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Hello, I'm Galgox. After lurking for a while, I've decided to make an account and (hopefully) get involved.

I've been making music since early 2017. MilkyTracker is my preferred means of creating music, but I'm interested in learning other trackers.

I'm a little shy, but I want to make new friends. Here's my Discord:


Some links:

Mod Archive:


Anybody here play Melee/Project M netplay? hmu on Discord and let's play! (South Central USA preferred)
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post #90858 :: 2017.09.28 9:49pm
hi helo welcome to botb! looking forward to see you in a compo :D i gave you a b00n! :3
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post #90860 :: 2017.09.29 1:37am
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Greetings !

I look forward to hear music for you. Good luck and feel at home on BotB ヾ(^∇^)
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post #90867 :: 2017.09.29 10:12am
  Savestate liēkd this
welcome \o/
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post #90872 :: 2017.09.29 4:31pm :: edit 2017.09.29 4:31pm
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Thank you for the warm greetings! ^^
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post #91304 :: 2017.10.15 5:42am
i play laggy project m online on the wii :D idk if that's what you use :c BUT hit me up on discord when you are up to play ViLXDRYAD#0302 :'D
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post #92015 :: 2017.11.10 4:19am :: edit 2017.11.10 4:23am
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Hello, and damn, what a cute avatar ^~^
Just browsed your SC, and man, if you've been only composing music for less than a year so far (i assume all of those tracks are originals) I honestly don't know what to say, and it only makes me feel even more defeatist noob than ever, given the fact i've been toying with this stuff few times longer (but i might be way less dedicated to it, idk), keep it up!

Also I mostly play Worms Armageddon and (rarely) Xonotic as far as online gaming is concerned, but if that's also your cup of tea feel free to join #worms on Espernet, so we can organize a match or two

Also yes, add me on discord, why not! There should be ID on my BotB profile
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post #92077 :: 2017.11.12 9:34am
hey, man! i wanted to reply to what you did posted on my profile, it made me real happy to see that i feel similarly to you x3 despite we have been talking for not much time ago i can already see you are a very cool and good hearted person =' 3 i am truly thankful to have got to know you! = D even though you had not posted on my wall, i would have feel the same needing of telling you this x3 keep rockin' Galgox! =' D
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post #92103 :: 2017.11.13 9:46am
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BotB, the most wholesome battlefield on the interwebz!

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