Level 27 Chipist   
Tags Given

:()-|-< ??? #staystrongzan 0kb 100 100th 100th tin can 15-love 1bit 200th 2a03 30-love 300 40-love 5:42 56 6 more weeks A new record! A-zu-ra Wins Aga © description actual music actual winner actually last addmusic addmusick Akabake all rings lost allowed alltim almost supernsf alt accounts Amaterasu anthrox anti-strobecore arctic putt argonaut arpfest ascension atari st ATTACK OF avatarcore Azura Wins Azura Wins Again µcatisµscopic b B*(F&B*(S&am b&w badge shop BANG battle of the bz battlestation battlestation 1 beam software beatmania BEE bee happy BEE major beep bees beware big birthdaycore bitcoin bitpuritan bitpuritans blueballed booger boogerman boogermeister botbmon botbrcore breakfast tea Business. c700 careless whisper cat cave story chatlog cheese chrono trigger clone hero clown horn codecore collab collect 200 boon commentary contest cook your own cool breeze COUNT TITAN cover cracktro da vinci dance dancing cheese DANGER decinoge left deepmind defectmask demonic descriptioncore digital hitz disco disco invasion dkc dkc2 DMCAcore dog dog cat man dogcore dungeons and syn duplicate earthbound educational egg elevator empty exit sine exploding nes face melt descri fading away fail failcore failsong fairlight cmi fakefakebit falling famicombo farewell FCM10 entry fearofdark fever ff6 ff7 ffmq final fantasy final fantasy 6 final fantasy 7 final fantasyVII fiveminutecompo fixed flap flap flap f flash bang fodcore fooka-fooka Fool Fool wins for gyms free trial frosted frosted flakes frosty frozen furby G5 galaxy game glitch glitched gokart goluigi goodloop gotoandplay join grand slam groundhog guitar guitar battle gyms hadouken hands on HappySummerTune~ haunted his assistant humongous i lost the game i want you ice cave iMac G5 incoming spc intermission irclog it comes true it does exist it starts here kfaraday kfaradaycore kfarazebra kff samplepack KFF-Approved! kirby kk slider koopa KungFuFurby kungfufurby join kungfufurby left l last G5 bgm last second laugh at you laugh with you legend of zelda liarcore literally chip longcaaaAAAAAaaA longcatislong longcatslong longdogislong longtrackislong loud lsd(j) dream emu Luigi lukascore m magical drop magnum opus main accounts malfunction man mario kart mario kart ds mario paint mario rpg match maxYMiser mean no harm mecharex medium rare mega man x megazeux mellow meow merchant metroid micro machines 2 microsoft gs microtonal midi mission success mkds mml of doom morioh world mother 2 mt. moon mt. snowball musicdisk MYA MYA MYA MYA n natural 20 natural 30 nes nimbus no DMA no name noice voice not actually end not so useless not spc not strobecore not the waffles not worth it nullfufurby number numbers o offroad OH KAH TEEEEEEEE oh no oof open sesame opus ouch out overclocked overflow ow owari p parody pass go pencil perfect descript perfect zero photography photomash piano piano solo pitchmod pixelphoto plug in pong ponies pony stampede post-kyunstep print music prismic puke7 pun puritans PWM racing rad rainbow rainbow cd rap rap contest raphaelgoulart rar rare rareware rat rated arrrrrrrrr raw read this tag really long note really loud really soft??? REDACTED Refooled relaxing render only reprise reverse cover revoc revolution rock rock n roll ROOF ROOF ROOF rooster Roque Wins™ run on and on runaway horse russian roulette santa tracks saxy SBES schism schism tracker scissors score sd3 secret of mana set sharp contrast shinri game 2 SHOO! short shortcatisshort silly silver silver lining sim city simcity sine sine of goodwill skull trumpet slowly smk smrpg smw snes snesgss snesmod snow and ice snow cave snow magic sociopathy someone set us song with sonic drums sourcecore space jam spc spc alert speaker murder spectrum stampede star fox stereo stop sine storm cloud stream sunmom sunset super eggout super mario kart super metroid super snow superc supercoda supersmashbotbrs synclisteners tarot tenniscore tension Th4 5N35 thanos THE BIRD the doctor the end theme song thunder THUNDER!!! thunderstorm timstyle tin can tmnt4 trials of botbrs ultra short ultrasonic up the pants usability vgm vgmmm voldemort vs mechagodzilla wareless chisper Watch out! weekly treats when who are you winrare wonderful day woof worth it wrong format xmsnes xrns2xm2it2spc Yarrgh Yeah Whoo yoshi's island your dream youtube zool

Tags Received

^O^ ^OO^ .it 1-7-5 heaven 1-bit 1:25 12k 14 minutes 14:03 1sample 2 spoopy 2005 furby 23:38 24k 4:02 4:03 404 48k 4x 5 6:17 606 seconds is 64kb 7 7:40 80s 80s mario kart 8k 90s A minor a pile of leaves ­­­­­­­ abacadooby acid acid rave acmfancore acronym action adlib adventure adventurous AH YEAH album all it takes all7s ambient anime80's arpfest arpola arps art music atari atari st atmospheric badass ballgame baseball bass basscore battle beard beat beats beautiful Beauty beeper best best one bleeps blippy blocks body building boss battle boss fight BOTB botb icons botbmon bouncy bowser battle breaks BRONZE build build up building buzzy C minor Cah noh-lah! calm calming casio demo categorycore changes channelfest character cheerful cheetahmen chengcore chill chill out chingle chip chip to real! chords chrono trigger cinematic clap yo hands claptothis clouds club clubby collab computer crafts cruising cute D D0GGY da man dance dark descriptioncore descriptive despair detuned dewgasm digital hitz ding disco distorted distortion djmaximumcore dog Dog > Pet doggy dong dorian double dream han DPCM dpcmcore dramatic drawing dream dreamy drill driving drone dsl ducktopia dungeon E minor e.p. earthbound echo electric bass EMG endless epic eurovision ever17 evil F A K E F-A-I-L-E-D fair Fairlight fantastic fantasy fartbass faux modulation fcm8 ff boss battle Fight final boss final fantasy fire! FM follin forevercore frying pans function furbotbman furby furby style furbycore future chips fuzz galactic game boy bios gamemetal gaming garyeggmicrodose GenreTransition gilgamesh glass-pure glissandos glitch glitches gltchy gnarls gnarly dude! golden sun golgicore good bit at end good length graph groovy grumbly guitar hack hackist haha what hail to the chef half-hour hero halo happy hardpans harmony haste heterogeneous high school holy holygoditsloud horny house house party hypnotic i ate the whole i farded i sh LONGC ice dungeon icon idded i camed industrial informative inpujcore insect penis inspiration inspired intermission ireland ireland reprise it it2nsf jam Jangler!!! Japanese jazzy furby jumpy junglechip kabuki kffcore king of loops king of snake KungFuFollin KungFuFurby kungfufurbycore L.A.I.F l00py latenite lazers leady lengthcore limitercore LISTEN TILL END little lofi long longcastislong longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO longcatisWOWWHAT longcore longdogislong longer longest longfade loopy loud love m9 MacinTalk magic magical magnum opus majestic march mathcore maxYMiser mayham me meander medley MEGA melancholic melancholy mellow melodic metal microhouse midnight minecraft mini-album minimalism mining mmc5 mml moaning modstyle monster mood swing moody moon Mosquito Groove mp3 music mysterious mystery mystic neslike NG nice ep night nine patterns? no DMA no expansion non-sequitur not-kffcore notsolongcat nsf octode official oh yes ohb ohc ok oldschool oldskool ominous one full LP side oompapa OomPaParby opera ORCH5 orchestra orchestra hit organ out pad pads panning parallel arps part 1 part 2 pattern jumping peaceful pen Penoise people permutator phase difference Phaser1 phaze piano pixel png pokemon red polka porno groove POTATO DATA power powerful processcore prog prog rock progressive psuedo-Action 52 pumpkin PWM quasi-winterchip r-type race racing rap rave readmecore REALLY LONG really? reggaeton relaxing retrigger revealing title reverb ring modulation ritual music rock rock n roll rockin roll rolling rox rubberbandcore rumbles sample gold savestatecore saw saws school scream scribble secret manaboss self parody sfx sgen shangalanga sheep shit now what short shortcatisshort sid signature silvs of surf II simple sinewaves SingleCycledBass sleepy sleepy azuracore smaller smile SMS sndh SNES snesmod so short for KFF sociopathy solfeggio songcore soothing soundtrack space space chords spacey sparkles spc spc7 SPC700 SPC70O special spectral speedy spooky star ocean static stockholm story stroll subject summer super powers surf surprise surprise ending swingin' symphonic poem syndrome synth take take off tambourine tangerine tech tech bass techno tekn0 tension the theme themed thick tick tock time trax tincan tiny tl;dr to toms train transcendental TRANSGRESSION transpose trapped in space trending triangle triangle volume trippy triptune trouble trumpet twooc00l UK rave underdog underworld variety hour variety_hour varietyhour very intriguing vgm void vonage voss vrc6 vrc7 vs waltz waltz magic wastelands weh-weh weird western wet whack-a-chicken wild wilhelm wobble wonderful words wow wub xaimuscore xD y= you monster you pet the dog ZX Spectrum zxbeep