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post #32034 :: 2013.09.05 10:12pm :: edit 2017.12.11 5:05pm
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post #32078 :: 2013.09.07 4:19pm
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post #32083 :: 2013.09.07 5:26pm
what's all the hmmin about mr doxic
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post #32085 :: 2013.09.07 5:44pm
  commandycan liēkd this
Well the tag beat me to it
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post #32091 :: 2013.09.07 6:13pm
  commandycan liēkd this
an illegal pussy sample???
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post #32093 :: 2013.09.07 7:06pm :: edit 2013.09.07 7:07pm
i wanted to make the main melody goofy and simple so that i could subvert it later on in the song in bizarre ways, in the spirit of the ohc theme. as it turns out, either by coincidence or by subconscious will, it sounds quite like nyan cat!

but it's all unintentional! they are, in my mind, undeniably two separate songs (and i'd like to think this one has the edge on variety). but i would not be the least bit angry if somebody docked points from me while voting because they thought the melody sounded familiar, as it were.

if i knew the similarity to nyan cat as i was composing, i would definitely have gone back and fixed it up in whatever way i had to. obviously this wasn't some cunning ploy to rip off nyan cat to steal all yer boonz n chipist points or somesuch. but i'm sure ya'll know that. just covering my ass!
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post #32095 :: 2013.09.07 7:26pm
  commandycan liēkd this
absolutely! i didn't mean to accuse you of copying~ i just think it was a novel similarity and i like making silly music jokes heheh

(let the mashups commence??)

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