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A merchant crosses your path -
"I've got nothing, I tell ya."

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classic DOS module

cool breeze 
69th Σ4.746

face melt 
68th Σ4.727

hawt night 
36th Σ5.092

sweaty morning 
64th Σ4.733

sun in pants 
46th Σ4.916

top freaking cecks my dude this song is compeltely blows ass LOL
  52nd/215   Σ24.215   Jun 21st 2018 5:54pm
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Level 11 Criticist
post #101077 :: 2018.06.21 6:26pm
  Apsarah, Robyn and charlotte liēkd this
Can’t wait to hear Puke read this title.
Level 19 Chipist
post #101080 :: 2018.06.21 8:58pm :: edit 2018.07.21 1:38am
  RazerBlue6, Slimeball, Robyn and Sintel liēkd this
You can't use plugins in .it, that's just an OpenMPT thing.
Level 23 Mixist
post #101081 :: 2018.06.21 9:43pm
  Galgox, RazerBlue6 and petet liēkd this
correct me if im wrong, but this music is coming from the basement
Level 20 Mixist
post #101082 :: 2018.06.21 10:03pm :: edit 2018.06.21 10:04pm
  wulfy, charlotte, Sintel and Karmic liēkd this
* abs lutely illegal *


i think i caught the lick in here some where ?

great walking bass lines

there's either some low-key microtonal stuff or some Important fine-tuning, either way, it is good

lol..."low key"

how about that unassuming little octave you use a few times ? (try 2:52) i keep wanting you to go into the track that plays in Pokemon RSE when you encounter a lass
. speaking of that, the whole piece really kinda reminds me of a PokeMart or a casino from one of those games.

i think a lot of the things you and i like doing when mastering a track is considered cheesy or whatever but i think the low pass adds a ton to the vibe of this track. the feeling of being outside the place where the music is happening really kind of paints the whole thing with this "i'm missing out" narrative for me. the sappy bits especially feel kind of like "i'll take anything over being denied entry".

makes me think about some conversations we've had about people's responses to your music and wonder if you're sort of invoking that a little bit here, as would be appropriate for an entry to a major on BotB.

but charlotte, to be totally honest, i would not have guessed you could nail down the kind of jazz i like so dutifully. i mean, parts of this have a super, super solid coltrane kinda jazz sound. coltrane if he didn't modulate so much. that's also really ironic considering the context of you being the author. i'll just tell myself you took some of my critique on your 2018 stuff to the workbench hahaha

i'm jazzed ;) this is my favorite from you in a long time
Level 26 Mixist
post #101089 :: 2018.06.22 8:00am :: edit 2018.07.20 11:56pm
  Radnyx, YQN, kleeder and Karmic liēkd this
i wish i was good enough at composing to make something this awesome and then throw a stupidly low frequency filter on top of it so it sounds like a joke

Level 23 Mixist
post #101090 :: 2018.06.22 8:34am
  tonreihe, kleeder, Karmic, petet, Slimeball and charlotte liēkd this
please refrain from posting "troll entries" in the future. thanks.
Level 27 Renderist
post #101106 :: 2018.06.22 3:26pm
  YQN and Karmic liēkd this
until i looked at the IT file i thought you just trolled a huge WAV into it. fuck.
Level 23 Mixist
post #101129 :: 2018.06.23 10:06am
  YQN, andres, kleeder, Slimeball and Karmic liēkd this
imagine having ears that are 80yo
Level 6 Chipist
post #101365 :: 2018.06.30 1:24pm
  kleeder, Karmic and charlotte liēkd this
Level 27 Chipist
post #102660 :: 2018.08.04 2:06pm :: edit 2018.08.04 2:08pm
  charlotte and Karmic liēkd this
nice job, i couldnt parse it w/o headphones at first, i just gave it another go and the song now exists and boy does it exist

this is as near to a church of england experience a botbr's going to get
Level 15 Chipist
post #102696 :: 2018.08.05 12:29pm :: edit 2018.08.05 12:31pm
  charlotte liēkd this
not even playing, this is perfection in music right here. all 7s
especially the unique lowpass-filter that prevents it from being "just another keffie jazz track"
Level 18 Mixist
post #103005 :: 2018.08.14 5:08pm
  andres, Razerek, Galgox, Sinc-X, gotoandplay, YQN, tonreihe, kleeder, charlotte and Karmic liēkd this
this is the most beautiful song i've ever heard with my head submerged in a vat of motor oil
Level 11 Criticist
post #103200 :: 2018.08.19 10:16am
  charlotte liēkd this
This is jazz scat as done by the voices of the adults in the Peanuts cartoons.
Level 22 Chipist
post #103223 :: 2018.08.19 2:13pm
  charlotte liēkd this
  azurglade hæitd this
fuck the voting categories here's all the 7 i could carry, brb with more and you can will marry my daughter
Level 15 Chipist
post #103987 :: 2018.09.22 7:35pm
  Galgox and charlotte liēkd this
this still rules
Level 30 Chipist
post #121542 :: 2020.05.25 1:07pm
  charlotte liēkd this
bump bumppp!!!!

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