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  Apr 14th 2019 9:11am
For a long time I've held the position that bytebeat should be stateless besides the variable `t`. For many years, maybe 7?, I've held this position! Ultimately tho, I kind of got bored with the sounds I was achieving and, also, wanted a better chance of placing! :D/

But instead of writing a music engine that would playback data/patterns, I went ahead with my old tricks of using `t` for melody/harmony. So what was I using state for? Adding a filter and delay! You know, the things that make saw waves sound gooder?!?! Delay was easy, and cutoff was too (except I had some little clicky glitch so I got halp!)

Big shout outs to petet (who's filter I chose to go with) and Sintel and coda for all trying to halp me!

Wow this song has 2 bytes to spare and actually ends with a trailing delay! :U
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