Lukas Eriksson
Level 26 Chipist   
Tags Received

<3 ~~~~~[^_^]~~~~~ 12chanhowww 15/16 2a03 5 years old 7s 8bit 90's a bit mad A minor A* action action classical actual bass aduacity adventure ^o^ american anamanaguchi animal animals animation anime anti-description arpfest arps art awesome aww beat better_than_orig biggest bittersweet black and white bleepy blippy blipsnblops bonis bouncy bread breaks bubble C major call of camp campfire career cellphone chill chipstyle Chipy chrome circus clubby computer cool cow crow cute Cute ^v^ daydream defectmask deflemask detailed detune diatonic digital driving duty electric piano Epic eric prydz excited fakeout intro Familjen famitracker farm Fast fidget filipino fine fire first firstentry FL studio forest Frère Jacques Fun funky future G97 be angry game gameboy gating giant moon girthy glað glitch grass green guitar hamtaro happy Happy pappy Happy Pappy lap hard hifi hooky HUGE MOON ikea ikea naming ikeazone impressive intricate jazzy jizzy jumpy kefcore keygen kfaradaycore kinda classical kirby kirbycore knife knife kukarcore kukaslore laptop large clock leady lofi lollipops loopy loud lovely LSDJ lukascore lukASS mail mario math melodic merry fields of milky moody moon moon is cheese moon moon moon moon moon moon moon moon m moosemarch moosewave mouse music music box N163 nice fadeout nicetripm8 night no DPCM nsf office oldschool ON orchestral painting PC MUSIC penoise piano pirate pizz plucking polished pop production r/s/e radix radixcore realbit realsanta rhodes ringtone rock rythm saingg scene shuffly silly simcity skipping across slap bass snes snesmod socioyeahthy spc speedy stopcore stops streetlamp stronk stuff toy stumblecore succ sugarcore superimposed surprise swing technology termina the fields of qt the matrix timechanges too catchy trending triumph truck driving trumpet uhhhhh up space variety_hour VERY HAPPER vgm vocals vrc6 vvvvvv waa walk WCX title screen what is this 8 b wheeeeee whoa wide wilhelm woah woof xmsnes xmvox xtreme swing yar yeah yeahcore yummy