Cessor Safari
Level 23 Mixist   
Tags Received

:/ :D <3 1 hour 1990's 1990s 20th_Century 240 7 wonders 808 80s 90s abstract acoustic aesthetic ahh ambient animal applause artistic atmospheric avantgarde aww bass basscore beat beatbox beats beep bigcunt bottoms core brassy break breakbeat breaks bub bubs bummer calm Casio SA-76 chaos cheerful chill chip's challenge choir clap clappy collab collage combination computer cover creativity crossing crowd dab daveservice detective ding donkey kong doods dreamy drum drumkit drums drumset earthbound echo egg ending theme epic ethereal Europe experimental factual farts ff7 field_recording filter final fantasy flanged FM fresh Funk funky funky town garage ghetto glitch good title groovy gross bugs eww guitar happy hard harmonic hax head hey whatsup hi high notes hip hop hipster pikachu homo hornyinthenavy house intermission investigation island jam Jazz jazzy jingle jizz juicy jumpy jungle kartcore keyboard kick koopa krompa l0l late ;-; late night leady liveplay lofi longcatislong loopy loud love loverboy LSDJ m p 3 2 m i d i make it longer meaty meee oooh oooh Mellow message mml moody moog lead mother 3 mp3 to midi Musique concrete mysterious mystic negative new jack swing nice nintendo no expansions noisy not bad not spc nsfw oldie orchestra hit pads pain panflute Penoise pepper perc percussion percussive Philippines piano plunderphonics POGS pooptastic poppier poppy porn ppMCK pretty cool quiet radiant radix rainy raphael goulart REAL relaxing retro reverb rock roland rolandcore romantic rompler rulebreaker salmon samplepack samples samplox scream screaming scribbles secret of mana SEGA seventies sfx shop theme short silly sims buy mode singing slap bass slider slime slimy sly smooth smooth jazz snare sneaky snippet sound collage space speaking special speech speechsynth SPOOKY starstrukk? stereo sub0 swing synth synths synthy talking team USA telephone there's a flute thick throwback time titlecore toy keyboard transition trap trending tropical trumpet ttjcore vap0r vaportrap vaporwave VHS vintage vocals voice vst waiting warioware weird wha white noise windy wooden wow wtf wub xmen yay yay! yoshis island