Level 27 Chipist   
Tags Given

-_-; -13 :3 ??? 'festive' (-w- ) (<>) [[[happey]]] \n <3 hearts <3 <i>slanty</i> <p font-size=100 1-bit 11 11 steps 11/4 11/8 13 13/4 15/8 2/4 2017 20bar 3/4 3D 4-color 4-op 4:19 4:20 420 4D 4x 5/4 5/8 6:06 in 60 6/8 606 seconds is 7/4 7/8 8/10 80s 8bit poop crap 9/8 a new record スクイーキ aana abrupt abstract accelerando ace title acid acoustic action action classical actual beats actual metal actually a map ADHD adlib adlib tracker II adom adventure advertisement aeolian age of empires aggressive agreement ah airhorn alarming album cover aliased aliasing alien all 4s all elevens all it takes alt-rock altered scale amazing ambient amiga aminated androgynous android angry angry synths animal crossing animated anime letters anomaly apologetic arabic arcane area arena rock arp arpeggios arpfest arps artifacts ascension ass asymmetrical ♭VI ♭VII I ♭VI-♭VII-I atmospheric atonal augmented austere authentic autotune auxy avant-fusion avant-garde avant-trap awkward aym 日本語 backspace bad dragon bad influence bagpulses bah bair use balkan ballad bananacore banned bap bap bap bap bap bap bap baroque bass bassless chaps bassy bbsong beat me up beatbox beatbreaks beats beefheart beepbox bell choir bends bendy best title bestiality big beat big blue bill cosby biophilia birbs bitcrush bitmask bitpuritans bitstep bittersweet bizarre black midi blast beats blippy block chords bluegrass blues blues scale bluesy blush boc body horror bogdan bonus beats boob booty boplicity borked export boss battle boss fight bossa bossa nova bossy bouncy bows bowser castle boy braille brainblister brass breakbeat breakcore breaks bubbly buggy buildup bungle busy buzz buzzstep buzzy bVI bVII I c64 calm calypso cameronial sword canon in B♭ canon in c cascade castanets cave story cavey ceremonial chamber music chant chaos machine charlotte's web cheese chill chip hop chipmunk vox chipstyle chiptune chirp chirpy choir chop and screw choral chorale chord list chordcore chordspam chorus circle of fifths circus horror classic rock classical fusion classical rock clave clavinet clipart clipping close harmony cloudy club clubby clusters codist cold collab collage colorful comedy compound time concept conceptual concerning confusing conspiracytheory contemplative contrast controversial conversioncore cool chord core cool vehicle? cosmochoria countermelodic cover cowbell crabbandicoot crackle craziest beard crazy percussion cream creeper creeping creepy crescendo crouching cat crowdsourcing crt crunchy ctf ctrl+v ctrl+v trees cubism cumulative curse cute cynicism cyriak da vinci dance dangerous dark dark ambient dat flute ddos death waltz deceptive deedles deer defeatistchords defeatistcore defeatistcore++ definitely moot deflemask delay delay abuse deliberate delightfully mad demo screen demoscene demostyle denatured descent descriptioncore despair destroyful determined detune detuned deus ex machina dialogue dialup killer diatonic dies irae diminished dirge dirty disco disco volante disconcerting discordian dismal disorienting dissonance dissonant distortion dithering diversity dizzy djembe djent dnb doc comment doctor what?! dog dogmatic dominant donk donkasaurus donkey kong doom dope dorian dorian mooode DORIAN MOOOOOODE double feature double time downtempo dpcm noise dr. mario dragon dreamy drill n baste drive gamer-lad drone drop drop da bass drugs drum break drum circle drum drop drumrolls drunk dub dubstep duck-human wars duty cycle dynamics 🕴 E for Effort earnest ears die earthbound echo eclectic ectetera edm educational eerie einhänder eldritch elp emo endearing ending endingless energetic epic esoteric estradasphere ethereal explicit expressionism extended metal extreme swing f-zero factual fairly plain fake boy fakeout false ending famous fantastic fashwave fat bass faux modulation feedback festive filter filter bass filter sweep filtercore filterful filters filtersweep filtery finger snaps fire field first gradient fish factory fist level fl studio flappy floaty flowing fluid fluid dynamics fm fm funk foley folk song Fool found art four chord song four on da floor frère jacques free fretless bass fretless synth fruity fullwidth fun funk funk funky funky furry fusion future punk futuristic fuurious fx5 gabber game boy bios game maker game over garbage generative genesis gentle giant ghostly gif girlfriendcore glissando glissandos glistening glitch glitch funk glitch hop gloss drop goggles goldcat golden sun golgicore goluigi good good title goodbye world goose grasstown GRDN grindcore gritty groove groove metal groovy grumbly grunty guitar guys and dolls gypsy hackist haha what hail stan halal half time halloween hang happy happy hardcore hard boiled hard rock hard swing hardcore hardpans hardstyle harmonica harp harsh harsh noise hatching haunted hawt hax hazy headscratch heavy hero sandwich heterogeneous hexture hey arnold! hidden cat hip hop hiragana hissy hocket holy justice homage homemade homogeneous honk hooah horror humor hurts hypnotic i get it i IV I IV I IV ice cream ice dungeon iconic identifying wood identity crisis ideogrammatical idiomatic idm ii V I ilkae impending punch imperative imperial impressionist impressionistic improv impulse tracker incessant incremental indistinct industrial inexplicable informative inorganic insect penis inspector gadget intense intermission interrobangin' intro invalid ionian ipicore ireland ireland reprise iridescent irony isometric IT iv I j-pop james brown jangler jangler lives jazz jazz funk jazz fusion jazz waltz jazzy jerk punk jingly joke music jonny greenwood jp folk song jpeg jrpg jungle keffchords keyboard keygen kf kfaraday kfaradaycore kirby klasky knife knife knife knightcore KNOWER la labyrinthine lactaid laid-back lame large chords latin latin jazz lawn mower le gibet legit remix lens flare level music lewd library music lies linuxisbetter liveplay lo-fi loli power lonely long look around you loop loop points loopback loops loopy lopunny lost meep lotta faves loud lounge lovecraftian lovely LSDJ lsdj-core lullaby luney lurching lurchy lush lusty canadian lydian lyrical m4a mad madness magical maj7 majestic malware manic marimba mario mario kart mario paint martial massive cart master class math pop math rock maybe haunted maze mazey me!!! mean mechwarrior 2 medieval meditative meep jeepers mega vibrato megaman melancholy mellotron mellow melodic scribble melodica meme menacing meow meshuggah messy meta metacover metal metallic meteor shower methodical metric modulo metroid michucore microhouse microtonal midi midimitation milky milky black milky white milkytracker minimal minimalism minimalist minor miroirs mitroid mixed meter modulations moe monaural monochrome monophonic monsoon season MOO DOOM moody moon simulator moonside moral eclipse mother mother 3 mother brain motivic motorway moviemovies food mp4 muddy multisong munt murky music music box musical chairs musical theatre musique concrete muted mystery meter mystifying N163 narrative needle in space nefarious negative space neither nes wildchip never forget next level nile no lmao no tags noise noisy non-sequitur noodle norrin_radd not a game not a tracker not ascii not cool not cyborg not mspaint not really chip not short not swing not wildmidi now with swing nsfplus_classic nu jazz nullcore numerology nursery rhymes nutcracker occult octave bass odd time odyssey offbeat oil pastel oldschool omega ominous oops opinions opl2 opl3 stereo optimistic orbital orchestra hits orchestral ostinato otherworld music otp ouch ow pad pads pagan pain painful painwave palindrome pan flute panhandling panning pans papyrus paralellism parallelism particle fx pastiche patriotic patterntranspose pazu PB peanuts pedal point pen pencil penis pentatonic perfect 35 perfect 5 periodic noise perspective petscii phaser phaser1 phillip glass photo photograph photosmash phryg dom phrygian piano piano arps piano bends piano clouds piano strums picardy third piercing pikachu piksel pirates pit trap pitch slides pixies pizzicato plagarism plagarism-core platformer player daemon pleonastic plinky plucky plum pop plunderphonics png poetry pokémon pokemon pokemon rby pokey polka polvo polyphonic polyrhythmic polyrhythms pop pop rock pope'd portamento post-rock post-svetcore potent power chords power rangers powerpoint practice preachy Press the butt presto pretty pringle pringlecore professional prog prog metal prog pop prog rock proggy progressive psychedelic psychic assault psychotic break ptnoise pull over pulsing pun punchy punk rock punny pxtone quarter tone quarts questionable questy quiet quiet storm quite popular quoted R&B R&B ragtime rainbow rainwarrian chan ralts rap rap metal rated m rave real good real sequence red herring reeverb reggae reggaeton reharmonization relaxed relentless relevant relief renoise repeatistcore reso filter resonant retrigger retro reverb reverse rhodes rickroll ries rigged ringertone rip jangler rip tobikomi ritardando ritual roar rock roguelike rotary rpg rubato rude rulebreaker rulzok rumble rumbly s3m sa2b sacred geometry Sad. salsa salt satire save star savestate sax saxophone scalar scatological scottish scrambled screamy seahorse seal secret of mana secrets seesaw sega seizure self-insert self-portrait sequential Serious seventh chords sevenths sexual jealousy sfx sgen shaky shimmering shimmery shit shnabubula shock value shoegaze shopper short shorts shounen shred shriek shuffle shy sid lead SID snare sidechain sidechains sidescrolling SIDstyle sigma chip silhouette silly sine siney sinister siren song skrillex slap bass slapback slime slippery slow slowvotecore sludge sludge arps sludge metal sludgestep sm64 smash smb smb3 smeagol smooth smooth jazz smw snare snare rolls snes snessy snoop dogg snowman sociology sociopathy solemn solo solos son cubano sonata form song of storms soothing sorcery sound bites sound collage soundscape soundtrack sous rature space space opera space station spacey sparse speakeasy species wars speech synth speech synthesis speed 1 speedcore speling spicy spinaround splashy splashy reverb spoken word spooky sports springbok sprinkly spyro square squealy ST-XX staccato starcraft II steady steam kittens steel drums stereo sticky stiff stinger stock chords stockholm stompy storytime strobestyle strong potion strum stumblebeats sub-bass subcharacter ren subliminal subluminal subtle subtly morbid subway sunglasses sunset sunsoft bass sunvox supersaw surcmer chip surf rock surprise surprise dubstep surreal surround sus sus4 suspended suspension svetcore svetstyle sweeps sweet swift swing swirly symmetrical syncopated syncopation syndrome synth toms tag tag cloud tagless taglesscore take eleven tally marks tango tarkus team jaemie tech demo techno teineigo telephone teletubby tempo tempo change tempo loop tempo tempest tense terrible terrifying tessellation textural texture that snare that's it the callout the descent the reeds the trite runner thematic there's the drop these tags suck thick thinking plague third reich thrash thrash pop threatening three bar phrase through-composed THX tia timbral timpani timpanis tiny titties tl;dr tone clusters tonic-dominant tool-assisted torch song tortoisecore touhou toy story tracker funk tragedy trance transhumanism transpose transpose kit transposecore trap tremolo picking tremor triangle arps triangle lead trigonometry trills trip-hop tritones triumphant true effort trumpet ttyd tumbler tumbly tunak tuplets TWANKS! twinkly twitchy ufo ugly ultima unanimous uncanny unce UNdefeatistcore undergarments underwater unfair unh unicore unmarketable unnerving unsettling urban v. good vaperwave vaporwarewave vegan agenda venus vermillion city vertiginous vertigous very fakebit vgm vibraphone vibrate vibrato victorious vignettes violence violin virt visual novel vl-1 vocal sample vocal samples vocaloid vocals vocoder vrc6 VRC7 wafflecone wafflecore wah waldo walking bass walt disney waltercolor waltz wank warm warning water watermark wav waves web clip empire weebfunk weird weird percussion western what whatamilookingat whatever whimper whoa whole tone whole tones wholetone why wibbly wife drawing wigglytuff wild wink winter beard wip wish techno witchcraft wnED wob wobbly wolfmother woo woodblock woofer worms wow wow calm down wubfest wubs xmas yanni yep it's wood yeti yoshi's story yu-gi-oh zan palette zanny zarathustra zebra zelda whistle zoloft 2 Zxx

Tags Received

`3` :ok_hand: :P .it .xm ( *oo*) (that's it) >:V( )E <marquee> 1-bit 15/8 2 24k 24kb 25/8 2A03 2zool4skool 43/8 4k 5/4 7-11 7/4 8kb accelerando accordion action acid adlib adlib-ish adventure time ランプ airy alien invasion all 7s allmy7s amigamod angle animal animals Arp Bears arpfest arps art artsy fartsy atmospheric atonal autumn avant-garde AY B sharp major b13 baron bass battery battery acid battle music battle theme bbsong be beach beard beardful beat beats beeperstyle big hat birds bitcrush bknox blim blom blipp blow blues bluesy blum boat boinc booty bossa nova brad-o-tron breadful bungle bussy buzzertime c-jeff industrie C00 c64 caev stroy calm caps captainbeardful captainbreadful casio Casio MA-130 cat cave cave story chairface chariot chase&status chill chip champion chips chipstyle choir chrome classy claude debussy clik_clik coach buzzcut cockin cod codist coffee comic coming out conspiracy controller conversioncore Cool cool timings cool waveform cosine cover crash bandicoot creepee creepy creepy pasta creepy-crawly crunk beats cute dagmario damn dank dank booty sweat dark dat nose Dave daveservice deaf deer defeatistcore delay delightful descriptioncore distortion dodeedo doink dope dorian mode down tempo downsample dr. subotnik dragon drinking drone drugs are bad mk drunk ducks duk soz eardrum bonfire earthboundcore educational end this comic engine exotic scales face facewithtongue falling Fasttracker fat bass FauxModulation fawnk FDS fight final fantasy fire fisticuffs flies fluorescent FM foal empire fonk freeformjazzcore french frog frog prog ftm fun funk funky funny_joek funx fuzzy buzz gba genderswap get out gif glitch glitchy goblin gold for gameboy goldeneye 007 good good loop good title grass grind gritty groovy guitar gyms tribute hacks haiku happy hardpanbrello hardpans harmonics hat hatbeard hawt hax haxpaint head head in jar high_council highway hobbits horror hotel mario house hyper pan ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i'm dying ignore the bars II industrial inpujcore insanity intriguing introspective iridescent it it's so cute jake jam jamaica janglboops jangle waltz janglecore jangler jangler had a Jangler is back! jangler jingle janglerine dream janglevania jangly jangy jangy weckl jar jarre jazz jazzy jingle jangles jinglejangle juggalo kart jumpy kawaii torture keffiecore key jazz kfaraday kfaradaycore Knuckles on crac KONAMI STYLE kracks cnuckles Kulor laser lavender town leady legend of inchy literal-river-of little atonality live tracking liveplay lofi long pause longoggislong looking loopist ending loopy LotRcore love lunar magic major second mario paint mauver mediumpans mellow meow metal meteors meters metric miau microtonal midi mixolydian mml moar mod mod8k modulo monster moody moonvox more love mountains mp3 multis my friend mysterious mystery mystic mystic space orb narrative NES nice nintendo no time Nobuo Uematsu noise noisy nom? noodler nose nostalgic-ish not 4 not clever not janglercore not that bad nsf odd odd times of my swamp of the closet ogg ogg vorbis oh no ohb ohc opl2 oregon trail organ otp outrospective overdriven owl paddle pans pansexuality panwave paper mario paperboyintrlude Parry Hotter percussive perfect 35 persons phaser1 phat piña colada pitchshift pixel pixelart plane playful png poem poetry pokemon polyrhythms pompadour pony poor little guy pop PornHub ppmck prog rock proggy progressive punching trees punchy purple rad rad gravity radical rainwarrian chan real music! relaxing reznor rip stumpclip robot robreareadeaed rock n roll rocket rolls romantic RUMBLE s s3m sad NES in snow samba sample 4 Saruman savestate sci-fi scifi screwy drummins SECRET WATERBASE serious poop gro sexmodit shell sho shoes short should shuffle sick sid silent silly sine sinecore sines singing ska sled slick slippery smooth smooth jangle snail snake snap_crackle sneakers snes snoozing snowboarding snowman Sonic Knuckles soothing soundchip space spammagnet speed 255 spider splode spooky spooky end stained_glass star wars staring stars stepmaniacore stew strange strobe strobecore stumbly sudden end Summer Card III sun sunshine surf sussybutt svetcore swing swingy sword swording synthy tall hat tall hat parade tangent technical tempo change tempogypsycore thin this guy threatening time sigcore time signature time sigs timings tincan tiny toki toots triangular_ruler tricky trigonometry trilling twank you twelve tone txt used variety hour veritably vgp viking vim editor vocals voice mixing voice over VRC6 vrc7 wad waffle wafflecone wafflecore walking warm-ish warrior waugh wave-ish wc7 weather report weird weirdy what is this wheres walbo whole tone wholetone whoopsie why ogg why wii sports wildchip entry wizard wobbly woodwind worms Wow wtf xm xmsnes YEP you're helcome zanzan zap zelda zip zoom ZX Spectrum zxbeep