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Project Oneiroid is the codename for a Sega Master System game i am solely creating currently, since 2014! It will be a dreamworld exploration game in the line of the original Yume Nikki and the swarm of its fangames, particularly the community-made inofficial successor called Yume 2kki, and NoyemiK's brilliant, beautiful and less-is-more-principled Nightmare Castle.
First official update

Infos, website and forum thread coming (as) soon (as possible)
If You are interested, You can check my personal twitter (@Schneewelle) or pastebin ( account time after time for news, in any case until there is a dedicated website / social media accs.
Thank You for reading!
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post #81628 :: 2017.03.28 10:07am
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took you long enough
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post #81636 :: 2017.03.28 12:42pm
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post #81639 :: 2017.03.28 1:24pm :: edit 2017.03.28 1:25pm
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welcome back, friend =' D have an avocado
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post #81650 :: 2017.03.28 4:02pm
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uau =)))))))))))))))))
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post #81653 :: 2017.03.28 5:00pm
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-2 playa points lmao
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post #81661 :: 2017.03.28 7:01pm
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what how
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post #81673 :: 2017.03.28 9:38pm
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Looks like we now need negative ranks :o
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post #98014 :: 2018.03.28 8:51am
too many damn yous to burf them all!
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post #98683 :: 2018.04.25 10:51am
[02:45:13] <shalequin69> sleeparrow, do You know Yume Nikki ? =O imagine the same in essence, but toned down a bit (also technically, of course)
[02:45:55] <shalequin69> i'm working on the project since years already but it's all design, music, art - and i almost never show anyone anything haha
[02:47:31] <sleeparrow> shalequin69: i'm familiar with yume nikki! it's a neat game. you should keep me posted on your game. you sound passionate
[02:48:01] <shalequin69> i'll definitely post something in here as soon as i go (semi-)public during development =))
[02:48:18] <shalequin69> if i remember, i'll ping You haha

it's been a year and i'm here to let you know i'm still want to hear about your game 8)

looks like your botb account is a little inactive tho. and also your twitter is gone.

hope you're well

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