Level 18 Chipist   
Tags Given

:V ... [final.score] #1 2hu 3 3d 420blazeit 420bounceit 50hz 56 7 8=======D 8bit poop crap A abrupt ending accurate name actually c64 actuallysinelead adventure alarm alarming all n00bz ambient anime animu arp free arpfest arps atari ball beatcore bedtimecore BEE bee movie best blue_ball bounce bounced bouncy breakcore brucecore buggy bullshit fallacy buzz c hip c64 cancore catchy cel shading chip's challenge codist conversioncore CoolCoolMountain cursed cyberdemon d34dcore dat bass deafcore defeatistcore defectmask deflemask delet this deltarune demo demoscene descriptioncore deved was here devedcore devsound diabeetus dinglecore djmaximumcore DMCAcore dmg doot drumcore duty 🅱️ 🅱️ot🅱️ 🤔 e E for Effort effort effortcore epilepsycore expand dong fakeout opening fifths FIRST!!! follin follincore funk funky game boy game boy music GAME BOYYYYYYYYY gay gb gba gimp glitch goatse GRAND DAD happy hello world here we go again hidden message him? honk HOOOOOONK hotpocket music in insomniacore intro invite is very game ishcore it's ya boy its hip to fuc jump scare k bees kablooeyman karma studios kefcore kek kekcore keygen latistcore lazy legit hax lettercore limkin park ass limkincore longcatislong loopy LOUD mario paint midi entry milhouse milkytracker btr mp3 to midi ms paint n00b nice meme noisy noob not a gam not a game not actually c64 Not again not amiga NOT COMMODORE 64 noteslidecore Nug nyan cat oh cmon oldskool ow my bones ow the edge PAL pandavovacore pegmodecore penis perfect 30 perfect 35 petscii praize jeebus pwm quality qualitycore r e s l u t s r/LegalAdvice rai raicore ralsei raycasting real bytebeat rebound retro ringmod scientology scroller scrubcore seinfeld seizure warning shit in pants shmup short sid sidsidsid sidwiz simple sine lead slow arps sms sociopathy sourcecore spike clipping SQUONK stolen strobecore succ sunsoft super mario 64 TAG WAAAAAARS tags amirite TAGS AREN'T TOYS tags CAN be toys tags r fum tags r overrated test the real winner theftcore thief thievery this is line 9 timesig change tiny TITAN TITAN SUX titlecore trance troll troll post turrican typocore unfinished usability vicosexual virtcore vrc7 WAKE the FUCK up what are scales which witch wil d WILD wingdings winne winner wirecore wub y u no tags ya like jazz zelda

Tags Received

19 0 a llama  yes I am ‪‪‪‪dad ‪‪‪not my ‪‪i want ur ‪i do what actually clever adventure alarm alarmcore alarming amiamemeyet AMIGA amigaaaaaaa AMIGAAAAAAAAAAAA AmiGameboy AmiGaymboy ampersand arcade arp free arpeggios arpfest arps atari ball ballin' bar bass basscore beat become fortunate blippy blue_ball blue_balled blues scale bonusgame boss fight bounce bouncy bouncy boy buzzy c64 c64ish c64ish embraceit calm cat catchy champion chill chip chipin10 chippy chipstyle cloudy cold collage commodore COMMODORE 64m ta computer cool breeze cracktro crazy arps cute daffy duckcore deafcore defeatistcore defectmask deflemask demo demo screen demo-ish demoscene demostyle detune detuned DMG DOS dreamy epic euro style Excellent extra fanfare faux c64 FIRST!!! fun funky game game boy GAME BOYYYYYYYYY gameboy gb groovy happy hardware render harmonies harppy hello son hi mom homage hotpocket music hyappy hype i tried jingle jump jump jump jump jump jump jumpy kablooeyman karma studios keygen laid-back lazy leady logo LONG loopy lovely mask of joy meme milky modern art moody more like sexed murphy's law n163 Namco wsg night nightmare Ninterdo no arps noise nostalgia nostalgia-ish not amiga not ascii NOT COMMODORE 64 NOT GAME BOY oldschool original overload paint paint tool sai pantcore photoshop platformer pretty pulse pyramid ragequit retro retro-ish rocknroll saw scroller sequel sequel² sequelsequel sfx sgen sharp shor short simple single channel SMS snappy sony soundchip space spectogram storytelling street sunset swing swinging swingy tiatracker tiny tired while subm tree treechip tri trianglelead underscores underwater upbeat variable framer8 variation vgm water water world wave waves WILD WOODY worms yes they are yuno taguzu