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  52nd/119   Σ23.439   Aug 31st 2011 6:06pm
Last minute, two hour compo type thang. Started out trying to make a trancey thing, but turned out more housey...or something.
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post #16703 :: 2011.08.31 6:13pm
Yeah, definitely more house than trance. Which is a good thing.

I was going to say "oh come on you can use more patterns than that" but then I realised how much time you had left. But yeah, there's usually plenty of headroom for nice(ish) samples in a 64k.
Level 14 chipist
post #16732 :: 2011.08.31 7:39pm
  valzi liēkd this
There's a lot of heart magic going on here. My biggest complaint is that I feel like it deserved a proper ending. :( Did you just run out of time there or is that how you intended it to close?
Level 24 Mixist
post #16739 :: 2011.08.31 7:57pm
yea, definitely ran out of time D:

I felt bad for having next to no entries, so on a whim, started working on this an hour and a half before the compo closed.
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post #16767 :: 2011.08.31 9:10pm :: edit 2011.08.31 9:11pm
Yeah, I agree about the heart magic and it needing an end. Why don't you go ahead and give it a nice end and do something else with it? Or give me your email and we'll add you to our dropbox project that's meant for finishing up things like this?

It's here:!+Join+in!/
(BotB isn't linking the URL correctly, so copy and paste.)
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post #16982 :: 2011.09.09 5:56pm
This is good regardless of time spent on it, and has a good mix considering.

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