Level 20 Chipist   
Tags Given

\/ /\ & KNUCKLES 0perator 1-bit 10:22 20/20 3spooky5me 4:20 5B 5B only 666bpm 7 7/something 70s 80s 90s A STOP SIGN ℋ𝔢𝔩𝔩 action actual music actual_music ADVANCECOMMUNISM aesthetic aji's avatarcore all 7s ALLCAPS ALLCAPSCORE alot amk animated anime letters annie may grohl April 1st arp arps atari atmospheric ay banger BEE BEE BEE BEE major bee movie beepbox beepy bells best best_title BiB BIG BOY block chords bouncy bread breakbeat bretty brrr bullshit fallacy buzzy c hip c64 3d c700 calm cancore canon in c catcore cave story chill clap clap classical clicky clubby codist cold collabdong cool creepy creepypasta crt ctrl+v trees cute cyoa CZ-5000 dance danger danky maymayz dat bass dee de dee dee dee a durrn deep purple defeatistcore deflemask descriptioncore dewritos dickadow dissonant djent doodicka doom dreamy DUH-jent 🅱️ 🅱️ot🅱️ E for Effort E1M1 edm eerie effort efx electronic electronicmetal epic evil F A K E f u coby fake music faux modulation fellatiocore FFVI final fantasy fitting title FM fodcore fontcore forest fun funk funkeh funky Furbycore G game boy bios gameboy genesis git gud glitches != win goatse good goodbye left ear goosecore greasy groovy guitar happy happycore hax heck yeah hello world hifi high fanta sea hole in the wall holy flip HOO BOY HOOAH howeven hydrated I am now deaf illegal Incredible IS AN OCTAGON is it from kfc it2nsf2ftm2gbmc2 japan jazz juicy jutsin beber ass karate kawaii desu kawei kawei desoup keygen kfaraday klystrack koreaboo labyrinthine leads leads! leady lit liveplay lofi long longcatislong LOUD low_rez lsd lsd dream emulat lyrics m9mcore magic malmencore master system meaningscore memes meta metal metal opera micromusic midi midistep miditrap Minimalistic mml of doom mom's spaghetti moot is great mootstradamus morse code mouf mp3 to midi mpt is better mspaint mspaintcore muffled multichip n00bizm needs leads NES nice timing no coffee for u none not metal ntrq octosnes oldschoolmetal openmpt orchestra orchestral pac man eyes paintcore pancore pantscore peecore peniscore pennis percussive petscii pigdevilcore pixitracker poekmanz pokemon pokey polyphonic poob prog progmetal progressive promising psg puns queen rad RADICAL radular RAVE raw razeregg razerek real bytebeat really? red dick retro reverb rip vocal cords rising sun rock rox rpg rpgcore sack mai deeck samples sampletracker sap scat scat metal scatman sega segametal shiny shocking shootthesauce short sidsidsid SIDstyle simphony simple ski free skifree skreefy skull trumpet sleepycore slick slow smooth sms snes SNES palette sneshead snesmod sociopathy something sonic sp00k sp00ky sp00p spooky spoop spoopy stanky maymayz steampunk stoner STPRRAICNKGSVI strings strobecore strobelike sunsoft 5B sunvox swing synthy tagcore taggistcore th4 D34D = WIN the return thick thunder thighs tim alien tiny titlecore too good toolcore total japan TRAINS FETISH triangle trippy true arps try the window tubular URINATION vaportrap vaporwave variety_hour vevocore vgm vic20 vocals vox vrc7 vroomvroom WAAAGH!!! Wait. Really? weeaboo weeb weed whammyglitch what is dis moot Wikipedia wil d winner wip world famous wow calm down wub wubstep xasercore XD xmsnes xrns2xm2it2spc ya like jazz? yes it is ym2151 Yoshi