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^-^ :) 1990 1linepixels 2 qute 6581 80's 808 80s 90s actual music adventure adventurous agk ambient-ish amiga amigaaaaaaaaa AMIGAH amigamod androgynous anime arabia arabic arabic scale arpfast arpfest arps asia avant-garde babyface ballad banger bangin' baracore bass BASSLINE battle battle theme beach beat beatbox Beepola bep best blippy blues body building bop boss fight bouncy breakbeat bum c64 call and respons calm cat catchy changes cheerful cheesy chill chip arps chords Cinematic-ish city classic classical climax clown horn clowncore club kid clubby congrats cool counterpoint dance dancey defectmask deflemask demoscene Demostyle descending arps descriptioncore digiart dirty disco dithering dnb donk downtempo drop dubstep dusthillguy 🧀 earthbound earthbound venus eastern easy win lol egypt ELECTRO elevator emotes emotional empowering epic erf_bond exciting F FF FFF FFFF ha faster feelings feels foreshadowing fun FUNK funky gameboy garten girl gl good good famitracker grandiose great great entry GREAT MIDI <3 groove groovy grope hand happy hardpan hardstyle heaven Hi-NRG horny hot fire hygiene industrial insomnia intermission it italo jam jazz jazzy jungle kirby leady liquid liquid dnb. drum loading localization lofi looming loopy lyrics MAGA mecha medieval mellow metal midi mod mod2vic monkeyball moody mt-32 mystic n163 neo-classical new new style of mus no more? no u nostalgia nostalgia-ish not dirty :) not jazz not swing nsf nsfw ocean oldschool openmpt owo pad palindrome pause PCE pcm percussive piano solo PIZZA <3 pop PPG Wave Praise arps proggy progressive pumping quirky but cool rainbow factory recursion relaxing remix retro-ish rhymez ridge racer ripoff Robyn feat. Pudd robyncore rock rockin roland romantic rover sock sax screaming scroller seasons sekaiju sexophone skrillex slap slap bass sleepy sonar space spooky sunny supernsf svetcore swallow swing synth synthpop synths tabla TAGGERED tasty TECHNO tension TG16 tg55 the lick thick THUNDER top bun top kek trianglecore Tritone underwater unsettling uwu vaporwave venus vgm vibes vocal mixing vocal samples vocals vocoder voice mixing vrc6 vrc6 jazz wait a minute wave-ish weebcartoons winner wow pwm wrong format yello