Level 26 Chipist   
Tags Given

-13 :3 ??? 'festive' (<>) <3 hearts <3 <i>slanty</i> <p font-size=100 1-bit 11 steps 2/4 20bar 3D 4:19 420 4x 5/4 6/8 606 seconds is 80s a new record abrupt accelerando accelerandocore ace title actual metal actually a map adlib tracker II adventure advertisement age of empires aggressive airhorn alarming aliasing all 4s all it takes alt-rock altered scale amazing ambient amiga aminated androgynous angry angry synths animal crossing animated anomaly arabic area arena rock arpeggios arpfest arps arpstyle ass asymmetrical ♭VI-♭VII-I atmospheric autotune avant-fusion avant-garde axis of awesome 日本語 backspace bah ballad bananacore bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bassless chaps bassy beefheart best title bill cosby bizarre blast beats blippy block chords blues bluesy blush booty borked export boss battle bossa bossa nova bouncy breakbeat breaks buggy bungle busy buzzy bVI bVII I c64 calm cameronial sword canon in B♭ canon in c castanets cave story chamber music chill chipmunk vox chipstyle chirp chirpy choir chop and screw choral chordcore chorus circle of fifths circus horror clipart closed voicings club clubby clusters codist collab comedy confusing controversial conversioncore cool chord core countermelodic crabbandicoot crackle crazy percussion crouching cat crowdsourcing crt crunchy ctrl+v trees cubism dance dark dat flute ddos defeatistcore defeatistcore++ definitely moot delay abuse delightfully mad demoscene demostyle denatured descriptioncore destroyful detune detuned dialup killer diatonic diminished dirty disco dissonance dissonant djembe dnb doctor what?! donkasaurus donkey kong doom dope dorian dorian mooode DORIAN MOOOOOODE double time dr. mario drill n baste drone drum break drum machine dub duck-human wars duty cycle earnest ears die earthbound ectetera edm educational eldritch endingless estradasphere explicit extended metal fakeout famous filter bass filtercore filters filtersweep filtery fist level floaty fluid fm Fool four chord song four on da floor frère jacques fruity fun funk funky fusion futuristic fx5 gabber garbage generative genesis ghostly gif girlfriendcore glissando glitch glitch funk gloss drop goggles golden sun golgicore goluigi good good title grindcore gritty groove groove metal groovy grumbly grunty guitar guys and dolls hackist haha what hail stan halal half time halloween hang happy hardcore hard rock hardcore hardpans hatching hawt hax hexture hey arnold! hidden cat hip hop hiragana hissy hocket holy justice horror humor hurts i get it i IV I IV I IV ice dungeon identifying wood ideogrammatical idiomatic idm ii V I impressionist impulse tracker incremental industrial inexplicable informative inorganic insect penis interrobangin' intro invalid ipicore ireland ireland reprise iridescent irony isometric james brown jangler lives jazz jazz funk jazz fusion jazzy jerk punk joke music jonny greenwood jrpg jungle keyboard keygen kfaraday kfaradaycore kirby klasky large chords latin lens flare library music lies liveplay lonely long loop points loops loopy lost meep lotta faves loud lounge lovecraftian lovely lsdj-core lullaby luney lurchy lydian madness majestic manic mario master class math rock maybe haunted maze me!!! mean mechwarrior 2 meditative mega vibrato megaman mellow menacing meow meshuggah metal michucore microhouse microtonal milkytracker minimal minimalism minimalist minor mitroid moe monaural MOO DOOM moody moon simulator moral eclipse mother 3 motorway moviemovies food musical theatre muted mystery meter needle in space nefarious negative space nes wildchip next level nile no lmao no tags noise noisy non-sequitur norrin_radd not cool not mspaint not really chip not short novel texture now with swing nullcore nutcracker octave bass odd time optimistic orchestra hits ostinato otherworld music ouch pads pagan painful panning pans papyrus PB peanuts pedal point pen penis pentatonic pentatonique perfect 35 perfect 5 periodic noise perspective photo photograph piano pit trap pizzicato plagarism plagarism-core plum pop plunderphonics png pokémon pokemon pokemon rby polka polvo polyrhythmic polyrhythms pop pop rock pope'd portamento post-rock post-svetcore potent power rangers preachy pringle pringlecore professional prog prog pop prog rock progressive psychedelic pull over pun punchy punny pxtone questionable questy quiet quite popular quoted R&B R&B rainbow rainwarrian chan ralts rap rap metal rave real good real sequence recurring themes reeverb reggae relevant relief repeatistcore repetitive retrigger reverb rhodes rickroll rigged ringertone rock rpg rude rulebreaker s3m Sad. satirecore sax scalar scrambled secrets seesaw sega self-portrait Serious seventh chords sevenths sexual jealousy sgen shimmery short shorts shuffle SID snare sidechain sidescrolling SIDstyle sigma chip silhouette silly skrillex slap bass slime slowvotecore smb smb3 snes snowman sociology sociopathy solo solos song of storms soothing sorcery sound collage space station species wars speed 1 speedcore splashy splashy reverb spoken word spooky springbok staccato starcraft II steam kittens stockholm stompy strobestyle strong potion stumblebeats subcharacter ren subliminal subtly morbid sunglasses sunsoft bass supersaw surcmer chip surf rock surprise sus sus4 svetcore svetstyle sweeps swift swing symmetrical syndrome tag cloud tagless taglesscore take eleven tally marks tarkus techno tense terrifying tessellation texture that snare that's it the callout the trite runner there's the drop thinking plague thrash threatening titties tl;dr tonic-dominant tool-assisted tortoisecore touhou tragedy trance transhumanism transpose transposecore trap tremor trills trip-hop tritones tts uncanny unce UNdefeatistcore unh unicore urban v. good vermillion city vertigous very fakebit vgm vibrato victorious violin virt vocaloid vocals wafflecone wafflecore wah walt disney waltercolor waltz wank way too good weird percussion western whatamilookingat whoa whole tone wholetone wibbly wild wild meter winter beard wolfmother woo woofer wow calm down wubfest yanni yep it's wood yeti zan palette zebra

Tags Received

`3` :P .it .xm ( *oo*) (that's it) >:V( )E <marquee> 1-bit 15/8 2 24k 24kb 2zool4skool 4k 5/4 7-11 7/4 8kb accordion action acid adlib adlib-ish adventure time ランプ airy alien invasion all 7s allmy7s amigamod angle Arp Bears arpfest art artsy fartsy atmospheric avant-garde AY B sharp major b13 baron bass battery battery acid bbsong be beach beard beardful beat beats big hat birds bitcrush bknox blim blom blow blues bluesy blum boat boinc booty bossa nova brad-o-tron breadful bungle bussy buzzertime c-jeff industrie C00 c64 caev stroy caps captainbeardful captainbreadful casio Casio MA-130 cat cave cave story chairface chariot chase&status chip champion chips chipstyle choir classy claude debussy coach buzzcut cockin cod codist coffee comic coming out conspiracy conversioncore Cool cool timings cool waveform cosine cover crash bandicoot creepee creepy creepy pasta crunk beats cute dagmario damn dank dank booty sweat dark dat nose Dave daveservice deaf defeatistcore delay delightful descriptioncore dodeedo doink dope dorian mode down tempo downsample dr. subotnik dragon drinking drone drugs are bad mk drunk ducks duk soz eardrum bonfire earthboundcore educational end this comic engine exotic scales facewithtongue falling Fasttracker fat bass FauxModulation fawnk fight final fantasy fire fisticuffs fluorescent FM foal empire fonk freeformjazzcore frog frog prog ftm fun funk funky funny_joek funx fuzzy buzz gba gif glitchy goblin gold for gameboy goldeneye 007 good good loop good title grass grind gritty groovy guitar gyms tribute hacks haiku happy hardpanbrello hardpans harmonics hat hatbeard hawt hax head in jar high_council highway hobbits horror hotel mario house hyper pan ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ignore the bars II insanity intriguing introspective iridescent it jake jam jamaica jangle waltz janglecore jangler jangler had a Jangler is back! jangler jingle janglerine dream janglevania jangly jangy jangy weckl jarre jazz jazzy jingle jangles jinglejangle juggalo kart kawaii torture keffiecore key jazz kfaraday kfaradaycore Knuckles on crac KONAMI STYLE kracks cnuckles Kulor laser lavender town leady legend of inchy literal-river-of little atonality live tracking liveplay lofi long pause longoggislong looking loopist ending loopy LotRcore love lunar major second mario paint mauver mediumpans mellow meow metal meteors miau microtonal midi mixolydian mml moar mod mod8k moody more love mountains mp3 multis my friend mysterious mystery mystic space orb narrative NES nice nintendo Nobuo Uematsu noise noisy nom? noodler nose nostalgic-ish not 4 not janglercore nsf of the closet ogg ogg vorbis ohb ohc oregon trail organ otp outrospective overdriven owl paddle pans pansexuality panwave paper mario paperboyintrlude perfect 35 phaser1 phat piña colada pixel plane png poem poetry pokemon pompadour pony poor little guy pop ppmck prog rock proggy progressive punching trees punchy purple rad rad gravity radical rainwarrian chan real music! robot robreareadeaed rock n roll rocket rolls romantic RUMBLE s s3m sad NES in snow sample 4 Saruman screwy drummins serious poop gro shell sho shoes short should shuffle sick sid silent silly sine sinecore sines ska sled slick slippery smooth smooth jangle snail snap_crackle sneakers snes snoozing snowboarding snowman Sonic Knuckles soothing soundchip space spammagnet speed 255 spider splode spooky spooky end stained_glass star wars staring stars stepmaniacore stew strobe stumbly sudden end Summer Card III sun surf sussybutt svetcore swing swingy sword swording tall hat tall hat parade tangent technical tempogypsycore thin this guy time sigcore time signature time sigs timings tincan tiny toki toots tricky trigonometry trilling twelve tone txt used variety hour veritably vgp viking vim editor voice over VRC6 wad waffle wafflecone wafflecore warm-ish warrior waugh wave-ish wc7 weather report weird what is this wheres walbo whole tone wholetone whoopsie why ogg why wii sports wildchip entry woodwind Wow wtf xm xmsnes YEP zanzan zap zelda zip zoom ZX Spectrum zxbeep