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!!! !ohc [^_^] [^_^]core 1 distort please 1:42 12/8 12k 16k 16kb 1990's 2-color 2010's 2A03 3d 4 4-color 404 43/8 48k 4tothefloor 5/4 6/8 64kb 80s 8bc style 8k module 8kb A mixolydian abstract acid advertisement afternoon ALIENS all 5s allgear amazing ambient ambient-ish amigamod animated archive Armageddonstep ARP YEAH arpeggio arpfest arps ascii ATAR atmospheric autumn avant garde avatarcore avatarsynccore azuracore ball ball_machine bass basscore bassoon bassy bassy bass battle art battle theme beat beef funk beets bells best birthday bit black blank Blender blippy bloom blooom blur blurry bobot book booty bootylicker boss fight Bounce bouncy breakbeat breaks breathing britain broken bubbles build build-up buildup bulldozer burp butterfly calm calm indeed caps cassette cheerful cheese cheeseblends cheesy chill chip chip-ish asciiar chippy chips chipstyle chords chromatic aberra cinematic clarinet classic classical clavinet clubby coffee cold colorful COLORS COLOURS commacore computer confusing contrast conways cpu killer creepy crt CRUNCHY crystal cup cute cyber d&b dance dance ambient danceman dancing dark deep deep bass desert detune dice digiart disco distortion dnb doom door downtempo dreamy driving drone dronecore drum&bass drums dub dune E minor easy listening echoey EGA electro Emmental energetic epic excitement farts fast tracker file filter finger snaps finnish flutecore flutter focus font forest fresh fromage fun funk funkay funky future gabdcore gabder game of life garage germination gif gift glitch glitchcore glitchy God golden grass greek green groove groovy growl haiku happy happyface hard hardstyle hax hd heavy hifi high quality hiroshima horny azuracore horrorcore hotline miami house HyperZone icy idm inspiration instrument intermission interpolation jam jangler japan japancore jazzy jowl jumpy jungle keeeppp kirby robobot lain trzaska lamp land of the last place late night vibes leady leaf leaves lime-green lineart liquid liquid funk literally chip little little fairymen little wing lofi logan's run lonely stroll longcatislong loopy lore low end low_rez lowrez lucas lucas arts lucasarts lucasfilm machine marble march marimba master matrix maze melancholic mellow mighty minecraft minimal minimalist mod mod24k mode_7 modern module remix moody moss mossy mossy moss moving mp3 munchy music mysterious mystic nagazaki natural 20 nature nes newsroom nice bass nineties no no seq noisecore noooo chipart noooo mixart nostalgic not pixel note nsf nsfw number o look a present ohb ohc ohh oldschool ominous orange orchestra organ organic organy otakus Other_dimension pads paper PCB penaltycore Penoise people? perfect perfect 25 perfect 35 phat Phat bass photo photography photomash piano pixel pixelart pixelfont png POCKEY pop art castle poppin' ported postprocessing pretty production puke7 pun rain rar rare rave realistic relaxing remix render renoise retro rhythmic ringtone rip golgi rip jangler rising sun robot robots RODS sad sample samples sassy sawy scene schedule science score scurry SD sexmodit sexy sfx shadows short shuffle sid lead sideral SIDstyle silly sine slapbass sleepy sleepy azuracore small smooth smoove SNES ATAR sofa sonar soothing soufle space spaceadventure spatial special speedy sphere spicy spooky spot spring springy stains statue story street lamp Strings subtle suit sun sunlight sunset sunshine surprise surreal sweet swing swingcore syncopatio system shock take a seat techno tekno tension text TheWingCore thicc thick thunder tincan tiny TOADcore totoro tracking trance trending trendings tuxxy brown txt underground underwater vectorman vextrexcore vibrant vocal mixing vocal samples voice mixing voxelart wannabedefeatist warm water wavy weird wet win by default WING wing coffee wingcore winning_tune winrar winrare wobble wood wow wtf X xi xm xrns yes YOU FAILED YUHAYHAY PROGRES zelda zip zzzzzzz