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^_^ :3 :U .rar * /\/\/\/\ <3 #staystrongzan #SuePerkinsRemix 1 bit 1 channel 11 12/8 12tone 14_speed 18 and legal 1bitstyle 1channel 20th century 20th_Century 2channel 2channels 3channels 3D 3osc 3rd time a charm 4_ur_bewbz_only 404 420 44kHz 4mat 50s 6 channel 666 8======D 8====D 808 80s 8bcore 8bpcore 8k 90s 90sPC aana aanaatune abrupt abstract acappella accordion acid acidhaus acidhausbuttech acoustic action actual music adlib adorable adult swim advertisement afrikza afro_databeat afro_hat afrobeat aggressive ah ahh ahhh ahhhh ahx algorithmic ali_baba alien aliengasm alternate_color ambient america amigastyle amurica anal grab analog ancient angry angrychip animal animals animated anime ankh annoycore ansi antmagic anus apathy ardcore arf arpfest arps ascii ass ass and titties ass blaster assault assault_hat astro_blips atari atmoshperic atmospheric audiomulch aughuhh auto_chord avant_garde avatar awflowers awful awkward AYstyle b00dhorror babies baby background backwards spun bad_export bagpipe bah bahh_bahh ball_machine ballet balls bandstyle BANG bangin! bar_folk barbershop barf bark bark_bark barker baroque basdonatruestory BasedOnTruEvents bass bassoon_beatz bassy bastianesq bat battle bbsong beach beachy bear beard beardbackground beardcat beardcore beards beardstolemybike beardtech beat beat_poetry beatbox beatles beatless beats bedtime_story bee BEE major beep beeper beepy bees!!!!!__D: belgium believecore bell bells bellz bendy best silver evar Best. beverage beware bewbz bgm bic lighter big bikertech birds birdtech bitch black dick blankman blarg bleeps blip blippy blips blockhead blocks bloop blowout blue blue_ball blues bluesy blump&herple blurry boat bobby_prince bolts bomb bond boners bong boobs boom booty bootyblip bossa bossa nova botb BotBrs bottle bounce_step bouncy bow bow_wow bowie boxing boys_chillin' BPMwank brass brassy bread break break it breakcore breaks breathy breezy BRIDS broke broken broken beats broken_record brontosaurus brooding brothers bubbles bud bugs bullseye bummer burning_baron burnt turds burp burps burpz busy butt sax Buy it Now buzz buzzy bZZZzzzz C= c64 caev_stroy can can_hobo cancore candy canore capcomcore cards carnival cars casiocore cat_in_hat caterpiller cave cave story CCCP cello chainsaw challenging channelfest chant character characters chatty checkerboard cheerdafukuphipy chemacore chewy chicore children chill chincore ching chong chip chipbrekacidhaus chipistan chipmunks chippy chips chips irl chipstyle chirp chirp_chirp chirpcore chirps choir chokes choo_choo choppy chord_crazy chords chordy chorus chromatic chrono trigger chunkadunk churchy circles circus_peanuts cityscape classy click clik_clik clipart clippy clocks clopfic clouds clubbing clubby clubstyle CMYK CnB cock cock storm cocks code coffee coldwave collage colorful colors come on comic communication communism compound meter computer confusing contraction controller cookies cool_story_bro copcore cops coughcore cover cow cowbell cowboy cowboy_curtis cox crab_nebula crabcore crackin_wise cracktro cracktrostyle crapcore crash credit_roll creepy cropped crowd crunch_crunch crunchy cthulhu cursed custom_music cute cyber cyberpunk D da_presdaint dah dance dank dank_phonemes dark data dating david cameron david_cameron death death midi decomposing deep space deepinurabithole deer deez nutz delay delayed demostyle dentist depressing derp descriptive detroit detroit_love detunafish detune detune fun detuned detuned. mellow DetunePCM DGU dialup dick dicks digiart ding ding dong dingle_beatz dinglecore dinglectro dingletech dino dire_dire_cocks dirge dirty dirty_beard disco dissonance dissonant distorted distortion dithering dithers ditherz DnB DnBacon DnP do_the_mario do_ur_wurst docktills documentary dodeedo dog doge dogecore dogwistle dolphin domestic abuse done dong dongs donk donkore donky donujam doodeedoo doof doof_metal dook doom doom metal doomstep doop dorkwing duck DOSstyle double_vision doubled DoubleHeadedPony douchecore downtempo DPCM DPCMnBass dragon drainpipejizz dramatic dreamcometrue dreamcore dreamscape drone drop_the_boom drugs drugz drum drum_kit drums drunkcore drunkore DS10core dub duck duck_duck duckore dumb_commute dumbcore dunce dungeon durr duub e_peen e_piano earthbound easter Eastern easy listening eating surreal EBM echo echos echoy economy educational eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee effectcore egads! egyptune eharmony electric bass electro electro funk electro_house electronics electroplankton elektrofunk elephant elevation elevator music elspanio emblem emotional empty end credits end_credits entrance epiano epoch botbuhs epochRIFFZ erf erf_bond erfbond evil expansion experimental explosion exportfailure extension face fads fags fairy mangoes fakebit fakeboy FAKEon familiar fancy fanfare fanfic fapping farmcore farmlyfe fart fart_bass fart_modulation fartbass fartcore farts fast FauxAcoustic FauxModulation FauxStrobe favor FDS feedback females festive field_recording fif figure filtered filters filtersweep fish fisticuffs fiya flappy flipbook floor flower flowers flp fluffy flute FM FMK FMstyle foghorn folincore folk folky follincore font food footsteps forest frame jumps framewankery frantic freaky french froggy fsound ftm fuck ups fun funk funky funny funny joek funny_joek furry potter furta fusion future futuristic fuzzy FzeroGX g00fcore gaemboi gagged gammacore gangsta GBM gearslut geese german get low get to da choppa get_down getlow gettingsohigh ghastly improved ghosts giantenemycrab gibberish gif girl_wif_da_flow glasses glassy glitch glitchchop glitchcore glitchhop glitchy gloomisbstpkmn go goat gold_teeth golfclap gong goose goosecore govt gpoy graphic grassio graveyard gravy great_gift green griffin gritty groove groovey groovy growl grunt guardian_legend guildcore guitar guitar_toolbox guy guys out there gymps gypsy hadoukore haiku hair hand hands hangin' Hank Hilium happy happy_sailors hard hard pans hard work HARD_PANS hardcore hardpans hardstyle harmonics harmony harp harpfest harpsichord harsh haus hawt hax hay girrrl headache headshots heart heart burger heat heavy heavyhasgifts hell hell yeah hellaNES hellaproudofthis hero hiccup hidden message hidden_message hifi hifive high high_council highqualityvibe hillbillies hillbilly hip hop hiphop hippocore hippotech hirez hiskool_notebuk hits hitty hmmm hodown hoedown hoes homo whale sex honk honkore hooters horny horror horrorhop hot_dog house house_music houses htmlcore huge huge_organ hugs hurngh! hypnoowl i_do ice icons icy idhitthat idk IDM illustration In_Loving_Memory industrial infectious ink insane insanity insects inspirational instruction intense interesting interview intro intruding brooch irl island isometric it italo ITM its J-fusion jail jam_session janglboops japan japanese jawharp jazz jazzy jesus jet1style jiggy jizz joystick juicy jumps jungle kahdz kartcore kawaii kazoo kefcore keffcore keygenstyle keys keys_of_fury kick kicks kicky KIRKnB kit klinkore knife knight kombat kommicore kooxcore koto kulcore labcore laid back lamerz landscape lasorz last late late night laughing laughter lead leady learncore leash legitimate_tag lemon lens_flare lgpt lickmyass lickmywaffles line 1 lines link literal literally liveplay lo-rez lofi logarithmic logo lol lolaby LOLcolons LOLcomma LOLcommas lolivania LOLurl lolwut london calling lonely longcatislong longintroislong longjam longstoryislong loop loopdeath loophell loopy loud lounge loungey loungy love loveNlust low_rez lowrez LoZ LSDj lush lyrics mad_flow madness magic magic_eye majestic Make Anime Great manly many dots manyenemies mario mario paint mariopaint mashed_beard mashup masterpiece maze meander mecha mecha_mang mechanical medieval mega happy megamanz megamix mellemo mellow melodic melodramatic meow message messy metal metallic mia micplay midi midistyle milkpowered_dong miners minimal minimalismmmmm minimalist missingtheshirt MMC5 moancore mockup mod2psg2 mode_7 modstyle modulation moe moist in spaaace moldycore monster monstercore montage moody moon moonman mootage morse moth motherfucker mountain mountains mousecore moviescene mspaint multi_track murder murder boner muscles music box myspace mysterious n00b N106 nads name generator NEDM needUsobad neon never busted new.wav news nigger nine inch gnales ninjas Nintenwon't no no covers no_horns nobs nobz nodogsallowed noise noisewankery noisy non_chippy noob noobz nostalgic not_fugue nothardenough notNESstyle nsf nullcore NULLnB nullsleep nuts nympho sex nyscore ocean oceanwave octave octave_bass octaves ocular_assault odd_meter off-center ogg oh queso oh yeah ohd ohmygawd ohmygod ohohohoh oink_oink oinkore oldschool oldskool omg omnom ooh ooh baby oompa oooh baby oOoOoOhhh opera opl optimize prime orange orchestra orchestral orchestrated organ organic orgasm owow P0LAND P4 pad pads paint paintcore painting pancake panda panflute pansexual pants panwankery parrot patternwank patternwankery paw pads pee-wee pencil penguin penis percussion percussive perky perty petscii pharaoh phenomes phone phonecall phonecore photo series photo_edit photography photorealistic photoshop piano pics piggies pinball ping pink pip pipefan pirate pixel pixel pack pixelpack pixelz pizza pizza pie pizzametrics playtested pleasant plink plinky plinkydink plop pls plunky png poekmanz poem poetry pokemans pokemanz ponybreak ponycore poop poopypants pop pop_music porncore pornos port portrait post_funk pot pow! power metal PowerOfTheSuun! PPPPPorno Pro Japanese pro_dithers probe professional prog proggy progressionstyle progressive prokeys prowando PSG psx psychedelic puke puke_house pulse pulsekik pulsewankery pulsey pumpkin puntastic puppy puzzle pwm PWMy quack quackcore quant quiet quip quirky R&B rabble_rabble rack_em_up radar_dingle RADICAL radio raftcore raga raggy ragtime rain rainbow rap rape rar rat ratatat ratchet rated arrrrrrrrr rattle ratz raven raw rawr REAL METAL real_feels real_heroes real_men realtek realtimehardware RealUltimatepowR recorder red reggae release remaster remix renaissance resemblified retarded_noobz retrolofi8bit reverby reverse reversed RGB rhastatech rhyme ribbit rich rickroll riddem ridin' spinnas riffy right_angles ringing ringtone ritual ritual tits robo_lounge robot robots rocky rokNrollRiddm rollcore rolling romantic roof rough rox ROYGBV roymeowty rpg rtf rtfm rts runny rx11 RYOGBIV S&M s3m saccharine sad sad story sad_clown salsa samba sample sample_sample samples samplox sand sandwich santa SAP sappy saptacular saptastic satan satan worship satans strings saturated savage saw sax saxual_deviant saxy scat scene_poetry scenestyle schizophrenic schmorgesborg scrambled scratchy scream screamcore screamer screamo screams screen screencap scrolly scrolly_text scurvey scurvy seeingeyeman segadoes select_screen self esteem sell demself sex sexual sexy sexy_metroid sexy_tiem sfx shakey shamanism shark shark weekend shart sheep shemusic shinyponyta shirt_shirt shit shmup shmupstyle shoot shootingawad shopping short short loop shorts shredding shreddy sick sick ass beat sid sidescroller SIDstyle silence silent_scream silly silver monkey sine singing siren sitar six ska skull sky slappy slavery slavrDinVERB sleepy time sleigh bells slime slinky smelly farts smile smirky smoke smokeweederryday smoking smooth smooth jazz sms smt snake snake_battle snakes snap_crackle snare sneeze snes snestastic snestyle snesy snoop snow snow_ballz snowflake snowman so_horny so_swole sociology socks sodomite soft somebody somewhat blue sonds of smeesh sound effects sound_editing soup space space N bass space opera space ship space_chimps space_jam space_marine spacebeer spacey spastic spawts spec_ops specter speech speech synth speech_synth speechsynth speed speedcore speedy spider hop spider_luvin spiral spiritual spit spongebob spook crap spooky spoop_dogg sppoky spread_em spring square squares squarewaves squeak squid squid_d00d stab stabby stachetech stained_glass stains stamoscore standard starcraft STDs steel_drum stereo STEREO SOUND still stock_photo stops story story time strange strings strobebore strobecore strobelocaust strobestyle strobetech strong stuff stuff_zat_sex stutter suave summer sun sunglasses sunrise sunset super cute super saw Super Sonic Bros supersaw surprise sweepy sweet grfx swf swoledudez symmetric synth synthy T_T tabla tag_critical_mas tagified taint take 1 talkin' talky tap tape tape_rape TDR tea tech techno technology teeth teh funage teh marios teh spooks teh_rise teh_rulez tehusualsaxpects telephone tempowankery tension termites terrible test text text to speech text_to_speech text2speech textured textures texturez texty th4 b455 th4_FUNK thats no cello TheEnd thefuture thick thin thing thrash throatsinging thug_lyfe thumb_piano thumbs_up thump thunder TIA tia_hacks tie tiga tilduh tile tim timbaland timewaits4noman timpani timstyle tinkle_dinkle tiny tits tits n blips TM tom tone tooth toots torture total_control tracker tracks tragedy trailer trains trance transposestyle tree treebeardrapefac trees trendsetter trial triangle tribal tribute trimellow trip hop triphop tripkong trippin balls tristcore tristendoinspace tristotune tristune triwankery true_story trump_card trumpet trunce truth ttyd tummy_grumbles turd explorer turd splash turd_plop turdhat turds turds for dinner turkey turtles TV twangy twinkly typing UFOcore ugly uhuhuhuhuh uicore uidub uijamz™ uijanx uispeed uiwave uke ultimate ultimate_lovin' umpa unbelievable unce unchipstyle underwater up uptempo usability uuhhhh vagina vagina_pizza vap0r variety hour variety_hour velcro verby vgfusion vgm vgp vhs vibrato viby vicious victory vidyagaems vintage vintage beardie vinyl violence viruses vision quest vocal vocal_formant vocaloid vocals vocaly vocoder vodka voice voice_acting voiceofanangel void volcano vote 7 VRC6 VRC7 vroom vsti w00t wafflcore waffle wafflebore wafflecore waffles waffletech wahwah wahwhawoaawow wang wankery wankfest wanky warble warble_garble warblegarble wasazombieavatar watercolor waveforms waves webcomic wedding weed weeners welcome to urf well i feel wet whale whalesong whatever wheat whips whisper whispering whistle wholetonestyle WHOO whydIfavdis? widescreen wiki wild windchime windows_XP windowz winning winning_tune wipeout wobble wolfcore woodwind woof woOOo woowoooawwyeaahw words wordwrap world music world_music wow wub xaibass XD xifi XM xylophone yamaha yay! yelling yellow yiffcore yiffxels YM yoshicore yummy waffles yummy_nikkyz zancore zandiom zannoms zantech ze_baron zed_brah zip zombie zomgarps zst

Tags Received

-_-; -o- -o- :3 :D :D :D :D :O !this ? .mod .xm <3 #staystrongzan ='D ~s~c~a~r~y~ 1-bit 12 bar blues 16kb 18core 1994 1995 1bit 200 24k 24kb 2spooky 2step 2xsap 2xVIC20 3/4 303 32k 4-op 48k 50% duty 6/8 64kb 8==============D 80's 80s 8192 arps 8k 8kb a bard approache a dog? abachalypse now ABBA abuse accapella acid action actually a narwh adlib adlib tracker II adventure agogo ahh ohh ahx all of your clot allgear alternative amiga anal anal ong ancientbeard angry sun anime Ann Arbor IX anti-strobecore anti-wafflecore apochipchampion apotheosis arabic arrows art ascii asciiart-ish ass ass and titties atari Atari 2600 Atari ST ay AY 303-8910 AY-3-8910 AYstyle b&w baby bachlapse bakepit ballad balls ballz bamboo bard tales Baron Knoxburry baroque bass basswish bat lyrics bat spat battle battle music baycunleads baycutie bbsong beach beam software beard beard mans beats beautiful voice Beauty BEE OOH TEE BEE beeper Beeper Speaker beepola bell bellow belly button bends bent Best best arm in art best botb song best ending better than mine big big blue big finish bin bird birds bizarre black leather blad...ders blaxploitation bleep blue note blue-smurf blues blues scale BoC body building body horror bonercore boobs boogie boogie time booty Boppin' botb in space bothcore boxing bra bread breadful breaks breeze brock buildup bulbasaur_irl bunny bunny ears burn the rope burp busy busycore butts buzz bwee bystrouska C minor c64 c64-style drums cake level calm can captain jack spa captbeard car carcore Casio CTK-150 casio MT-240 castanets cat catchy categorycore cats cave champion channel F channelf cheese chemistry chi chibi grunge childhood fear chill Chimp Chap chip chip champion Chip Reznor chip_champion chipchamp chipchampion chippy chippy higashino chipstyle Chipy chirpy choclte_souffle choir chop shop christmas chrono clock chrono trigger city classic clicks clicky clown clubby collaboration comic composition conga congratulations convent cool cool snare counterpoint country coverness crackle cracktro creeping creeping up creepy cricketcore crumhorn crunk cuddles ^o^ cult of personal cute cutscene cyberglyph cyberpunk D minor da blues da funk DAC daedalus dancy pirathey dark darkula death Death adder deer defeatistcore deflemask delay dem lyrics demoscene dentata description lies descriptioncore detroit detroit techno deus ex club diatonic ding ding ding dingle dino dinos distopia adlib distorted distortion dither spam dk rap dmf dnb doom doom metal doom surprise Doria Myx doublings doug the eagle draw drink drink my piss drive Drop down drugs drum machine drums ds-10 dub duckies ^o^ duke nukem dungeon dwang dynamics E minor earthbound ebay echo ecks dee ectetera edm edutainment egypt egyptchampion egyptian egyptune electro electroclash elephant elevator music ellow EMOCORE empowering ensemble epic ethereal existentialism expansion extinct f-zero F# minor face factory fakebeep fakeout fantasy fart bass fart gas fartcore fast sunn o))) favourite thing feedback feelingscore felinecore FELLOW female shrek fencing field-ish fight! filtercore filters firteen fisticuffs flashbang flowers flowers in pants flute FM FM bass fm bells forklift rock four to floor Frank Klepacki fresh friend-day ftm full moon funk funka funky FUNKY TIME Future fuxin seagulls game gameboy gamemusic gangsta gargle gascore gay genesis genesux Get Dizzy ghosts giraffe glitch goddamn golden ass golden sun goluigi good good choice good description good lord good title good title! goose overlord goth grab a senis grand great great title! greenGremlin gremlins greyscale grimer groovy gruntstep guitar gurl guybrush HACKnotTRACK haiku happy happy dirt happy spells happys hard drivin hardcore hardpans hardstep harpsichords harsh haunted have ye beard hax haxcore headbanger headbangin' heheh hello hemp champion hep champion hero music herpeez derpeez HES heterogeneous high juice him? Hip Tanaka hippo hippo mating cry hippocalypse hippocore his eyes hively holiday holy cow hot hot goo sex house hq64x html i get it I help i IV i'd roger that π icarus ice cream Ice Fields icefeld IDM improv in glorious tune industrial intense interrobang pie introtune iron maiden it it's coming itchy witchy jang stamos jazzy jejeje jill jillofthejungle JRPG jump and shoot jungle cave kazoo kee drum keygen keys kimono kirby kitty KMFDM konamicore korg krupscore l0l land overview lardarse Lawbreaker lead lewd lightsaber little ominous lo-fi lobby locrian lol long longcatislong longpantsarelong loopy loud lovely lovetune lsdj lsdj samples lurchy lyrics maaarp mad raps made mads magazine magic magical maid maidcore mallow mandatory backli march mario paint mario paint meow mariopants marshmallow mashup Master masterpiece masturpiecing maths maybe haunted maze measure in grads meaty mechwarrior 2 medieval Medieval abbey medusa mega9man Megadrive Megaman megaman style MEGICK meguh man melikeme mellow melody :o memebot meow meowcore metacore metal metroid micky j midi mighty Mimiga-ish minimal minor minstrel misc. mission MixOMatOsys MJ_SW_Duet mmc5 mod module moldy bread momma is proud monk monster mash monty python moody MOOG moot morecowbell mosquito freq motivic mountain goat moving mp3 MS-DOSgasm mucus multisong mum music musical MWGS SF MWGS SF LOL my favorite thin MyLeftEar mysterio n64 neow NES New man nice guitarwork ninjas no april showers no expansion no hardpans no moar no pizza ;( no tags noBoobs noise NoodleCore noooo chipart nostalgia-ish not afraid 2 cry NOT EDM not eww not the waffles not zan nsf nu-wave nub nubcore nudist NuDoom nunchaku nyan cat o face octode of the jungle OH yeah OH_NO ohb ohc OhhYeaah_2 ohyeah_1 oink oink oink oinkgasm oldschool oldschool slow oldskool olololoolol omfgdogs OMG ominous onesimus ooooooh baby oot open sesame OPL opl2 OPN2 orchestra hit organ organ solo otamatone out run pad pads panda pandacore pandatracker pander pansexual panties pants papyrus par-t-tyme parallelism party partytiem pastiche patton PC Engine PC-engine PCE PCM? pee dub pemnis pencil penguin of d00m Penoise percussive perfect 35 periodic noise petrushka petscii pew pew pharell phase phaser1 phrygian piano pigcore pigdemocore pigs pilgrimage pinano pink pirate pit trap pits pixel pixelgoo pixl playback pls png poemcore pokejoke pokermon pokey pokey bass polka Poop Crap pop pops porpoise portrait porygon post-punk poster power predatorcore pro-beard probably robbed probably strobed probecore probery proggy program notes prologue-like psychedelic pun intended punny puns puzzle Quake quarantine questy rabbit rad rage raggacore rap rated arrrrrrrrr rave reading the bard real real bytebeat real good real music real noobz reggae remember remix renaissance renderistcore renoise repetitive retro retro-ish retro-ish- wave- reverb reverb nation Reznor rickroll ring ringing ears RIP ui :'( riqui ritardando robot ROBOT HIGH AI robot honey rock roleplaycore rollerball ron jeremy ROOF ROOF rox RPG rpg-ish rpgcore rpgmaker champio rpgstyle rulzok rumble rumbly runescape harp RUSH russia sacrifice face sacrifice scarfa sad Sad. sads sads the sequel sailor saloon same same tbh samp pack samples sang sap sap2x satyr saucepans sawtooth scary scdealwithit scene set scissors scrolly text scurred sega sega genesis sega master syst Sega Megadrive sewer reverb sexyelfcore sgen shadowrun shark shave shit i roll to SHITINPANTS shitty mic sho shrooms SHTINPANTS sid sidlike sidstyle silencecore silly simcity 2012 sine sinecore singing singingchampion sketchman3 skull skyclad slow sludge sludgy smallcox smooth SMS sn76489 snap snd sneaky sneezie SNES snesmod snibaby snibbetracker snowbeard snowman sociopathfinding sociopathy sokulor solar power solarsandscore something on TV song song of storms sor sound design space spacey sparkle farts SPC SPECCY NERDS speech speech synthesis spelling fail sponsored by the spookhouse spooky spurtsball square station steps stereo stompy storecore storytime stranglehold string of notes strings strobecore strobeout strrRrrRaAaaAang stumblebeats suddenly groove summer blacks sunglasses sunvox super super mario 64 super metroid superhero supple swampboogie swells swing swingy synth synth buffet synthwave tageriffic tagless taglesscore take me there take my hand tango tape tbh teeth teh real deal telephone templecore tempos tenacious cc tenacious d texan bbq sauce text TG16 thanks puke thatlife the beatles the end rip the hoppy seal the sea the trite runner the wads theforest there there it's these drums thick this is RAD this isnt mixart THIS SCROLLER thrash threxx's waifu TIA TIA dreams tia screamsnare TIAtracker tincan titlecore tmnt to battle! tobacco industry tobikomicore Toccata in D toms town toxic refinery trance Transylvania travel traversity tree trenchcoat mafia triangle lead triangulon tribal trippin balls trogdor trollolo TurboGrafx16 twinkle twinkle twitter sux two step txt ufocore uhh underdog undergarments unique unresolving end uuni is a cutie vancouvercore vaporwarewave variety hour variety_hour vega very mystery vgm vibe patch vibrato vibrator vic tracker vic20 VIC40 victracker visual puns vocal vocals voice volca vote 7 vox vrc6 waltz wan wan wan watering hole wave-ish waves weiner western Whale what what is this WHAT UP Whats For Desert whole tone wild william shatner wind ducks winter chip wolfenstein 3D wood written WRITTEN BY KLAMZ WTF wtf boom WUB X x intensifies xD XGONGIVEITTOYA xm xmsnes xylophone yamaha yeti yiffable yikes YM2612 your cart zelda zombie snowmen ZX spectrum zxbeep