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mix battle art

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galaxy brain 
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signals in pant 
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nasa parking lot with sat dish
  4th/16   Σ26.694   Mar 21st 2020 4:45pm

i'm trying to learn typography
this is better than the last time i tried
last minute colors inversion (actually a multiply) for style
photo from nasa
they say you can do whatever you want with them
Creative Commons License

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post #118605 :: 2020.03.21 6:25pm
  Post-retro and garvalf liēkd this
sooo first of all, as i already said: i really like this entry! it looks like it could be the cover to a (very old) vinyl album containing some spacy, ambient sounds.

buuuut what makes me wondering are the picture dimensions. lyceum says mixbattle art needs to be 600px only, this one is twice as large. really dont see a reason why theres a limit in the first place but now that you kinda broke your own rules, im wondering what the lyceum description is about or if its just outdated xD
Level 23 Chipist
post #118741 :: 2020.03.27 1:04pm
  garvalf and puke7 liēkd this
that's a damn fine battle art. just one small nitpick in terms of typography: i think if the "of the" words were mirrored horizontally it would be easier (for an outsider) to deduce the correct reading order. ;)
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post #118802 :: 2020.03.30 2:16pm
  petet and kleeder liēkd this
@kleeder : I removed the 600px limitation from the format info!
I'm guessing this was from a bygone era. :shrug:

@irrlicht project : With 5 minutes left of the battle I tried out your suggestion. For some reason it felt very bizarre to look at it. So I didn't resubmit. But I might try using it in the future!
Level 12 Criticist
post #118809 :: 2020.03.31 11:28am
Really nice overall effect! the picture really goes with the "pure data" caption

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