Level 27 Chipist   
Tags Given

1-bit 109BPM 11/8 1337 19/8 1P Jimm 2P golgi 203A 2A30 420 420 entry id 5! 5b 60KB 8k 9 colours a new record A-zu-ra Nights A-zu-raCorridors キューティ あなたの声 abrupt ending absolute crap accurate actual music Addictive adlib-ish adorable all 7s All Gold alllstar allstar Alot amazing AMIGA AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA Anime Letters Apple arpfest astronomicalfeat avatarcore awful azura corridors azura lost Banana baracore beats beautiful BEE major blippy boring botb break butt 素晴らしい! cacophony calm canadacore cat cave story cheater cheatercore Cherries chill chocobo choir chords cirno cloud bondage CLUBBY cmsht cover creepy cute Cute ^v^ dadcore de-leveled deep thoughts defeatistcore defectmask dendy detune dimmanitan disgusting dither djmaxcantmod ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ e621core ear candy?? eery EGA epic_caterpillar erogay eroge eroge bounce EROGE FUNK Everything Gold ew disgusting explosions fail faux pc-98 fearofdark FEELS filter finish this pls First Samurai flaminglog Frozen Ass Age FUCK YES galway gay gay = good gaybreak Gaydreamer gayroge gengar GODDAMNIT GOLGI gold everything GOLGI STAHP golgicore Grapes green hill zone ham ham-hams unite happy HappySummerTune~ hat heart-magic 7 hentai hilarious name homo horrible hot cross buns how could you husbando = good I can't even... I Cri Evrytiem idm inappropriate Incredible it IT'S it's okay keffie keffie why kfaraday kfaraday judges kid Korg M1 lagomorph legit Lemon lewd like a roofie like a virgin loma* longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO loopy loudness war lovely mario paint meow mask of defle mega9man meow meow milk is good milky = gay milky = husbando milky is good milky is great missingno. mm1 != dong mom's spaghetti mpt is awful no it isn't none Not a not cool keffie not daytime not fm not orchestral not original notsquare NUTSHACK oh YES one fucking k oops easyname OpenMPT SUCKZZZ openmpt = strait openmpt is bad openmpt is shite OpenMPT IZ WORZT openmpt sucks opn OPNA U FUK>:T overclocked owo parasite passarbye'savata pbg pc88 pee force perfect 35 perfect score petals Pineapple pmd portalcore ppmck prediction puke7 pun punny quark quintuple take r i p o f f raphaelgoul___ rcore Real Cheese repetitive rhythm heaven rockhard rude!! badwords ruined dynamics rule breaker rulebreaker rulebreaker won SÆNIC sanic savedfromdefle SAYXEE scrub senpaicore servstert why SexE SEXY SHOTS FIRED should have won SHUT UP GOLUIGI sincxCore slightly touhou Smaug? smooth socioyeahthy sonic speedy spoonspin ssssssssssssssss staaahp STD Steepler Ltd. STFU GOLUIGI stillgoodtho STOP IT GOLGI Strawberry streetlamp succ sunflower market sunsoft 5b surreal synclisten Szoundgzh tasty tfm music maker thankyoucore THE the horror theme theme of waifu thunder thighs Tim Burton tinyvengeance TOO DAMN SLOW too long touhou tritone trough uh urine vengeful furry VGM vgm music maker visual novel vomitcore VVVVVV w i n n e r waifu = shit what is dis moot what is this ttj why winner winrar winterprog worst tracker wow calm down Yamaha DX7 yeah Yeah Whoo yes check lyceum YM2203 YM2608 YS ys ripoff yuzo koshiro

Tags Received

??? .xm / \ <=====8 <3 +tek 0cc 1-bit 12/8 12k 16kb 2a03 5/4 6 6/8 7 7.20 BPM 70s synth 80s 90s accurate accurate title ace attorney activity music addmusick adventure ハド-ゲイ ahhhh airy akumajou aliasing ALLCAPS ambient amen break AMENS amensin - amen amiga amigaaaa anta musike antidescriptionc Apple II arpfest arps arr matey astronaut atari aughuhh autocongrats b/w Bal musette baracore bareknuckle bark baroque baycutie ^o^ beach beat beatbox Beauty beep bench bends BIG black and white blurry boat bombermancore bossa bossa nova botbian bottle bouncy braugh braying breaks briefing screen brrt BURGERS! burp buzz buzzy bzzz caev_stroy calm CAPS LOCK carnival casiocore castlevania casual crossroad catchy ceci n'est pas chill chillout chip chipstyle chords church circle of fifths clackety clack clang classic classical click clickjazz clubby cmsht color bleed computer Conan O'Brien controversial cool cool and nice cool windows copycat cotton candy cozy crabbandicoot cracking cracktro crazy Credit Reel cute dance danny elfman dat bass dat bass tho david firth daytona deafcore demo-ish demoscene demoscene style demostyle densetsu derp eroge descriptionWin detune dithering do you do you even dot matrix dr pepper is bac dragon slayer-is dreamy drone DX7 Eb minor eeeeeeeeeee electric boogalo electroswing elevator music embrace the buzz EMO <3 emotional ENKA epic euro even bench evil ewe&eye exciting F U C K M I L K face falcom-ish FDS fedora tipping FeelsBadMan feettappingcore FF1 Final Fantasy fire FirstPlace floaty Flower FM folllin arps For Anything ft fuck tha police fug full ost funk funky fusion gay gay milk gb Genesis gengar gengytartakovsky ghost girl giygas glitch goattracker gold good tags groan groovy guitar ha hado gei handy hardstyle hardware harmonics harpsichord has heart magic 7 hero heroic high high functional hit horror houtou huge human hymn hype impulse tracker indeed industrial insanitycore insects intense intermission introspective introtune Jarresque jazzy joker joltik joltik punk joltik-core jrlesuggestion jrpg junglebeat kawaii keygen keys kit koji ichinose konami konamicore kool-nami Koshiro KungFuFurby lactation large leads leaves legendary lies >:C lion king? liveset lol lonely lonely stroll long longcaaaAAAAAaaA longcat is loooo longcatislong longcatslong loop loopy LOUD lovely low_rez lumpy chin m9mcore malmencore marching martial beach matchbox Mega Man 8 Megadrive megazun X melancholy melancholycore mellow METAL mewtwo midi milky milky black milky is good milky is great milky is shite milky is waifu MilkyTracker minecraft minimal minimalism minimalistic minor cmsht mm1 = husbando mm1 == dong mml moods moody moonlight sonata movcutie movievania moving MPT DOESNT RUN O mpt is awful mpt is better mpt is waifu multichip musette musical labyrint mystery N106 nerdfunk NES nintendon't no boons lost no it isn't NoGroove Noise not enough water nsf nsfcore Number O M P T OC do not steal oldschool oldschoolmetal oldskool openmpt = ghei OpenMPT IZ BEZT OpenMPT RULZ OpenMPT SUCKZZZ opera OPN OPNA OPNA U FUK>:T orchestral organ organya overworld ow pads paint passarbye'savata PC-8801 mockup PC-98 Penoise phug piano pizza plip plop PMD pokey polaroid potato chips Potentialing ppMCK pretty pretty voice printercore Pro Japanese protagonist puffy pure sex purple q-chan qchan quasi-slug que rico rain rainbow rainbow spectrum rare-category rcore realistic recorder relaxing Retro rip slimbol rip vocal cords robotic RPG RPG. trainingost sad Sad. samW sand Santaruru scat scenestyle SCHISM 4LYF Scott Joplin scratch seaweed Sega self-cover sfx shadows sheep shinjuku shmup shop short SID sidfunk Sierpinski sinecore sines skilled skrillz slap ass slap bass sleek af slowcatisslow smooth smw sneeze snesgss snesmod snow sociopathy soda sodacore soft something sonic hates this soothing sound collage spanish SPC spectrum speech speedy spooky sprough SSG stickman stomp streets of rage strings sub0 sub5 such headroom sunny sunrise sweet swing synth1 synthpop synthvoice synthwave tagcore tasty! Techno tekno tempo changes teslacoilcore text the most FM the sequel the thectrum these tags suck thru the sequel thunder blade tia time tincan tislooOOOOOooOng title limi toe hue TOO DAMN SLOW too much water too serious touhou touhou title touhouhou towel traps tree true ugh Umemoto upbeat ur2slow use renoise vampire vangelis variety_hour vgm vinyl visual novel vocal vocals vox vrc6 VRC7 waifu = good wait music walking warioware wat wii shop channel wine woo wow wow calm down wtf botb X xm yaoicore yeeeeeaaaaaaooou yep yes it = shit yes it is YM2203 YM2608 ys-ish Zelda zombie ZX Spectrum Zxx