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post #44166 :: 2014.06.03 11:24am
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greatest tromboning but much soft pans n00bz!!!! =D/
Level 28 Chipist
post #44176 :: 2014.06.03 12:44pm :: edit 2014.06.03 12:54pm
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no soft pans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all channels were 100% hard panned

the changes from left to right were done by crossfading the left channel to the right channel or vice versa http://i.imgur.com/rjZ6zA8.png

i truly lost my tromboner here!
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post #44177 :: 2014.06.03 12:48pm
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waaa waaa waaa toot tooooot waaa waaa

(hey! that was supposed to be my comment how did you know how this song was made stop haxing "goluigi")
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post #44180 :: 2014.06.03 12:56pm
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I guess we'll never know who Tromboner is...

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