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First of all : Avatar is not me.

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post #48960 :: 2014.10.24 12:35pm :: edit 2014.10.25 1:38am
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Guitar player from France , i love cheese, wine,frogs and snails : )
Glad to have found a nice
place to listen and share my favorite music.I use Famitracker and LSDJ , started playing around with Open MPT
That will do for my profile for now i guess.

By the way, this site is WTF-LAND, the whole crew of MONTY PYTHON messin' with my brain . Do i need a Ph.d ?
Day 1edit:overreaction,Gettin'used to it, it's just a chiptune song morphed into a website.makes sense now.
See you around
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post #48962 :: 2014.10.24 1:09pm
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well hello there :o
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post #48963 :: 2014.10.24 2:36pm
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where you goin with that gun in yo hand?
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post #48965 :: 2014.10.24 3:23pm :: edit 2014.10.24 3:31pm
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Hi, mega9man
goin' to the bank, need a new PC : )
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post #48985 :: 2014.10.25 6:01am
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wow wtf-land

i live in wtf-land!!!!

helo ^o^
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post #48988 :: 2014.10.25 11:22am :: edit 2014.10.25 11:55am
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Oh yeah, we all do,
do you like the view ?
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post #48994 :: 2014.10.25 1:30pm
did you shoot your old lady down?
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post #48995 :: 2014.10.25 1:43pm :: edit 2014.10.25 1:45pm
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not yet, she's a good cook,
me like food,me like woman cook food
if she mess up my pasta , then retaliation will be (be or take ?why french isn't the main language..) in effect
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post #49009 :: 2014.10.25 7:17pm
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Hey Joe!
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post #49131 :: 2014.10.30 10:35am :: edit 2014.10.30 10:36am
jumpy mouse accidentally clicked the save comment button!!! :o
well time to put something relevant in here.. uhh.. uhhh..
...i don't know sorry :(
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post #49134 :: 2014.10.30 12:05pm :: edit 2014.10.30 12:06pm
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It's allright , i was expecting a cock joke, but that's goluigi's buisness.
I'm gonna say your face makes me think of a character from an 80's french TV show .He's got eyebrows too ! scroll down a little.

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post #53087 :: 2015.02.08 2:28pm
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the jintake of france
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post #53687 :: 2015.02.17 1:19am :: edit 2015.02.17 2:04am
@ Beard : before i go deeper,
being "the" jintake of france is related to what .... ?
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post #53694 :: 2015.02.17 4:44am
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i think heyjoe07 is actually just the heyjoe07 of france !!!!!

i have never seen heyjoe07 commit sudoku or use google translate to save his laifu!

http://i.imgur.com/H41C3jo.png yes.....and he is from wtf land and not japan lice fierds!!!
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post #53904 :: 2015.02.22 4:43am :: edit 2015.02.22 11:55am
Thanks goluigi,appreciate the post and,i'll use your avant-garde work as soon as the world is ready.

Regarding your post Beard, the way you formulated your post is downright arrogant and demeaning for JINTAKE and me, is that supposed to be funny or self satisfying to greet people calling them stupid without knowing shit ?on top of that, you really think taking the whole community here as a "witness" to some foreigner's stupidity and illiteracy will give you some kind of pat on the back ?!

So keep your arrogance to yourself , i'm a man of peace but i despise BS and intellectual laziness i've never been welcomed this way on any forum.
EDIT: hope this is a misunderstanding
Level 28 Chipist
post #54001 :: 2015.02.22 6:36pm
hehehe, heyjoe07, beard's cool, it's a joke and he's just joking around! jintake is a cool guy and you're a cool guy (i would be honoured if someone compared me to jintake haha he's a legend~~~~)
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post #54009 :: 2015.02.22 7:09pm
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hey heyjoe07, i assure you that i did not mean to offend you with my post and i will now list why.

my tone comes off very blunt and brief oftentimes -- such is how i speak. for a declaration as simple as that, i didn't go into deep detail. at the time, because i found your vintage-looking avatar and adoration/satire for your country's culture ("i like cheese, wine, frogs and snails") equivalent to something jintake would have done. consequently, it made me think of you being similar to jintake, nevertheless french.

this isn't a bad thing! jintake is a really nice dude from japan who likes to reference his culture in humor at times. (commiting sudoku, for example) initially i perceived you similarly, but that was never meant call you senseless, nor unschooled - i just compared to you a user who behaves likewise to you! you can label that arrogant if you still believe so, but neither correct would be pulling a paragraph's worth of complaints from four words i typed. i, however, apologize if the quip offended you and came off as demeaning -- i truthfully would never purposefully place contempt upon someone based on where they came from. jintake's cool, you're cool, hopefully you can see me as cool sometime. also hopeful that my counter-argument to this will explain things nicely and there will be no grudge.

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post #54015 :: 2015.02.22 9:26pm :: edit 2015.02.23 6:07am
  Beard liēkd this
Oh man...I'm really sorry,
i think i've been glitched !
so this is a misunderstanding, i guess the language differences and perception has gotten me here......it's hard to tell for a non english speaking person sometimes, so my apologies for the " latin" fueled answer.Too much freakin' frogs for sure.

Really appreciate your calm, elaborate answer Beard since you didn't have to in the first place ,didn't expect that,got it now, no grudge at all,no drama, this is all good, cue to ..... http://www.westcoast.dk/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/lm2.jpg
Cheers : )
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post #54016 :: 2015.02.22 9:45pm
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dōmo heyjoe07
i love sashimi, sake, frogs and octopus :D
Level 17 Chipist
post #57270 :: 2015.05.19 4:37pm
10/10 octopus and sake, count me in!!
i'll bring the clumpy along (and some cheese, just for pun's sake)
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post #60140 :: 2015.09.22 1:41am
hey joe how have u been ????
Level 29 Chipist
post #73430 :: 2016.10.24 9:13am
hey joe !! happy burfday ^____^

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