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  24th/268   Σ26.623   May 2nd 2020 3:04pm
robyn: Oh hey, how ya doin? This song by me and dhg started as a way to use 4 channels effectively, and has developed into a full piece of music. I'm happy with how it's turned out and dhg delivered some really great ideas and sections to this song. It felt like a true collaborative effort with both of us on the same page. Hopefully we can make more music together in the future. KOKO FOREVER !!!!

GoldenDenis (aka dhg2 (aka dusthillguy)):
I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to work on this song with Robyn. I always enjoy working with Robyn, she's really skilled & talented and has a really creative mind. She came up with a lot of really cool and fun ideas for this song.
It was a fun challenge working with 4 channels, it's not something I'm at all used to doing, so it was a new experience for me. I'm hoping to work on more 4 channel songs soon.

Doing collabs is always fun. I like to think about when I was a young child, listening to tracker music on my family's Acorn computer. Most of the games that I played on the Acorn were public domain releases, written by bedroom coder sorts of people, and so a lot of them included .MOD and .STK tracker songs as background music. I didn't even know what trackers were at the time, but I really enjoyed the music, and often I'd load up games just to listen to it.
I think it's really cool that now today, I'm collaborating with other people to write the same kind of music that inspired me from a young age. I hope this song and other songs on botb will inspire other people in the future as well. DBZ FOREVER!!! !!! !!! !!!
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