Galak Sea
Level 16 Pixelist   
Tags Given

[[[angery]]] [ZENITH.XM] 0:36 111111111 2012 5B 5th grade 65436 7 7 - 1 bro 7049 A major A minor A new record! actual 90's actual music adnvance cosmos ADVANCECOMMUNISM alarm alarmcore all we get allons enfants alrightcore amen anime anticipationcore aprende argentinaChip aria arm pilosity armored machine arpeggiomania arpeggios arps hell yes Aseprite atmospheric autofavorite avatarcore B major bad dog bad tenisers bam bam bam barefoot Bb major beautiful beepbox beepy birds birdy bowlcore bread bread.gif britain bronze equinox burritos C major C minor C# major C# minor canadacore cheery chickencore china Chiptune chopincore chord progressio chromaticore circus circuscore classical clean clock cojones cold commentGlitch computer generat counterpoint cow cpu killer creepy islets creepyspaghetti cute D major D minor D&D damn you fod Darkness Db major deadcore deafcore debussycore decentcore defeatistcore deflemask descriptioncore DK dogcore don't slip done in time drumy dungeon 🅱️ 🐄 E minor ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ear-rapish Eb dorian Eb major echo effort eggman enclosurecore españa español exorcism experimental F major F# minor facecore fake filmesque first fl studio fodcore forest fresh friendcore fuck fun funk funky funky egg funute doesn't G minor G# minor ghost gL1tc#y 4F glitch goosecore haAAA - PUSH happysadcore harpsichord hello high fanta sea hiroshima Hitoshi hopeless romanti hypnotoad I AM XASER I see wt u did t i'm deaf now imported Incredible indian innocent intricate it's a trap! japancore jazzy john cage keffchords keygen kirbycore laplace transfor lawl lazy leads! leady learning liveplay lofi longcatislong longcore loopy loopycore low lead luigi won luxraycore lyrics m9m m9mcore méjico mario matrix medieval melancolie meow? meowcore merkelcore messy metal opera mew microtonal midi milky milky is good milky is great milkytracker milkytracker! minerscalecore minimal minimalist mixing chips mixing doritos mod mod's the best moogbooxle moon is cheese moonvox MPT DOESNT RUN O mpt is awful mptm murder mutant bass mystery dungeon nagazaki NERDCORE NERDS ninjacore no it isn't no velocity nodescriptioncor noooo chipart not a fugue not anime not eww not sad not vivaldi not waltz ntrq OpenMPT SUCKZZZ orchestra order in chaos ornaments ost out of tune pads panda sucks panning pant lab pencil penetration peniscore phase phD photo pig party pigcore piggy orgy pokemon polar bears post-kefcore progress punishment pxtone qualitycore quiet lead quiet rain quorblecore racing car radical random chiptune razerek? real realInstruments reason renoise reverb rgby riding a yoshi rock rose rpg run forest run russia sadcore Sakimoto samplecore sawy seasick shooting star short shortpants show mercy shut up sincxcore slap bass snes-related snibaby song sonic sorcery soundscape space speedcore spoopy springy stabby steampunk stew me somethin stewcore street art strobecore studio submit allgear sunrise sunvox surprise switzerland tagcore tense tfm thank you the beatles the matrix there's a flute thingiverse third reich TITLECORE tobikomicore too many touhou tree triangle bass triangles troll tropical turn into format turrican unextended unreal superhero vip vivaldi vive la france vomitorium waltz was it on purpos weed welcome windows words yeeeeeaaaaaaooou yep zelda zzzzzz