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post #111199 :: 2019.06.02 11:06pm
  Jaq liēkd this
Baldwin Electric Harpsichord.
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post #111200 :: 2019.06.02 11:31pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
This is really, really, really lovely. And that instrument is INSANELY satisfying to listen to! like WOW
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post #111201 :: 2019.06.02 11:37pm
  Jaq liēkd this
Thanks Jaq! I've wanted one of those for a long long time, until I played a real one...the worst harpsichord I've ever played! But what a sound!
Soooo...This is the excellent sample of it that's in Spectrasonics Keyscape. Good enough for me!

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