Level 27 Mixist   
Tags Given

!truth2 [russian letters ] <3 #MCGA 1P Jimm 2P Azu 2hu 3 7/8 80s 90s 999 A-zu-ra Losing A-zu-ra Night ウアウ うあう actual music actually not bad AddmusicK ADVANCECOMMUNISM aesthetic ランプ all 1s Alot AMIGA AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA anal icy day anime ANIME CHORDS Anime Hair Anime Letters Anime Words arpfest art avatarcore azura corridors Azura Wins Again azuracore bad bad mixing bagpipes BAH! bamboo bank 1 battl eofth battle the of bee movie Best Tracker better than orig better than ZUN BiB BIG BOY bigtoecore bits blast processing botBEE box br bread british spelling casio cave story CHAOS IN C character limi cheater cheecheecore chipotle chorus clannad clipping clock market clockmaster cmsht coda collabdong come on and comic sans cornputer cover cravman crazy bus credits cuck cute cute ^o^ damn you azura dating sim daw deer defeatistcore dem chords tho dennnis dennnnnnnis descriptioncore detuned dire_dire_dicks djmaxcore djmaximumcore dogecore DONKEY drink water ducktales 😂 👌 🤔 E major ebits edm eeeh egg egg story electronvolt emoji entry 69 eroge ever17 ew faggot faggot faggot fail fake multichip fake music fearofdark flowers in pants fm forest of fractal frisk Frozen Cocks fuck fuck apple fuck california fuck edm fuck sand fuck this fuck water fuck you fuck you schall fuckass69 fucking loopy fucky fuk u sincx functions funky gay gilva goatse golgi golgi stop golgicore good goose goosecore gorgeous grand dad grasstown grayscale great mixing great title gtap'savatarcore hair is water handdrawn happy hardpans harumitopia hax HD azuracore hdma hentai high quality hill fetish honk hopelessromantic hot i cant draw I like midi :D I LIKE TRAINS idors II ilikemidi:Dcore illegal imperfect 35 impressive improvement its hip to fuc janglerbait japancore jazzy Jimmy points Jimmybeat john cage juicy k bees kaizo kawaii kawaii as fuck keffle corn kekkie kerathumbs key kfcore kind of funky kirby koreaboo kotomi kowai kpop letters laser suit lewd limiter limkin link's awakening literal chiptune little mermaid lol lonely stroll long longcatislong loopy loud lsdj Luigi magic make america g malmencore malmypoo ^o^ mario galaxy mario kart mariopant fetish maxo me meaningscore mega man megaman mellow melon memelovania microtonal midi milky white mindblowing minecraft minor cmsht missingno mixart mixbattle_art mixist mml moe momcore moogbooxle morse morse code mpt is better mpt is waifu MURRICA n o n106 namecore no noise noooo mixart not 80s not again not anime not arpfest not art not bossa not chipart not cmsht not eroge not funk not gm not gs not jimmyoshi not lonely strol not orchestral not papyrus not pixel not smw not snesmod not square not touhou not virt not waltz nsfw offkey old-jimmycore one fucking k oppai orchestra overrated ow panflute pantsu paper mario papyrus passarbye'savata pedinapol pedipaeianou pedipanol bells penetration penis penis my denis peniscore perfect 35 perfect zero phase phone piano pizzacore pls dont hurt me pokemon poland potato! Potentialing prediction pretty pretty as fuck pretty good puns pxtone quiet ragequit rainvox raisin razerbluecore razeregg razerek rcore really good reat again recursion rejittering? reverb ringtone rip rip aji rip azura rip golgi rip puke rip rip rip tobikomi s3xmoditmania sakura blast same sand shit sanic savestate saxophone schall is gay schallwellecore Second Place.p seen Send Nudes shitting ice short should have won silly Sinc-x winning sincx stahp sincxcore SINISTRO siren Sky Hunters slap ass smb3 smooth snes snesmod snow sociopathy something song 179 sonic source pls speculation spidercore Spring Tracke steakcore STFU GOLUIGI stfu nerd stop stopwithstoptags story straight Summer super mario worl taggistcore tay zonday tcop terrific tfm thasauce the david the moon the return timpani tit an title theft titlecore tits toe hue tonclod too cool touhou TRAINS FETISH transparency tree true arps tsukkomi boke turnabout sister U uau vaguelydatingsim vanilla9man vaporware variety_hour vegan agenda vgm vgm pls vibrato vibrato hell visual novel waifu = good wall clipping water is worse watermeloncore weeb weed what what about samw? WHAT THE FUCK whats this Why is this winner winton park words wrong wynaut XD xrns2mod2vic yeah yes it is yes sound yoshi's island you're helcome zelda dungeon ZILA IS A MELON ZOLOFT

Tags Received

: ) :') [Jimmycensored] < 3 <3 =O 1P Azu 2P Jimm 1P Azu 3P Jimm 1P Jimm 0P Azu 1P Jimm 2P Azu 1P Jimm 2P golgi 2P Azu 3P Jimm 2P Azu 5P Jimm 2P Jimm 3P Azu 2P Jimm 4P Azu 2P Jimm 6P Azu 3P Azu 7P Jimm 3P Jimm 4P Azu 3P Jimm 9P FL4SH 4P Jimm 5P Azu 5/8 60hz 9 years 少女の笑顔 actual music actual winner animated anime Anime Letters anime loveletter anime swag anticipation authorcore aww azuracore bark! beautiful betrayingpxtonec beutiful bgm big penis^2 BIG PENIZ bleep bleep blueballed blush boink bossa nova bows byoutiful caev_stroy calm Casio CTK-150 cave story cawfee chill chipstyle chiptune chrono cross clam clockmaster cmsht coffee cool cpu killer curly brace Cute cute ^o^ cute<3 cutieyoshi dango daikazoku daveservice deedles defeatistcore descriptioncore desu dogey DON'T dusthillguy drum echo enchanted enough water etrian odyssey extend pls Extend THIS 8=== Extremely demand fakebyte feels ff6 final countdown fl studio flute fodcore forest gameboy Gaydreamer gold goluartcore green tea groovy grwin tee happy happy birthday happyoshi hardpans hey baby hih hopeful howeven I cried imura inspirational Install Linux it japanoid jazzy Jimmybeat jimmyfuckinbeat jimmylogic juno kawaii kawaii desu kawei kawei desoup keycore L O V E laser suit link's awakening loopy lucario car 2ds lullaby magic mario 2 mario kart mellow midi mind=blown moody music to shit by mystery mystery dungeon n00b narrative needs more water nevergreen nice nice as hell nice piano no pantsu no sound not touhou now this is a st old school old-jimmycore ore orsomethingcore paintcore pan floot panflootftw panties pantsu dere pantsu pantsu dere paper mario peaceful perfect perfect 35 Piano pianohshit plucky pokemon pokemon center pokemon-ish pootie-tan portrait positive prediction progression promise pxtone q QT que rico r/s/e raphaelgoulart really good rekt relax yr butt relaxed relaxing rhythm heaven rick roll riding a yoshi RIP rip cuteewok rpg RPGcore run forest run sad salsa salt peanuts sample song shooting star shopping short should have won showing off shut up golgi slappy slightly touhou smooth smw snes so cool soap soap opera sourcecore space spacey stacksmash stupid defeatist stuttercore switchup synclistencore tags from hell tail recursion taking the piss theme hospital to faraday totaka touhou twinkly undertale vaguely-a-zu-ra- vgm watermeloncore weeaboo_music WEEB! what is this jim wii sports winner wooooow wow wow............. wtf Yamaha Samples Yasunori Mitsuda yoshi's island yoshicore