Level 23 Mixist   
Tags Given

:D \m/ (-.-) \m/ & KNUCKLES 0CC 2hu 3 3D 4:20 420 80s 8bit poop crap 8k 90s abrupt ending acid acid-ish actual art actual music adlib ADVANCECOMMUNISM adventurous aji's avatarcore All FM allstar also funk ambient amen break animals animated anime anime letters anticipationcore arcade arpfest arps art Aspiration-core Atmospheric ay baby bad playing banjo kazooie baroque bass bassy battle music beatbox beautiful Beep Beepola best ending best solo big samples bintracker birbs birds BLAME CANADA bleep bloop blender blippy blips and blops bluegrass blues bluesy bom ... ba bom boss bossa BotB bouncy breakcore breaks brutal bunny bus butt buzz bweew c hip c64 C64 color palett c64 drums cactus calm calm indeed cat catchy chant Cheesy chichard d fames chill chipmetal chippy choir choppy chords chrono trigger Clap Clap classical clubby cola cola wins cold collab colorful core corncore cosmic cowbell cracktro crancore crazy creative credits cute dad rock dance dancey dark david wise core death polka dee de dee defeatistcore defectmask DefleMask demoscene demostyle descriptioncore detune digital bass dkc dkc2 DnB dog doobedoo DOOM downtempo dpcm drunkcore dubby ducks DUH-jent dumdumdum easy listening educational eerie electro emulationcore epic evil evolving experimental fakebit fast fat drums FDS feelingscore fellatiocore filter first entry floaty floyd-ish flute FM FM only FoDcore follincore fontcore FOUR!? french fresh FUCK fun funky Funky Drummer funky lead funny fusion FX Game music geese gone sexua genesis gif glitch glitches != win glitchy gltchy goatse good groovy grungy guitar h4xx0rz hand drawn hands up happy happy birthday hard hardware hax heavy hello world heroic hoover house hyper pan I can't even... idm illegal insane it Jackals jazzy jingle john cena jrpg kawaii kefcore kfaradaycore kfcore kirby kirkhope larry latist leads lies lmms LoFi lol n00bz long longcatislong loops loopy loud lsdj malmencore mario master system maybe not juke meaningscore melancholic mellow meme Meow merry christmas metal metalception cor metroid microtonal minimal minimalism Minimalistic MMC5 mod modemcore mono moody motivational mp3 muffled multichip mysterious N106 N163 nailed it namco Nanoloop narrative needs more waffl NES nice bass nice groove nice timing no bulli no descriptionco no drop no expansion no expansions no samples not funny not long not metal not strobecore not the bees nsf old school oldschool omnious openmpt orchestral pad paintcore party pastiche pattern jumping paywall pc-engine penis perfect 35 perfect score petscii Phaser-1 phil collins dru piano pixies please pokey polyrhythm possessed powerful powerup prog proggy psg pumpin pumping PWM pxtone pyramids python QUACK racing rammsteincore rave reason relaxing renoise rock roof RPG RPGcore rushcore rushed s3m Schismtracker scifi scratchy semidescriptionc Send Nudes short shred sid silent hill silly sincxcore sines sloppy slow smooth snek SNES SNES palette snesmod SnevenTracker snoozetracker so good sociopathy something sound design sound effects space spacey spam Speak & Spel spectral speedcore spooky ST-XX Samples Steve Reich stoner storytime straight groove stretchy strings strobecore stutters subtle such art such christmas sunvox synthy t h i c c tags 2 short talkbox tape stop TB-303 techno terraria synth text2speech TFM Music Maker the licc thick think tinnitus tiredcore title pun titlecore TMNT toolcore trancy trash neurohardc trippy triumphant tropical true art tts URINATION utz utz varietyhour venetiansnaresis vengeful furry vgm vibrato vocaloid vocals vrc6 VRC7 WAAAGH!!! wafflewank wah waltz wankfest wanky warp water is worse westerncore WILD Winter Chip XII winterprog wintery wobble wood wow WTF wub wubstep WwWwWwWwWw xasercore xm zeldacore

Tags Received

2in1 3/4 80s 90s acid action adorable adventure aeolian amazing ambient animals animated anime arcade arps assembly line athmosperic athmospheric atmospheric bass bassline battle theme beat beatbox beatcore beats beginning bells birdo bleep bloop blippy BoC boom boss fight break breakcore breaks build up calm castle cat catchy cave chill chords chrono trigger coast cola collage computer controller credits creepy dark ambient darkside ding disco distorted distortion dnb downtempo dreamy drone drop_the_boom dub dubstep effects electronic elephants Encounter ending ending theme epic final final boss flood FM funky fusion gabbers garage gay gaycore glitch glitch cock glitch hop glitches != win glitchy gloomy half-boss happy happy birthday hardpans hardtrance headache hifi horror horrorcore idm incomplete introscreen it jazzy jumpy jungle kirby lazy leady liveplay low_rez lullaby melancholic mellow meme metal midi minimal Minimalistic moody mysterious mystic n00bizm no lead nostalgia not juke ominous organ pad pads particle pastiche peaceful penoise percussion percussive piano pikmin pitchwobble pixels polyrhythm prog punny rave relaxing remix reverb reversed rox sad samples scanlines sfx short simple sky sleepy smw clouds snes snesmod sonar sound design soundtrack space sparkles speak & spel speedy spooky strobecore sun sweep synth synths synthy take a walk talking tension thick too good trance transcendental trip-hop tutorial uber underwater unsettling vaporwave vgm vocal mixing voice voice mixing walking warpy water waterworld WerdSickToon wub