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sleeping in the fridge : }
  293rd/375   Σ19.608   Jan 27th 2014 6:55am
this is my spc enjoy
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post #36247 :: 2014.01.27 12:40pm :: edit 2014.01.27 12:49pm
Your .spc doesn't even run on my end with the more modern players (and real hardware for that matter) because of one major reason: you failed to set up the instruments. Therefore, all of the instrument pointers are pointing to $FFFF in SPC700 RAM, which is essentially nothing.

You're lucky that the echo isn't overwriting any of the data... I checked that and the song definitely fit within the memory limitations.
Level 18 Mixist
post #36255 :: 2014.01.27 5:44pm
  Jangler, Doxic and epic_caterpillar liēkd this
i am enjoying A LOT
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post #36258 :: 2014.01.27 7:00pm :: edit 2014.01.27 7:01pm
  KungFuFurby liēkd this
hi kff the song was the product of experimenting with a converter so there are probably some mistakes yes.

i recorded the song with bsnes and also had it playing on snes9x so i'm not sure about the issue you're having.
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post #36263 :: 2014.01.28 4:56am
  kfaraday liēkd this
Given that the comments KFF gives about recent SPCs are all the same, I can presume that either snesmod is actually glitchy or KFF has turned into a spambot made of flesh and blood! :o
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post #36267 :: 2014.01.28 6:47am :: edit 2014.01.28 8:24am
  goluigi and Slimeball liēkd this
Nope. I'm no spambot. I just decided to duplicate the comment since I realized that was two in a row.

SNESMod requires instrument mode to be enabled (and that is specified in the instruction manual). This requirement was obviously not met, resulting in playback failure.

I've hacked in some basic instrument data (it's only the bare minimum, though) and this is the result:
Level 14 Pixelist
post #36532 :: 2014.02.02 11:40pm
  epic_caterpillar, goluigi and commandycan liēkd this
Sound like hacker music ...
Level 27 Chipist
post #36536 :: 2014.02.03 2:34am
  Slimeball and epic_caterpillar liēkd this
You're right, epic_caterpillar! The song does play on SNES9X. The reason for this is memory wraparound back to zero (as I mentioned before, the instrument pointers are all $FFFF). This is where my default player, Game Music Box, fails due to a failure to emulate memory wraparound. Well then song will work on real hardware given the wrap-around effect (as well as lupe's), but that song has a panning bug (it's overly concentrated on the left side since now you're looking up data at $0000 in SPC700 RAM, which may as well be modified in real time by the program itself, meaning there can be trouble in the instrument data), and you can only have one sample playing (lupe's song demonstrates a second bug). You are spared from more extreme glitches because the echo buffer stays away from the last 256 bytes of SPC700 RAM. Actually, the only extra glitch that would be apparent would be the fadeout value. That's zero by default, and SNESMod automatically fades out a note when it begins to play. In this case, your notes would fade out or borderline not play at all had the echo gone all the way to the end of the buffer.

Huh... unusual for my taste, but still impractical due to the limitations that occur (especially the one sample limitation). The glitches that occur due to failing to initialize instruments are not my style at all...
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post #36538 :: 2014.02.03 3:12am
  Baron Knoxburry, Jangler, Doxic and epic_caterpillar liēkd this
It is a new style for all of Yoko's children.
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post #36749 :: 2014.02.06 7:53am
  epic_caterpillar liēkd this
This made me laugh and gave me goosebumps, I feel like I am in an asylum. Well done ; )
Level 27 Renderist
post #37439 :: 2014.02.16 12:40pm
  epic_caterpillar liēkd this
best "snez"
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post #37845 :: 2014.02.22 5:56am
  Jangler liēkd this
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post #37911 :: 2014.02.22 4:42pm
  orion and Jangler liēkd this
This moves me.
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post #39116 :: 2014.03.04 9:12pm
  raphaelgoulart and epic_caterpillar liēkd this
i keep coming back to this one
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post #48770 :: 2014.10.16 4:52pm
  epic_caterpillar, cce, orion, Savestate, raphaelgoulart and kfaraday liēkd this
haha here i am again
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post #48801 :: 2014.10.17 8:42pm
  Jangler liēkd this
i fell asleep in the fridge and then i didn't wake up
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post #106616 :: 2019.01.10 10:31am
im scared

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