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post #43187 :: 2014.05.20 6:16pm
Wolfen woven into the tapestry of the fall forest golden open doors spring breeze blows leaves aground found from hound tracks through sound attacks on sheep and cattle they do battle. Prattle on as you might but they are a fright, all night terror, air or wind fairer, fair fur, poacher beware, tear into flesh and bone, alone in the night will you stand up to frightening lightning claw and nail, or run and bail? Fail to escort yourself out at your peril, warily turn back and prevent the heart attack that you’re on track. Feral beast fair under moonlight sight to behold as the teeth gleam seemingly artwork but stark work to be made of those who would make a magnificent creature into a featured fashion seeker’s peeker. Weaker than the poacher is the price-boaster who over-sees labels and feeds tables with illicitly gained fables, able to stomach their own lies covered in flies is their noble table, laid bare with maple syrup stickier than the blood spilled by greedy beast seeking fear=ups.

the wolves (the wolves) will run (will run)
when goes down the sun (the sun)
the wolves (the wolves) will run (will run)
so you'd better have your fun (your fun)

they'll smell (they'll smell) your fear (your fear)
so you'd better not shed a tear (a tear)
when the moon (the moon) is high (is high)
they'll surely draw near (draw near)

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post #43188 :: 2014.05.20 6:22pm
I legit thought the skips were intentional bits of goofiness. I approve, either way. :P

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