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Jangler - logarithmic-spiral-house.png
Level 27 Chipist
post #19318 :: 2012.07.29 7:37am
  kfaraday liēkd this
This little pixel house was made by me as a quick entry, and as a little surprise. I got an idea to actually draw a little house in a few minutes after hesitating to participate in the TIME Person of the year 2012 one (I was not willing to draw an actual person... and a furby would be a dead giveaway)... and as I can clearly tell, this wasn't a very good first graphical entry. Ah, well... think of this little graphic as a random house from some sort of really old retro RPG game. The OHB was done so late at night that not long after I made the house, I went to bed. It was nearly midnight in my time zone!
Level 24 Mixist
post #19322 :: 2012.07.29 8:22am
looks like a kissy robot face to me :P
Level 12 Chipist
post #112805 :: 2019.07.22 4:04pm
Oh~~ Mini House...
Hey! This pixel looks like either with a smaller piece (not too big).

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