Level 22 Pixelist   
Tags Given

(UN)POLISHED [redacted] "effort&quo 3 3 color palettes 3/4 3D 4:20 420 56K 6 seconds 7/8 8 bit poop crap 80s 8bit poop crap 90s ACHTUNG: SEIZURE acid ADVANCECOMMUNISM aesthetic Ahhh~ ambient Amiga OCS amigaaa Amigaaaaa AMIGAH AmiGameboy AmiGaymboy androgynous animated anime anthem antialiased anticipationcore antigalgoxcore antigravity arabic arabic scale area 51 arpfest arps art ASCII codes aseprite atmospheric atmospheric AF aviationcore Avocadocore back alley bait and switch bait n switch ballad banger basscore BASSHUNTER bassy battle art beach beautiful bells Best Tracker better late than better than ZUN bgm big bobs big denis billie jean blaze it bleeps bleepy Blender blueballcore Blues blues scale bluesy bob ross bobs boobs borrowed chords bouncy breadboard breakbeat briefing screen broken broken polish calm cameron cave celtic champion cheerful cheesy chill chip arps choir chordwank cinematic classic classic funk classical x EDM clean coda codacore codist cold collab complementary complex compressioncore conversioncore cool CorelDraw cosmos cpu killer cracktro creepy crisp crossaccountfav crystals cuica cursed image cute cyberpunk Cycles Render da vinci DAMN SON dance dance-ish dancey dancy dark dat bass dat bass tho dat solo tho debris defeatist plz defeatistcore Delekmask demo demoscene demoscene-ish Demostyle DENIS desaturated descending arps descriptioncore DETAILED detunecore detuned DHGcore dial-up disco dithering dithers djmaximumcore DMCAcore dnb DOPE dorian mode downtempo dragon Dream Theater dreamwave dreamy driving bassline drop drum n' bass dynamic 🧀 e621core EDM educational effort egyptian eiffel65 ementaler emotional enchanted energetic ENYA epic ethereal ethnic Eurobeat-ish eurodance exotic famicom fantasy fartbass fast fastfoodcore fat chords feels feettappingcore FL Studio flat shading flies flowers flute lead FM FM Porn FM Synth forest fruity fuckass69 fugue fun funk funky gay gaypop geese geometric GIMP girl glass gloomy goatse gold goldeneye good gouda grass groove groovy gypsy scale hamtaro happy hardcore hardware hardware synths hardware-synth harpfest hex hexadecimal HIND-D hiphop holy funk HONK hue shifting humanoid hype hyperactive i came too IC icy illegal industrial insertion island italo Italo disco jazz Joonas joymask jRPG jungle kawaii kick-ass kickass Klawiatura kowai kraftwerk Krita laid-back landscape LAPC-I leadgasm leadwang lens flare lewd limburger literal logo loli lolxdcore LONG longcatislong loop loopy lovely low-poly low-res lsd dream emulat m9mcore malmencore matrix melancholic mellow melodic bass melodic bassline meow meowbass meta Mi-24 Miami Vice MIDI minimal minimalistic mirror mischievous modemcore monsquaz moody moomins mootfunk more liek synthw Mountains mozzarella mpt is better MS GS SJW Synth MSPaint MT-32 multitoolcore munster mysterious narrative needs more water neo-funk new retro wave nice nice! night nintendon't noob noob :D nosontol nostalgic not centered NOT EDM obiadcore oldschool ominous onesamplecore oops OpenMPT FTW OpenMPT IZ BEZT OpenMPT RULZ Orch hit fest orch hits orchhitcore organic organic-machine- outrun owo owo co to jest page R Paramount pastel colors PCB PCM peaceful pecorino romano penetration PENIS people pet shop boys pet-shop-boys pharmacycore phat piano pigcore pigdemocore pingpong bass plagiarism plantation plants pokemon pokemon not zeld polish Polished poop porn poster PPG Wave probably bi prog house progressive puke puke 7 slices purple motion PUSH IT TO THE L PWM on AY! pxtone python qualityOHB quiet rainbow rap real guitars realtime fight recursive reflection refreshing relaxing retro rhytmic ripoff Robyn feat. Pudd Robyncore rock room roquefort rule breaking sack mai deeck sad SAM satellite one savestate scatologist schit :D schizocore schlange script scroller self insert serene sex Sexy shadows shattered shatters shepard tone short shortest shred sick silhouette silhouettes simple sincm8mcore sincxcore sinister SINTELCORE skyroads slap ass slap bass slap bass FTW slappy slick slightly touhou slivers slow slow-paced smooth sneaky snow sociopathy solid soothing sound design soundtrack soundtrack music space spiritual squiggly stars stone storytelling strobecore stylized such headroom sunvox swing swinging swingy sword syncopation synth rock synthpop synthporn synthwave synthwave cover synthwave-ish tabbies tabby tb-303 teach me senpai technical techno tense tension textureless the lick thick thief thievery those toms tilsiter tilted angle tiny titlecore titlestealcore tolietcore touhou touhou title tower trance trancy TRAPS AREN'T GAY trees triangles trippy Tumblr takes ove UAU uncertainty undertale unsettling upbeat uplifting USB USUŃ TO USxCanada OTP uwu valuable lesson variation varied variety hour vgm vine vine princess violet vocoder WAH waveforms weeb weird well looping white hair WIDE STEREO wiggly winter wintery wipeout witch worms wow rude XaccountFav xD yeah yes good yomaru kasuga you're helcome

Tags Received

^-^ :3 <3 3D 4 9-bit 90s accurate name algorithmic alone amazeballs amiga animated antimidoricore arps asiago atom awesome azuracore banger bass BASS 1 basscore bassy bass battle theme beat bell bells blender blippy blue body building boss battle botb icons bouncy breakbeat brie calm camembert catchy cats cave cheddar cheerful cheesy cherry chill chimney chip chips choir christmas christmas tree clouds clubby co wbell cold collab commodore computer cool cool story cowbell credits creepy CRT cute cyberpunk ddos deep deer demo-ish depth distortion dithers djmaximum dongs downtempo dreamy dx7 DX7 palette DX7core electronic ementaler epic factory fantastic feels feta fitting FL studio FM FM Sweet fm synthesis Frozen Ass Age fruit funky gimp gloomy gouda graph graphical groovy happy hardpans havarti heavy hedgehog hifi horror house i IV illegal it japandy cane jumpy koala bear lake late night leady light limburger linkforce lofi lol love melancholic mellow melodic merienda micro$uc$$ minimalistic moody mozzarella munster mysterious n64 nice ride night nineties noise nostalgia nostalgia-ish nostalgic ominous operator chain orgy oriental parmesan pecorino penta pixel play on words polonium realtek reflection relaxing ricotta romano roquefort sad samplepack scanlines shadowrun shimapan-core shopper short shrooms sintel SINTELCORE small snow soundchip space spooky stilton stupid defeatist sunglasses sunvox-ish sweet synthwave synthy tasty technology techsupportcore tempann tenryuu tension the lick THIS throwback tilsiter tonic typocore USB vacation varg vikernes vocal mixing wave-ish winner winter worms