Level 23 Chipist   
Tags Received

1 1 1 1 1-bit 1st place 2blue3 6/8 7bit PCM 80s abstract action AmigaMod-like applause Arabic arcade arps badical bass battle the of bdass! beast mode beats beepola bits blast blastfromthepast blippy body building boss breaks bronze equinox c ool Captain Falcon castlevania catchy celtic Celtic Furry chill chip switching chipstyle classic clubby cmsht coda codacore columns COMBINE common' cool dad joke dance dank DefleMask demo-ish demoscene demostyle descriptioncore dezaemon 2 diatonic digiart discord disqualified DPCM draculaughter drums drumz dya electronic emotional empowering epic ethnic eurostyle famitracker fast FC FM fm funk FM Synth full fun funk funkeh funky game gameboy garvalfcore gbs glitch glitch hop glitchcore groovy happy hardpans Hip Hop hip-hop hop-hip hot tropic hype inspirational invalid render japan Jredd 4 Prez Jredd-sama Jreddcore jreddism keygen kilt lagrange point lofi loop loopy medieval megaman mellow mix mmm... moody mountains myfirstpixel NES nike Nintendo DS noise channel nsf OPM OPN2 optical illusion PCE PCM phaser pixelart psg punchy quiet lead real 1st place REAL1STPLACE refreshing relaybro retro-ish reverb roaring crowd rock RPG sample_crash samples samples hats bad saturn savedfromdefle scratch Sega Genesis sega saturn SegaPCM select_screen sexy upkilt sgen short shorts shredding sing about bae slap bass slug smooth SMS SN76489 sonic space space worm speedy stone streetfunk strengthening stutter sweet synthwave-ish technical teh funk TG-16 TG16 thick trance tree triangles tuba upbeat VCR vgm vgm_music_maker vgmmm victory vox warm whistle widescreen WINNER ym2151 YM2612 zerocore