Level 24 Chipist   
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!disclaimer (͜ ͡ [ZENITH.XM] ] / \ & KNUCKLES 0.01% pulse wave 0cc 1 byte 11-8 time 112 12/8 15 minute battle 15_8 17-16 time 17:50 24k 29-16 time 2a03 2a03 classic 2street4me 4:20 4:20 blaze it 4:20 winner 5-4 time 5:12 5/4 56 5B 6\8 7-4 time 8============D 8bit shoop crap 9/8 a little pitchy acid aclmfan acmfancore activity music actual music adventurous ahx all 1s all 7s also djent-core ambient amen break anamanaguchi Angel Island animated anime anime letters apologistcore arpfest arps artremixcore asm chronicles asshole drunkard ♪ ♫♪ atmospheric atomic doge authorcore avant garden B O T B B-Tuning Back Stabbers baracore baseball based kefie Baycunish baycunleads beach beardcore beatboxer bee bees? big ass truck Billy Joel bird that birds tho blood on the dan blueballed boards of canada bookcore botbr BRAS DROIT brazil BRIDS butts by karac age 5 C00 c64 can we go thrift Capcom Style carries Cave Story caw censorshipcore chaotic chill chillgypsycore chords christ chrono trigger cis gender male classical cloaca clock market clubby coldsteelcore COLORS commandycan compact cookies and milk cool breeze corn cereal counterpoint counterweed cover crastination crazy bus crunchy CUMS HARD CUTE cutoffs da bomb daggerfall daleksamcore dat ass DE L'INTERDIT death defeatistcore delekdisscore demoscene descriptioncore deserved better digital disco disproportionate dissonant do you dog in cage dogcore doom doorbell dreamcore dreamy driving drunkore ds-10 DSi dubmood dungeon synth 🥪 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ earth is in spac earthbound educational effortlesscore eientei eight note einarcore elwood empathy EMPTY TRACKS EROGE BOUNCE even bench excuse me explicit facemelt fairy fakebit fakefakebit fds fearofdark FETISH fetish fetish fever dream ffftt fhqwhgads filters final fantasy first song fixed FL Studio flaminglogcore flaminglong flower FM FM percussion FoDcore fodfaraday footwerk foxcore freeformjazzcore frogstep? ft FUCK fuck california fuck milk Fuck the Cheng FUCK! funky funny future bass Future Symphonic fx5 gabe gameboy gaster gay Get Dizzy ghetto beatz glitch hax glitchcore glitchy goat gocore godhatesamerica gold golden sun golgi no golgi stop golgicore gorewave gourmet race graacore GRAND DAD green metal groove grunge guitit guitsr gyms gyms beca me 12 hackist half sociopathy hand drawn HARDPANS hardware hardware slut harpsichord hax heavy hello hey :) hey macklemore historical hooper hopelessromantic horrorcore hotline miami how indeed i do impressive Incredible indiacore INDIANA JONES inferior limb instant classic is this chiptune it it does exist jaco pastorius jazzy jazzy latin mush jet travolta jk he's good Johnny B. Doge johnny b. goode jrpg just kill him keffiecore key change keygen kfaraday kfaraday moaning kfaradaycore kfcore kfodadark Kirby kommicore korg ds10 kungfufurbycore kurt vonnegut lame last lawnmowercore leady leekspin LEFT ARM liecore link's awakening liveplay longcatislong LONGCATISLOOOOOO look around you looncore loopy loud lounge ludo-cris Luigi Paint lullaby lyrical Magic mail over a malmencore Marie mario paint married masterful maybe mellow melody assistant meme steak meow metal metasong microtonal midi mixist MLG mml mmy man he a fan mod moe moody moog mootcore mother mother 3 motivational mr_rogerz_hood multichip music box musical labyrint my friend chris mystery mystic cave zone mystic geometry n163 namecore negative score negative space nendoroid nervouscore NEXT LEVEL NG nice as hell nice drop NIGCORE niggas nihilistcore no no DPCM no samples noise not a cover NOT AGAIN NOT BULLSHIT not clubby :| not._plrusekcore nsf nsf classic nsfw OF THE FORBIDDEN oh queso oldschool ONE One - Metallica ooct1 ooh a choir oompa OpenTTD opus orch hits rule original original film overworld painting PANS pantsplosion parallel arps party pathetique Pe Noise penis penoise perfect 35 perfect zero pharrel williams phonecore photography piano pitched drums plagiarism plrusek-core polaroid polyrhythms possibly praise white jes probably professional prog progressive puke screams purple drank python script racist rainy random notes rap raspberry pi really good renaissance? repetitive resub reverbcore RigidatoMScore rip Jan rip jsr robotcore rock organ rollercoaster ronaldocore runescape rushgypsycore rushjet1 S3&K Sad. satanic savestate savory guitar score 1679 SCP scripted see u mkstar26 senis shemotion shit now what shitting ice shopping short shortcatisshort SHOTS FIRED shoulda won shuffle Sid. Sierpinski silver surfer SimCity 1995 skull swan sleepcore sleepy azuracore slow small gap SMB3WorldMap3 smokeweederreday smooth sms SNES RPG snoopcore so good sociopathy song of storms sounds ok spacecore speedcore spice and wolf spiderman spiral power spookgypsycore SPRING TRAX ZONE SQENQ square lead stage select STFU GOLUIGI stopcore storycore strobecore sun sunsoft bass sunvox super metroid svetlanacore swag sweepy sweet synth synthy team germany tempo changes tempogypsycore terrorism testcore tetriscore tff the end theme of cirno themesong thick Thomas thomas the time sigs time-sig wankery titlecore tl;dv to renoise totemic touhou tq-jamcore treausre troll entry tropical twenty-nine two eight notes two kids uhhhhh ULTRA rare UN Owen was Cry? underrated us vaporwave variety hour vector graphics very good vgm vocals Volume F vortex voxcore vrc6 vrc7 VVVVVV water weather report weeb weed chorus welpcore why wii shop channel wild WING witchcraft wombcore wood work of art worth it Xasercore xdlolcore XGONGIVEITTOYA XMSNES yearofmidi yes yoda YTPMV+ Zalza zodiac

Tags Received

<3 #yiki 0cc 1-bit 12 string 16:15 17:50 24k 2A03 2a03 clasicc 5 songs 5/4 5b 6/8 abstract adventure チップ alien all the barries america analog animated anime anime letters anthem apocalypse ARF arpfest arps art atonal audacity barbershop baroque Barry Knoxburry Barry Manilow Barry White basscore battle beach beat bell best pun big hot dog BLAME CANADA blippy bodybuilding boring Boss Battle bouncy bowie bridge cake calm canadian orgasm castlevania cat catchy changes charming cheerful chicken chipstyle chiptune choo choo chorale CHORDS christmas gifs clam classical cloaca clock clubby codalead collage commercial computer cornputer counterpoint courtly crispy chips cunt cutscene D&D da bomb dance danger dark pants david wisecore deep purple defeatistcore deflemask descending descriptioncore descriptoncore deserved better detailed devastation digiart dire_dire_cocks dire_dire_dicks donk donkcore doodle driving dutch colors DVD HOME THEATER echo el ballad Eminem ending theme energic epic ERROR eurobeat eurodance everything major everything minor evolving expansioncore explicit famicompo entry fashwave FCM10 entry fds field Fighting Game flamemotive flamin' gloggy flaminglogcore flaminglong flipflop flower flutter fm font fox frat pirate frozen Frozen Cocks Frozen Dicks frozen ducks ftm fuga funky fuyu chippu kyuu game of thrones gameboy gauge Genesis gif gold leaf good good grief gothic graffiti grass groovy guage hand drawn happy happy get hardcore harmonious harpsichord hax hellscape heroic holy its lon hopeful romantic iCrash illustration impressive inferno ink inspiration intermission jam japanese jazzy waltz jumpy landscape leady lighthearted liveplay loading locks lofi logarithmic logcatislog lolituma lonely long longcatislong loopy losetotildecore LOUD love low_rez lullaby lute mad_flow march mario galaxy mario paint me too Megadrive megaman meideval melodic meow merienda metal metasong mewtwo midi Military minialbum mmc5 mmc6 mod module moody moon runes mootbouxle motbox movements mp3 mspaint multichip multichipgarbage musical piece mysterious n163 NES nessy nice nihilistcore nine nine inch tails ninja gaiden noooo chipart nsf ocean ohb okami oldschoolmetal one sample opening theme opus orchestral OVERDESCRIPTIONC pachelbel paino parts pause peaceful pee person phaser1 piano picnic piratecore pitched claps plot twist polka disco pollen pony pressure pun puncore queen quiet backing R radiohead rainbew rainbow RDRR read the descrip really good relaxing renaissance? rip rip jsr rock rock opera rollercoaster romantic ronaldocore ROOF rose rpg rude awakening runny russia Sad. seasons Sega sepia tone shanty shitting ice short short but not so shortandlong shortcatisshort shortdogisshort shredding shrew silly sim city simple slam slimeballcore snake snakes snow snowy snowy somber song song 179 SOUND SYSTEM soundtrack space clam space invaders space shooter speedy Sping Jocko Sping Jocks stage rock summer swatch sweep synthy tagbeg tape recorder tears tension texturecore thank you golgi the only song yo THEME OF RUSSIA timewaits4noman timpanis tincan titlecore tl;dv touhou tracks traditional train TRAINS FETISH trending trends TV twoarmedman txt underdog unsettling upbeat uplifting variety_hour vgm VIOLENCE vmg vocal vocal mixing vocals voice mixing vox VRC6 vrc6+mmc5+fds vrc7 wait a minute water wild worth it wrong category Xd XDDDD xm zelda ii ZUN zx zx beeper ZX Spectrum zxspin echo