Level 29 Chipist   
Tags Given

^_^ ^o^ ;_; ;__; ;___; ; : ) : | :) :D ???????????????? .nobuts ): \/ /\ & KNUCKLES <3 #narcissist #staystrongzan 1:1 1.05946 251 2a03 3 3 chord 39hz 3d 4 color 4:20 420 60hz 69 7/7 8/7 8============D 808 80s 8bit poop crap 90s abrupt ending accurate title actual music actual_music addmusick adventure airhorn airy aji's avatarcore all 7s almost avatarcor anal icy day animals animated animation anime Anime Letters arpfest arps asian ATAR azuracore b/w backpack bad romance barney basic bass BattleOfTheBits beach beard beardcore beats bed beep beeps beetle benis BIG BOY bird bitcoin bitpack black black hole Blast Processing blender blockhead blood on the dan blue bluesy boobs boss botb abuse :( brass bread breaks BRIDS bubble letters bubbly bug bumpin burning_baron burp BUTT BUTT BUTT butts BWAHAHAHA c64 calculator canon in c cash cat catchy cave story cavestory chaos chaos in c chef Chef Boyardee chipart chiptune chords chordsss~ cinematic clever clubby cock on cockcore cockin' collaboration COME ON ZILA comic sans cookies cool colors cool story bro cool windows cornputer cotton candy country cover cowbell crayon shit-chan crusty cuddles ^o^ cute D E T R O I T Damn dankey kang dat ass DAT BASS dat boi dat dither doe data forest deep dream deer defeatistcore deflolmask delay demostyle dendy desyncore detailed detroit diarrhea dicks dilbert 2 dildo dither hell dithering ditherz djmaxcore djmaximumcore dog dong Dont dope DOS dozzy is a cutie dpcm hax dragon dualtone duaneDOS duaneos duanos duck ducktales dude ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ear rape east effin c effin ity ego core egocore electric bass emojicore emulation english epiano eroge EROGE BOUNCE EROGE RAVE Extend THIS 8=== extremely demand fag fake music fakeout intro falco famitracker farm fart bass fart_bass fartbass fartcore fast fasttttttttttttt fetish_hour filldirt.png final destinatio first! flappy flashing fm foreign words format vulture formats french FTM2GBMC fuc u hertz fuck fuck apple fuck burger fuck california fuck meat fucking loopy fun funky furry gayboy gbmc2gbs geocities gif girl glitch glitchy gnomes go away goatse goattracker golgi golgi stop golgicore good good chords good title good to go! good---ra goodbye left ear grapes grass great title great title! green groovy gun hair hamburger happy happy easter hard hardware slut hat hella cool hella heavy hentai HI hifi high quality Hollywood homestuck hopelessromantic hot damn mama HRT lizard html i do I IV I like cats :D I like midi :D icons ii V I VI illegal illegal size imperfect 35 impressive incest Incredi Incredible insane insect introspective it2nsf japanese jazz jazzy jellyfish JESUS CHRIST jews jizz jizzy john travolta jumpy kawaii kayne west keygen kfaracore kirby kitty kommicore KungFuFurby lack of emoji late layered legit lie light metal liveplay lofi loma loma* longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO loop loopy losetotildecore loud lowres luigi's mansion lullaby m p 3 2 m i d i mac magical guy mailman major ass malmen's spleen malware map mario mario kart mariopants mature maybe clubby? meant to do it mediocre meeting mellow memedm memelovania memes mexico midi midi_demo milkytracker minimal mixist mml module money moody moog lead moon moon moon m morse code mountains mouse movie MsGamer mspaint multichip whore My Tag MYA MYA MYA MYA n o n00b-core nads neat nes new bark town newgrounds 2006 newgrounds_2005 nice niggas be like nintendo no noloma none noooo chipart noooo mixart not a song not an exe not clubby :| not derpy u fuck not funk not orchestral not pony not really good not spanish now in slow mo! nsf nsf2ftm o no O: O: O: O: O: ocean odd OH GOD OH NO oh queso oldschool omg scoobs ooct1 openmpt orch hits rule ORCHESTRAL! out of chips owlcore oww pain panning Pe Noise peaceful penis penoise perfect 35 perfect score perfect timing piano pie pink hair please try again pointing pokemon polyrhythms port Press the butt Printable Area probably strobed professional proggy doggy prolific promospam !!! puke 7 puke7 quality quality art rad RADICAL ragequit rain rated arrrrrrrrr rave rave synth razerek read the descrip real bytebeat really fucking g really no vocals red red dick reggae remix render renose resluts REVERB reverb-core RGB rick roll rip rip golgi rip jsr rox rpg same tbh samples SANIC santa tracks sausage savestate savestate chords saveycore saxy scar and toph scientology sciv winner scream scrolls SEAL FETISH seaweed Sega sega genesis seizure semicolon senis SEXY SFX shadows shitting ice shop short should have won SICK sidechain sidechaining SINISTRO site breaker skrub skull trumpet slap ass slow smb3 snesmod sociopathy sorry soundtrackcore sp00ky space space ship spacy sparkly speedy spiritual sppoky ssbm ssh steam STFU GOLUGI stfu nerd stroboe strong man summer sun sunrise sunset sunvox super smash bros sushi swallow seal swing t tagcore tagless talking tasty! teeth teh MooN tell it again text text-mode tf2 thank mr skeltal the best the butt delusio the macbook man the real winner thick tinnitus title limi titlecore toe hue toms tony too good omg tooooooooooooooo tothefunk touhou trackercore TRADE FETISH TRAINS FETISH trains?? again?? transparency trip trippy tristan tritone tritone substitu trombone trumpet TWANKS! two's complement ugh uhhh under the sea Unfunny unorganized ur anus uUni says yes uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu valley of jizz vanilla9man vaporwave variety_hour vengeful furry VENISON PENDING VGM vhs VirtuaNSF vocals vrc6 vrc7 waeeeoooooooooo warioware water is better waveform what is this wilhelm windows xp wniner woah woo words work of art wow wow calm down wow rude WwWwWwWwWw X xara xpmck xrns2xm2it xrns2xm2it2spc yar yay zila! yeah yearofmidi yeeow you are all idio YOU FAILED you lose you're helcome zipper ZOLOFT zxbeep

Tags Received

:( [^_^] <golgi>wow 1-bit 12bar 1995 20bar 2C33 2in1 4bit triangle 7/4 80s A major accurate actual music actual savestate adlib adventure adventurous agreement airhorn airplane biscuit album cover all 7s all we get almost 35 AMAZING ambient and yet it moves animal animal crossing animals animated ANIME CHORDS announcement anonymous tagger antigolgicore arpfest arps arson asciiart-ish DOS ass asscracker atmosphere atmospheric avant-garde b-knox background bair use based savestate bass BattleOfTheBits bazzz beach beard beardbackground beardcore beats Beauty BEER beerbar big goluigi head bird Blip-O-Therapy blippy block chords body building bookbinder boss fight bossa bouncy boy and his blob breakbeat breaks Brillante broken keys burp busy buzzy bytebeat C major C minor caev stroy caev_stroy calm camelCase catchy cave Cave Story caveee cavestate cavestory cel shading channel F Charlie Brown cheatist cheerful chill chipotle chicken chippy tunes chipstyle chiptune chordcore chords chordspam Chrono Trigger church of adlib clicky clouds clubby cmsht comic concert conversioncore cool cooldude copypasta corn cereal cornputer cover o savestat cow cowbell crabbandicoot crayon shit-chan crazy Cream Creative cri crunchy cute cutie deer ^o^ D major D minor dance dancehall dark dat tone dat3 death waltz deer deer ass deer god defeatistchords defectmask derpy derpy forgets to detune detuned deven gallo diarrhea dirt ditherz dmg dog doge dope dos dpcm hax draw dreamy drone dubstaob Duka Duka Duka echo ecruteak edgy edm eff effin a effin b effin d effin e effort electrotrance emoji empowering ending theme enemy enjoyment epic epic caterpillar epic horn eroge esoteric expand dong extruded face false ending famitracker fanwork fart bass FDS floppytimbre fluffy FM FM-ish for the win forest temple frog frogs frogstep? FTM2GBMC fuck frameworks FUCK! fuckin' A fun funkeh funky furry fusion G minor Gameboy GBMC gimme taggist po glasses glitch glitched glow gmbc gnomes goku gold goldlib golgicore good gorgeous got me wet grayscale graysclae groove groovy grumpy gtap'savatarcore happy Happy Vibes hardcore hardpan harmonic hebusshh heh hooves horn hotline miami house how could you html i came to this i wanna pet it idm improv in yo face intermission ints isle jazz jazza jazzy jizzy Joltik jumpy kirby knife large chords latist leady lighthouse limit pushing literal descript lmms lo-fi loading lofi lol LOMA lonely stroll longcatislong longdeerislong loopy lost meep loud lullaby MALLOW malware mario kart masterclass math class max effort meander megalovania megaman melee meleecore mellow melody memedm memes memories meshuggah metadata n00b microtonal microwave miniboss missingno mlp mml mod2vic monochrome moody moon motivational mp3 multichip poop c multichips muting My Tag mysterious mystery meter mystic n163 negative nes NESish new pants newgrounds 2006 nice nice scroller nice shadows niggas be like no emoji noise noisy nostalgia-ish nostalgic not anime not clever nsf nsf stays nsf o o-deer odds ohb one fucking k OneHourCompas OPL3 opl3 stereo or is it sunset ord'savatarcore outside overtones palm trees pantsplosion parallelism pause pebis pencil penis Penoise perfect 35 photography photosmash piano planecore pokémon pokemon poster ppMCK press the butt pretty as fuck prog pop proggy promospam !!! propellerheads puke7 pull over pumshy pumshy punk rock quiero mas :3 rap remix renoise retro-ish reverb reverb-core rfrfr rhythmic ringertone rip golgi rip puke rip stream rip synclisten rock'n'roll roof rox roymeowty running sabrosongo samples save pls savestate chords savestatecore scary scenery screechy SecretAgentCore Sega Genesis-ish segue cop segway cop self portrait servstert why shave short should have won sidechaining sidechains signature silhouette SIT sketch skysito slapback sleepy sleepy azuracore sleizsa trio slow smash snesmod snesy sound collage space spacey speakers splatoon spooky squids star fox starfox stfu nerd still good story stuck note stylish sub0 sunny sunrise sunset Sunshine of Your super mario bros surf rock swear on me bum swing takeoff teacore techno thick tincan TITLECORE tom waits too comfy too cool tool-assisted toyko trance tree trigonometry true classic typing u dont know me UK rave party undertale underwater variety_hour vect orz VENISON PENDING vgm vhs vibes vibrato vintage VirtuaNSF vocal vocals voice VolEnvelopes VVVVVV wait a minute warm feeling water watermark wavey weird wenis wild windy Winner winningcore WINTER woods worms WTF xaimuscore xkcd xm xmas xrns2xm2it2spc ya like jazz? yandere yes yum yum fuck zelda zelda II zelda whistle zipper zippercore zombie