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  Dec 23rd 2019 8:10pm
i try to "win" winterchip in the same way that i want to be an astronaut. i like the idea of having this accolade attached to this sound that's so entwined with my entire person, but i dont like the idea of working for it. winning winter chip means compromising on what i want to write in order to maximize score. i'm not certain if anyone else finds this difficult, but i just can't seem to do things like that. my music is who i am, and i dont know how to change that. at the end, i'll have to eventually just give up on this dream of "winning" a major, cause my chiptunes aren't the chiptunes that win majors. and that's fine, 'cause the fact that i made it and put in real effort is enough.
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post #116439 :: 2019.12.27 2:39am
  ordinate liēkd this
wow I agree with everything you say and feel the exact same <3

the cute but moody song captures that feel so well too
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post #116554 :: 2020.01.01 4:16am
Good job.

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