peaceful landscape
  Apr 14th 2019 10:53am

made the svg elements in inkscape, then edited the svg file to include CSS3 animation. inspired by my recent trip to Poland (original image: )

here's hoping the animation works correctly (please open the svg file on its own in your browser, not sure if the preview will display correctly)

btw, the cables, grass and trees are meant to move ever so slightly
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Level 11 Criticist
post #109916 :: 2019.04.24 4:08am
i didn't know .svg files can be animated
Level 15 Chipist
post #109918 :: 2019.04.24 4:13am
yeah, I'm using CSS3 animation to do it since it's easier for me to use (from doing webdev work), but do check out ipi's entry which uses animateTransform tags to do animation which works more based on SVG attributes (though CSS can also modify SVG attributes, like fill, cx etc.)

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