loopy sneak

  Jul 25th 2020 10:59pm
adlib tracker 2, 2 parts
worked on from the 21st to the 26th

aaaaaa it's done
summer chip is done and i got like
8 tracks out of it??? including collabs and such?
well either way i hope everyone here enjoyed summer chip as much as i did, have a night-esque jazz-esque piece to cap off my contributions

check this one out in the tracker for more notes and stuff!

edit: oh wait it's been extended?

well now
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post #123951 :: 2020.07.25 11:07pm :: edit 2020.07.25 11:16pm
  big lumby and kleeder liēkd this
bassline is ok but too repetitive, would be better if you had a "b section" with different chord progression/bassline, rather than just layering voices on top of a bassline that stays constant. or even just making a longer loop of a bassline, which could what you had before repeated twice, but changed slightly on the second time.

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