summer memories
  Jul 20th 2018 7:18pm
just finished this and i thought i should check to see if summerchip was still going since i haven't posted anything here in ages. a bit rough around the edges (especially the melody).

"but ewk you could've worked on it more and made it betterer!!!" yes i could've but i was running out of ideas for it anyway so *bad wurd u!!!*

cringy humor aside this track is based on my feelings for summer of 2015 which i consider to have been a very important time in my life, a turning point where i realized how beautiful the simple things in life are and just how much i take it all for granted, though sometimes i still forget this and life has to remind me again by making me lose everything for a period of time.

actually my youtube channel got deleted and i just got outside more that summer

i'm a simple man okay

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Level 23 Chipist
post #102845 :: 2018.08.08 8:48pm
  CuteEwok liēkd this
Perfect music for resting in a hammock. UvU

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