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yyna is not a girl
  36th/112   Σ24.261   Mar 29th 2019 7:26am
yyna is definitely not a girl so don't call her a girl okay thank you

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Level 15 Chipist
post #109405 :: 2019.03.30 9:22am
  Yomaru Kasuga and argarak liēkd this
This is the stuff :D. Playful bassline with those wvl-drums and a chord-progression different from the other tunes that sound similar. Another one to my favs.
Level 9 Playa
post #109568 :: 2019.04.07 7:17am
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
Holy hell... Now that i call a song... Powerful and cool melody... Highest respect :)
Level 11 Chipist
post #109649 :: 2019.04.10 5:56pm
Chip music has a Throwback Thursdays, and back from the 80's.
Level 27 Renderist
post #109843 :: 2019.04.19 7:42pm
interesting glissandos
Level 13 Chipist
post #109930 :: 2019.04.24 11:51am
puella magi mado magica
Level 10 Mixist
post #114286 :: 2019.09.17 2:43am :: edit 2019.09.17 2:50am
hey, just a note here. i have heard that people are using this song and the comments/description as evidence that i am a transphobe and i harass transwomen. i just wanted to provide some context to this song just in case people are going to hate me for it.

yyna is a cis guy. he's not a transwoman. i'm not out here saying a transwoman is not a girl. that's a low i will never reach.

i came across yyna in micronat's server, where he was acting very eggy (as in, acting like a transperson who hasn't figured out they were trans yet). he said he was depressed, he also was heavily obsessed with a girl character from the game splatoon. therefore i put a link between those two things and we started talking, me explaining i thought this made him look kinda trans-y.

i then very quickly found out that he was transphobic/had internal transphobia to deal with. he pretty much said he had no interest in being trans or being "converted" to it, iirc he said he thought gay/trans people were gross and he didn't recognize himself in it, and most of all, he told me i was being a manipulative asshole, and he thought trans people were all sexual perverts and he had no interest of becoming/being "manipulated" into being like that.

this module was created as sort of a mockery of the situation. the text in the title/description/comments is all sarcastic. it's not so much me being transphobic to someone else, it's more me satirizing someone else being transphobic to me.

i wouldn't dare to call trans people anything they don't want to be called. it would be hypocritical and rude for me to act like that. just as hypocritical as those who accuse me of taking messages out of context, but then they assumably take this song out of context and tell my friends about it to make me look bad.

hopefully if people get a hold of this song, they can read this comment and see the full context. if you think the messages in this song were a rather edgy approach, i can understand that, that's fair. but what it's not is transphobic gatekeeping. i want to make that very clear here.

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