Baron Knoxburry
Level 29 Mixist   
Tags Given

;__; :3 :D :P .it <3 007 1337 15/8 15/8 5/4 16bit arps 18core 1985 200 3/4 303 4:20 420 5/4 6 727 80's 808 8bit 8bit poop crap 8k 9/4 AAAAAAAHHHH aana acid acoustic actual metal actually a map adlib adon adorable aerobics afrobeat airhorn airy alan silvestri alert ambiance ambiant ambient ambiental amen amen break amen snafu androgynous angel of death animals animaniguccicore animated anthem aphex twin appliances arcade argue arpcore arpfest arps arptastic arpy artsy fartsy ass and titties ataricore atmospheric auto tune autotune avant garde awesome baby bad bad botbrs bagpipes baller balls banger bangin banging banjo bass bassline batch battle battle rap beach beard beardcore beat beatbox beatles beatnick beats beehive beep bells best solo biebercore big bit mashed biznuss black hole blade runner blast beats blast processing bleepy blippy blow blue bluegrass blues boo beep boo-ya boobs boom boom kick boop booty boss battle bossa bossa nova botb bounce bowwow boy bread break it breakcore breakfast tea breaks breathy brick teeth broken record bubbles bullets bundle of sticks bungle burn butt butt slaps buzz BWAHAHAHA C C# C00 c64 canadian cannibas capcom cards casio castlevania cat catpain cats chamber champion channel F U chant chanting cheap cheese chibi children suck chill chip chirp choir chops chords chordy chunter stomp chuntery churn circuit bends circus cis gender male clap clap clarinet classic classic nes classical clave click bass clicks pops clicky clown clown horn club clubshit coccyx coin cold colors commerical commodore conquest contemporary cool coop copybreak core cornputer country cow on drugs cowbell crazy creaky creepy crotch cruise cruisin crunch_crunch crunchy space crunk cute cutscene cymbal cymbals cyriak dadcore damn dancehall dank dank midi dark dee dee a durrn deep fry DeepBass defeat delay lama delia derbyshire description lies descriptioncore desert detroit detune diablo dialog dickadow ding dingle dinglecore dingletech DIP24 dirt dirty disco disqualified distorted dizzy djent dnb dog dogcore doge doggy dogsichord don doko doko dong dong show donload doodicka doom dooowip dope dork dork crap dorp dos down beat down tempo downbeat downbreak drama dreamy drill and bass drill'n'bass drive drool drops droptease drugstep drugz drum and bass drum n bass drum'n'glitch drumpf drums drumz drunk drunk clown drunk mario drunkore ds-10 dub dubbish dubstep ducks DUH-jent duk soz dumb dummy dungeon dustep dya eastern bloc edm egg eggsplosion egypt electro electro grind end this comic epic epic dingle ethnic evil exciting eye rape face fakebit fap fap head fapcore fart fart farts feedback fiesta fight on! film music filters final fantasy fingertips fire fishsticks flarp flarped flavor flesh flippy floating flute fm folksy follin footsteps fork freaky fuck california fuguecore fuguerave fun funk funky funny G gabber gag gameboy gangsta gas genie genuine ghettotech gif gif magic gigglecore gimmick giraffe glitch glitch-hop glory goatse golgi golgi's gonna di golgicore gong gong show good good beat goofballs gothic gravy greg gregorian grime grind gritty groove groovy growl growly grunge grungey gruntstep guitar ha ha h├Žit hairlip happy happy dirt happy grime happy hardcore hard hard pan fail HARDPAN hardstep harmonic harmony harp harpsichord harsh haunting havyng hawt hax heavy hell hell yeah hhhh hit single holy guacamole hooky hop horns horror hot huge hump rhythm humpty dumpty hybrid hypnotic I WILL ibiza ice iceberg icons idm ill illuminati improv in yo face india industrial insane insanity insidious intense intentional irish jig is this chiptune jam jammin jangler jangy jarz jazz jazzy jerk punk jerry goldsmith jizz jizzy jogging joke juicy jungle juno jx-3p kartcore kazoo keffiecore ketchu p keygen keys kickass kicks killa ko0x korg krunchy krunk kulcore kwame lamer laugh laughs lazer bass lazers lead leady light jazz live liveplay lofi lol lollerskates lollipops longcatislong loop loopin loopy lord of the danc lord of the pant loud love low_rez loz 64 lsdj lsdj samples lulz lurv lush lyrics mad bleeps madness majik mandolin manson marfin flarper mario kartcore mariopaint mariopants massive mechanicals medusa mega supreme megadeth megahyper megasax melancholy mellow melodica melody menancing meow metal metal arps METAL!!! midi midi crap piano milky modal modular mom rat monotron delay monotron duo monster montage moody moot more human than mosquito movie mud mumble mumblecore mumbles my pants felloff n00b nads nasty naughty nescore neurotic new jack swing nightmare ninja ninja puke noir noise noob not 3/4 not 4 nsf nsfPLUS nu disco nuclear null numpad nutter futter oddjob oh girl oh my OH NO oink ominous oneshot organ organic original engine ost ouch out run overmitten owns pad pads palm muted bass panda panning pants pants burnt passion penis peppy percussion perfect pet phased leads phat phazers phonecore piano piece of shit um pigs pinano pir8 pirate pitch bent sax pixels poem poignant polka pollytracker pong poop groove poop show poopface poops pop porg pork prancing pretty PRO probability prog psychadelic puke pukestep pun punk punny pure imagination pwm pwn pyramid quack quackcore quiet r&b radiophonic rage raggae random rap rasta rasta <3 xmas rat ratchet raunchy rave recockulous regal reggae regulate rhodes river dance robot rock rockin rockstar roiner ROOF rox rpg runny rushjet sack mai deeck sad salsa santa claus satan sax sax attrition sax squad saxamaphone saxcore scary scrape scratchy screamy series serious serious poop gro sex sexist sexy sexy chords sfx shades sheep shit shit in pants shmup short shred shreds shrugs shuffle sick sid silly simcity 2000 singing siren skrillex slap ass slawesome slayer sleigh bells slick slidey sludge sluts Smokin smooth snappy snares snes snowflakes so bad so good socioyeahthy soft pan solid something song sound fx space horror spank sparkle farts spaz spazz spc speakjet special spectral speed speedy splat splatter spooky spread_em springy sprong spy square squarez squeaky squeek squiggly squirly squirrels squirty stan lee stank star wars step steppy stereo STFU GOLUIGI stolen stompy stoner storb strength strings strobe stroberrious strobetech strong stumbly subterraneans sumerian sun super supple swack swagger Swearengen sweep picking fu sweepy sweet swing swinging swingy syncopation synth synthetic synthwave synthy T_T tageriffic tagless take off taking the piss tarzan teh sex telly tempo changes tension terror thanks puke thanksgiving thick thrash thrashy thuggin' thumbs up thump tia tight tim follin titlecore tits to battle! too many notes too short toolcore top 40 trance trap trash breaks trauma tricky trippy troll trolololo tromp tromp trom trompcore trompy truckin trunce try harder turkey tweak tweaked uicore uiish ukulele unce uncredited unfriendly valid tag vangelis vapor vaporwave variety variety_hour variety.gif vehicles vertigo very bad very FM vgm vibtrato vic20 viking visual pun vocals vocoder voice voiceofanangel voices vortex vox vrc6 wacky wafflecore waffles wai wall of chip Wallace waltz waltzing wank warble warblegarble watercore waves weiner wendy carlos wesley willis western whales white zombie wild woah wobble wobbly woman wonk wonk ass wonky woodwind woodwinds woosh! worble brain wow wow calm down wtf wtfland wub wub wub wub wub wub wubs xaimus xasercore xmas yayaya yeah yeahcore yesh yolk you suck yummy zap zip

Tags Received

....... .sho >:( <3 1-bit 100 1000 beards 11-8 time 12k 13/8 15_8 16row 2001 226 227 23 16 24fps 24k 2A03 2ass03 32k 3xtheme chip 4:20 420 48k 64k module 7/8 808 8bit 8bit poop crap 8k 8kb a pile of leaves abstract acmfancore action adlib adlib caps adventure afro_databeat afro_hat afrobeat alien ALL N00Bz all noobs all7score allgear allgear compo amazing ambient amen break amenwash amubuhduh ANALogue angry angry snare anime avatars Ann Arbor IX anticipation ants arabic arcade fire arp leads arpfest arps arpz ascii asia assbangers asper atari atari tia atmospheric AY AY intro aye b3ang4rs b3ng4rs backstory bad BAE banana bang bang bang banger bangers baron knoxburry Baron Knoxturkey BaronSunvoxburry bass basscore bassline bassoon_beatz basswank bassy BBQ bbsong bday beach beard beardcore beardfunk beards beat beatbox beats beck bee-snakes beef beef beep beep beep kyuu Beeper Speaker bells bent bestlyric2012 big lady bin bird birthday bitch BKnox black midi blade runner blender blippy BLT_w/no_L bluesy bogdan boobs BOOM boons boop borked boss battle botb botb in space bouncy boys brassy break time breakbeat breakcock breakcore breaks breeze brevityfailure buildup bumblebee bumpy dunks bundle of sticks bungle burfdac burping buzz C D E F A# C64 calm cancore casiocore catchy cats caveman changes chaos chaos emeralds chattering chatty cheese chelita chewy chill chip chipstyle chord chordguy chords church cigar box clap claps clarinetty clash classic classic dos classical clicks pops clown clowncore codecore codist collab collect 200 boon commodore commodore 64 computer conga Congradulationz contemporary core cornputer counter cosby cowboy crazy breakage crazy bus creepy cruise crunkcore crystalline cute cymz cyriak da n00b dank dank_phonemes dark data deafcore ded panda defeatistcore deflemask delicious chips! descriptioncore Detroit VI detune diminished dingle_beatz dinglebob dinglecore dinglectro dingletech dirty dirty_beard DiscussionCore dislike dissonance distortion dog domdim pfhfhfhah doo doo doo dorian vibes dos dos module down to earth downbeat downtempo DPCM dpcmcore dragonfucked dramatic dreamy Drill n Baste drone drops drums drumwank drumz drunken drunkore dub dugs dungeon educational EEE effort electric bass emo ohc epic erectile dysfunc ethnic eurorack experimental explosions extended yt vid fairy mangoes falco famicom Famitracker fanfare fart bass FAST faster fat chords FEAR fibonaccicore filters final boss fire first flames flute balls fm folk food foot on bass forget forgotten frog froggit fuck yeah full fun funky futuretronica futuristic game is done gameboy gas gas station gassy gearslut gentle end gg glitch glitch hop glitchcore glitchy gnome goat tracker goattracker Godly lyrics goldcan goldfinger goldfinger 64 golgi operatus goofy gotham swag Grill n Baste grindcore groove groovy grumpy Guardian Legend haha hap hop happy happy 100 hardpans hat have a tag panda hax heat heavy hed-c0ld hell Heosphoros herniacore HES hetfield hip hop hit hit me hitty ho ho ho ho holy justice HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoot horror horse horse face horse o' beats howl html huge humbug hungry dance HuSic i lost my boner idm idmchip input methods instant classic intense intro it ITSA ME jacocore jam session james bond jazzy jeez jelly bowl jumpy juno-6 just cool katie kay kick kirby kit krunkin' l0l la mulana lady laugh lazerz leady limited listen in mono liveplay lizard people lol loop loopy loud lydian lyrics MAGA male genitalia male voice choir mario music mario paint married mashed_beard medusa MEGADINGUS meme metal metallic metals meters methods Michael McDonald midi minimalism mixing mmaj7 mml mod mod2vic modern module monkey monkeys moody mp3 music box mysterious mystic n00bs n00bt00n nads napalm napalm death NES nesfami ninja bassoon ninja can nintendo nintendo porn nirvana noble gas noise noisy noob-o- tron noodles not easy nsf nsf 2A03 nsf ohb nsf+ nsfplus nsfw NTRQ null1024 obscenitycore oh jeez oh my ohb ohc ohc shit oink old movie on a one pattern oneshot optimize prime ORCH5 orchestra hits! organs out there mang packs please pad pads panda panda ohb panda tracker pandatracker panic attack PANTS pass go pattern PCE pedal tone pen picking penis triangles Penoise percussion percussive perfect 30 perfect 35 perfect timing phat photography piano pigs pixel pixel ohb pixelart pizza club playscii plinky polly tracker poop pop popcorn porn porncuter post post-jazz princess pringle prog grind? progbreak proggy psychedelic pukestep pulse wave pun puns racing radar_dingle rain rainy randy marsh RAVE raw reggae reggaeton relaxationmusic remix renoise retro-ish returnofKnox reverb rhythmcore riddim Ridonculirated robot robotino romantic rox rulebreakdancing rulebreaking S s3xmodit sample samurai scary scatologist scene setting sea seasons sega master syst self-referential set phsrs 2 kil sexmodit sfx shapes shimmery shit shit out of pant shitstormcore shocking short sid SIDwagon silly simple singing skull slow beatz sludge small smash smlurlm smoothie sms snare snare drum SNES snesmod snow snowy sound space spacey speech speedcore speedy spoiled spooky spurcore square squiggle note squirrel staccato stain Starty stereo stragnette strings strobe strobecore stroboe stumblebeat stumblebeats stutter sub bass surround surround sound suspense Swearengen sweepy sweet sweet shit synth synth wank major synthetic synths synthy taste the rainbo teh funage temple tense tension test the best the callout The Glove the living tribu theme thick thick bucket thin thrash thumpa thursday tia tickle prod ticktockticktick timbal timings tincan tincancore tiny shorts to renoise tom too short tool rallying town toy tanks tracker transcendental tremolo tri trianglecore trippy troll troll entry tropical try all the dick turd turkeycore turkish/balkan turnt two kids UFOcore uglycatcore uh! ukelele undistorted urinecore vaporwave variety hour verby vgm vibes vic-master vic20 vicious victracker vintage vintage beardie vintage-ish vocals voice voice mixing volleyball vox vt vwoooom WAAAIIIIIAAAOOOW wafflecore waltzing war warlord ohc Water wav wave-ish waves wavs weed weird well ok what the actuals whirr wild wildcard wildchip win wind winter chip winter shit 13 wobble wow wub wubhelm xaimus xenon nightmares xm xmas log yeah YeeHaw yi yoshi's island you got it ^o^ you got it! ^o^ yummie zanzan zappa zelda zst ztracker ZX spectrum