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post #74226 :: 2016.11.22 7:07am
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youre a kfaraday of swissland
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post #74248 :: 2016.11.23 7:06am
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Swissland, Swedenland, it's all good.

Also, hello!
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post #74252 :: 2016.11.23 8:35am
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The polish flag is like the swiss flag except the cross melted and the gravity is inverted
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post #75876 :: 2016.12.31 9:35am
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[18:05:32] <Yuki-chan> @seen Dezolis
[18:05:32] <ayumi> [Wed Nov 16 22:41:33 2016] Dezolis was last seen in #botb saying 'lmao'
[18:05:39] <Yuki-chan> @seen *!*@*.ch
[18:05:39] <ayumi> I have never seen "*!*@*.ch" before!
[18:05:44] <Yuki-chan> @seen *
[18:05:45] <ayumi> I have never seen "*" before!
[18:06:03] <Yuki-chan> @seen Sopia
[18:06:03] <ayumi> [Wed Oct 12 13:33:08 2016] Sopia was last seen in #botb saying 'the game obviously takes place in one giant kitchen'
[18:06:09] <Yuki-chan> @seen Schallwelle
[18:06:09] <ayumi> [Tue Nov 22 23:24:11 2016] Schallwelle was last seen in #botb saying 'that's so 2000 nice haha'

( `ー´)
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post #75907 :: 2017.01.01 9:31am
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Why would you silently and quietly haeit somebody who misses you?!?!?

I guess that makes you tsundere~
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post #76168 :: 2017.01.04 5:28pm
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y0, dude. bro2bro. lay off on the snarky shit with people who don't like you for a while. it's not helping your case that some of them happen to be admins.

don't want you making a dumbshit mistake that people (and you) may regret. you're better than this.
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post #76170 :: 2017.01.04 5:35pm
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Ok =O
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post #76521 :: 2017.01.09 2:40pm :: edit 2017.01.09 3:20pm
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Don't take it too personally. Even some admins (and their close friends) make dumbshit mistakes! Except they're allowed to. :P

Although I admit that sometimes it's quite hard for me to resist lowering to their level... and beyond....

Talking to cool people like me might help you avoid repeating the very same unspeakable crimes that may or may not end up in you being hung, drawn and quartered!

Somewhere along the line BotB has turned from a chill chiptune community to a refuge for those who are easily hurt and low on willpower. Things are not exactly what they used to be, and probably won't be. If you must be ruthless, be ruthless to yourself! Or be ruthless to me~

Chill, relaxed and balanced people tend to have a life and not be very active, so over time, online communities tend to slowly degenerate into dramaholes full of circlejerk and butthurt.

People who don't have a purpose in their life tend to stay online most of their free time, and presence nets influence and popularity! It is the way of life~

And perhaps it is God's perfectly just way of telling us that we never should hang in the same place for too long, and never go anywhere else. He sure didn't intend us to sit on our butts. No! For we must go outside, spread His holy word, and provide for the next generation.

Reflect upon my words, my sweet darling Schallwelle. This is Reverend Slimeball, signing off~
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post #76530 :: 2017.01.09 3:57pm
that wasn't very nice either!
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post #76690 :: 2017.01.13 7:17am
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You're not the only one judging what is nice or not o_O Your style of moderation isn't nice either in my opinion! That's not snarky now, that's just honest. I hope it is still allowed to be honest =) I won't even join the channel anymore, i've had enough. In my opinion, You are being manipulated and used for others' gain, that's what is happening! You are cordially invited to keep that circlejerk and kick us "bad boys" out when we join. I for one truly have better things to do than sit in an irc channel where every single word is put on a golden scale and i cannot be myself anymore because i would be kickbanned instantly. If these guys can't even take non-pc jokes then i have no business there - simple as that! And You shouldn't actually defend their weak backbone _unless_ You feel triggered by my stupid jokes as well. Which i don't think is true. I think You're pretty ok as a person after all, so have a nice day =)
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post #76691 :: 2017.01.13 7:27am :: edit 2017.01.13 7:45am
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BotB turned into a SJW haven.

Don't think that's the best option.
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post #76710 :: 2017.01.13 1:23pm
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Glad you are expressing your feelings and all. I have a BNC where my messages are logged. Willing to chat with anybody as long as it deters teenage dramabait.

Regarding moderation and administration; one can't think singularly; as this is not my site.
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post #77350 :: 2017.01.27 7:30am
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XD maaan that's rad that you stumbled across that, and no worries about the full names or anything. It is on the net after all, and I have my full name in my facebook as well as credits for some of my videos. I was never really satisfied with our sound, but you can find the demos we made all on our bandcamp at Also I may be starting some new death metal project soon with my friend who is an amazing death metal drummer... we'll see, lol.

Thanks for that, you made me feel like a special little girl today. Kill with power, my friend.
Level 28 Renderist
post #78619 :: 2017.02.17 4:56am
Every foreigner knows and talks about Geert Wilders nowadays!

Little do they know or care about Sylvana Simons. That's a dangerous character I tell you. :(
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post #79259 :: 2017.02.25 7:51am
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The hatred towards Zwarte Piet continues >:C
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post #81797 :: 2017.03.31 8:38am
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red usually means positive

switzerland is red and has a plus sign on it

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post #88921 :: 2017.08.07 12:24pm
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isn't Dezolis a planet on the phantasy star series?
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post #88925 :: 2017.08.07 12:58pm
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Level 22 Pedagogist
post #88938 :: 2017.08.07 5:52pm
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Dezolis is apparently a kitten
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post #92156 :: 2017.11.15 5:00am
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wow burfs
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post #92157 :: 2017.11.15 7:16am
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Level 22 Pedagogist
post #92159 :: 2017.11.15 8:04am
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happy coolday! :D
Level 14 Chipist
post #92175 :: 2017.11.15 8:38pm
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