of nullsong KING OF TRIANGLE kirby kirbystep kissasserycore kisses kneecore knuckles chaotix ko0x ko0xluigi koji kondo KONAMI STYLE kotos kowai kristoffer's kulcore kulcore fusion kulor kulor lives KungFuFollin KungFuFurby kungfufurbycore KungFuGrumskiz larry laser beams laser rave last place lawrence lazers legato legend of inchy legowelt lemon tree lemonparty less is more let it be LiarCore lil' blobbers LIMIT BREAK limitercore liquid funk listen in mono little atonality little fairymen live live tracking liveplay LMMS locrian locrian mode logcatislog LOL loliconst lollipop long long intro core longcaaaAAAAAaaA longcatislong longhatislong longintroislong LOOK loop loopable loopy losetoL77core losetotaylecore losetotildecore loud loud hihat loudcatisloud love for vinegar love parade love story lovely lovely weather LSDJ luigipants lullaby lydian vibes m9 maak mac line breaks magic magic knight magical trixie magnethead MAGNUM OPUS mailman maj7 maj7gasm malmen malmen ft. pug malmen's spleen malmypoo ^o^ mammoth style mandatorycore manual labor march mario mario is sad mario kart mario paint mario paint meow mario ragtime mariopants marisa masquerade master level mathcore maze MC Hawking mcdonalds meat loaf meatflute medieval medusa mega9man Megacheng II mega, megaman meh melancholy mellow menage a trout meow metacynthion metal metalscape meteors mexicansunflower Miami Vice mickey mouse microtonal microtonal music miko miko nurse minecraft mini-album minimalism minor ninths minuet mixolydian MLG mlp mlp pak mmaj7 moaning modded modern art modern art music modshrine modshroom :D/ modulation money mono! monochrome monsquaz montuno moogish moon mootbloxle mootbomberman mootbouxle mootstradamus mootykins more qt than you mortal kombat moscow disco mosquito larvae mosquito woman motivationalcore motivationcore mozart in a mp3 mr ears MS-DOSgasm mspaintcore multichipgarbage MUSCLY BODIES musette mushcore my first gold my little pony my only tincan mystic space orb nanobii narrationcore naughtypants neckbeard needs more FM nelson mandela nice nice chords nice guitar nice guitarwork nicetascore nigahiga NIGCORE no britain no cmsht no description no hardpans no hardpans :) no hellyeah no its golgicore no its space tra no regrets no triangle spam no! winter rules noice noise channel non-sequitur noooo chipart noooo mixart nostalgia not beardcore NOT BY ZILA not cirno? not janglercore not minor not._plrusekcore now with one l nsf in disguise nuclear warfare nullbass nullbreaks nullbuo uematsu nullcore nullfufurby nullsong Number nyscore O: O: O: O: O: oarcojere objection! ocremixcore of the closet of the devil oh queso oil old old style oldschool oldschool funk oldskool olympics omg scoobs on a plate on schedule one note samba one pattern ooct1 OomPaParby oontz OONTZ OONTZ oopsie oopsy doops~ options menu orchestra hit orchestra hits orchestra hits! organ donation orgasm orgasms orsomethingcore outrospective owen washer owner of pachelbel panbrello attack pansexual pansexuality paper shredder parallelisms Parliament party passion for nsf passport designs paste patriotic Paul McCartney PC-8801 mockup pemnis pendulum penis PENIS PENIS Penoise pentacles pentatonic percussion perfect 20 perfect 5 petrushka chord pharaoh Phoenix Wright phone sex phrygian Phrygian mode pianissimo piano strings pianohshit picardy third pink floyd pirates pitch bendz pixely plane cookies PLAY IN OPENMPT please try again plinky thingy plrusekcore pokemans pokemon pokey bass politics polka polka disco pomf pomfcore pon de floor ponies ponycore ponystep ponytorture poppy pops porn post-haruhicore post-svetcore postmodern potato peeler Potentialing poutine practical joke prelude pretty prince of tennis probecore prog rock proggy promospam !!! propaganda proud pugservice punny tags put a donk on it PWM pxtone québécois quack quackers quadruple render queen queen elizabeth queen's english questy quiet radix ragequit ragtime rainbows raise the roof ralphcore randomness rap rap battle raph is cute ^o^ raphaelgoulart rave rave anthem rayearth razorblades razorcore reed richards refined sugar reggae reggaeton relaxation relaxing remix remote entry renaissance rendergate 2013 rendering repeat requiem respect respect da cheng reverb nation rhymez rickroll RIP ant1 rip doxic rip golgi rip jangler rip joltik rip jsr RIP kfaraday RIP MKSTAR26 rip slimbol rip tails :( RIP ui :'( ritual dance robo robot sex robot vox rock garden rock n roll rockin Roland TB-303 Roland TR-909 romance romantic ron jeremy ruined rule breaker RUMBLE runescape rushjetcore russia russian S P R I N G sad Sad. sailors saloon samba sample 4 savestate saw sawtastic sawtooth scat scatman scopecore scream screamo screech screwy drummins scribble scrub scrubcore seal SEAL FETISH seal of quality sealcore sega saturn segue cop Seinfield selfhype semi cmsht semi-baycuncore semi-fodcore semi-golgicore semi-janglecore semi-nullcore semi-svetcore senis tentacles seniscore sepia tone serenade SERIOUS seventh chords sexmodit rules sexy time sgenlemask shake shake dat ass shark shazz shepard tone short shortdescription shuffle shuffle1024 sick trap shit sicks songs sid happens sid style Sid. sidechain sidechaining sidlead sidstyle sigbenis signup2dl--jerks silence simcity 2012 simcity 2013 sinewaves singing ske sketchman3 skinnycore skinnyhead skipping across skrillex skrillex's wheel skryllex's wheel skull skypelags slap bass slap that bass sleighbells slick denis slick genis slimeballcore slinky sloppyjones slow dance slowcatisslow smallest allgear smiley face smokeweederryday smoking weed smooth smooth jangle smooth jazz snail snake hunt snap_crackle snare action sneaking around snes SNES ATAR SNES guitars SNESology snowy story social justice social media sociopathy softpans soled barganz solfeggio solo sonata sonic sonic hates this sorry sorry for the 2 soundblaster space ambulance space dolphin space fetish space shooter spacecore spacejizz sparkles spc7 special fx speedcore speedtypecore spin.gif sponsored by the spookhouse spooky spread the love SPRiN9 TRACKS squeeeeeeeeeeeak ST01:TheEgg starbucks starfish statistics ste----------reo steamboat steel factory Stephen Hawking stepmaniacore stereo straight jammin stray E91 strings stringy strobecore stroboe stuck stuck note stumblebeats Subarashii! summer : ) summer blacks Summer Card III summer sucks sunken england sunsoft sunsoft bass superNSF supersaw surcmer chlp surf rock surround surround sound sus2 suspense svetcore Svetfunk svetlana swan song sweden swells swim in a dream swimming swing swing EP swing groove swing jazz Swingin' swingy symphonic poem synthesizer wank synthy tag me plz taggistcore tags from hell TaikoSamba tango tarnce tech technicolor techno tell it again tempo rubato tentacles TERRIBLE terrible sample thank you thasaucecore the fields of qt the hiss the knights the macbook man THE PEEEEEEEENIS the penis the pope of dope the price is the real sonic the roof the shadows the zon theatre organ TheEgg theme of cirno THEME OF RUSSIA there is no drop THIS 8========D THIS IS BY ZILA this is good this is the bayc this tune rocks tia ticket ticktockticktick timfollintriesc tincan tincan wave tincancore tislooOOOOOooOng titan suxx title from hell title haiku titlecore TMBG to faraday tobacco industry toms tone row tony thai top 40 top of the pops torture total clap tothejazz totheyes touhou Tour de France TRADE FETISH TRAINS FETISH trains?? again?? trance trancegate transcendental trapwife trending topic triangle lead trigonometry triple double G triplets tristan tristendoinspace troll hat tropical trumpets tumblbee tuning Tuxxy Bronze tuxxy came twang twilight twilight sparkle twitter sux u r hero U2 ugh! fine! uhh okay UK rave UK rave party ukelele un-defeatistcore unce underrated unhappy unicode unity webplayer Unreal urriedkfaradays usability uuni is a cutie uUni says yes V valid tag valley of jizz Vangelis vanilla9man variety.png.xm vehicle accident veritably vibrato abuse vibratocore vinaigre virt guitar virt style virtcore visual novel vocarrhoid voice over volume control VOWELMASTER.wav vrc6 vrc7 vrcsex vuurwerk wafflecore wafflefest wafflemask walking walt disney waltz waltz magic wanted warheartcore warhellride wazzup we stand united we want sluts we will miss you we're sorry weeng wet panties what did i do =o what happened what is csus24?? what is dis moot what is dis raph what is this what is this eli what is this FoD what is this kf what is this mlm what is this mot what is this ttj where is da lead where is F#? whip who say whoopsie wilhelm orgy will smith windowbreaker winner winter chip Winter Chip & wobbles woodstock woooooooooooooow word art work in progress World 1-4 World 2-4 World 3-4 World 4-4 World 5-4 World 6-4 World 7-4 World 8-4 wow wow cutie ^o^ wow rude wow tails ;( wowrude bannedst wrestling wrong wtf golgi wtf is nixcore wtf tuning wub wub wub wubstep wubwubwub wubz wunderfonk X xaimus xasercore XD xm xmplay hater ;_; xterm yamaha action yandere Yay yay MIDI YAY ZILA! YEP YES yes good yes you are yoshi's island yoshicore YOU CAN DO IT! you got it! ^o^ yourspace YTPMV YTPMVcore yucky vibrato YUHAYHAY PROGRES Z00 Z7F Z00 Z7F Z00 Z7F zelda zen zen buddhism ZILA IS A LEMON ZILLA ZILLA zillah zionism ZUN Zxx

Tags Received

-w- <3 for ASM ef 100 100th entry 12k 2001 2k 2qt 2xsap 34:46 4000000 channels 808 a fish a fash a A flat acronymcore amen amigaaa amigazoid animé anime arpfest art asm ass AY aye laddie bachlapse bark bass bass drum battle battle theme-ish bear beeper big senis bird blues bmp body building boops bossa nova breaks bubble buckteeth burd bVI bVII I C major cha chipstyle chordy chrono trigger churchy clopcore cmsht coded colloquy comic COMIC SAAANS! cool crashy crash-cra cute cutie senis ;ooo damn son Daveservice day defeatistcore demostyle detuned detuned bass disco dog stack Doggo dolan dominant 7 dong festival donkasaurus dosboy double hundred drowning duck ducktales woah E major echo emacs emilies engine F# minor FamiTracker feature film fifths FM free software fo fsf funky g-funk gameboy beep gangsta golgicore goluigi dies good literature good title! grazing sheep groovy gross hamauzu happy happy hardcore hard rock hardpans haruhicore hax hay <3 hi rushjet1 hong kong HOW YOU DO THIS? i bVII bVI V I IV I IV ii V I interesting interlude interroburned it it2vgm jaunty Jazz jazzy johncageisapoop Jrlepage jungle jangle kfaraday kisses klezmer knoxburry legend of zelda life lofi loopy lovely lunar m9m chords magazine mario paint mariopantscore mellow melvins rulz ok mid midi miror b monsquaz monty mp3 mspaint naruto neverohnever nice groove night at the nightmares no dog none notepad notlast now with swing nsf octamed ohb ohc oink one channel Pandacore pandaswing panflute parly voo franzy peaceful phaser1 vic20 pile of licks png poem ponycore poppydosco popular potential price is wrong PSA pugservice PUMP UP THE JAMS quaaaah! quiet r.i.p. dennis rainbow dash real. thanks. recursive reggae relief richard stallman rip slimbol ROBBED RPG sad sauce savior sax player saxxy arps saxy screamy SenisMarioGalaxy seven asses seventh chords sho short sid silly slimbol disco slime plant slimeball slimestep smooth sms snes snesmod sociopathy solofest source Space Odyssey species wars spookhouse step strawberry suave sus4 suspicious sussy slime svetlanacore sweeping arps sweet swing theme TIA tincan titlecore TMBG tmnt tracne transient tritone tsktsk twelve tone txt uwu whats this variety.png very good vgm vic20 Vortex Tracker VRC6 warlordcore well duh it won whole tone wholesome words worlds greatest wtf chords wub xm yay yes yesh zx spectrum zxbeep zzz